Best Survey Sites - Top Online Paid Survey for 2021 Reviewed

Best Survey Sites – Top 26+ Online Paid Survey Sites

Paid surveys are a huge source of information for marketing research firms.  Billions of dollars are spent every year to determine customer's perception of products and services.  From digital electronics, vacation destinations, or new television shows almost every industry conducts surveys to find the ideal target audience.  Ever wonder why you are constantly seeing the same ads for a product you looked up on Amazon two weeks ago?  That is a prime example of how advertisers from some of the best survey sites use information to drive sales.  

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Paid surveys offer a unique opportunity for you to make money from specific advertisers looking to gain an edge.  In exchange for time and valuable information you will earn rewards and receive information, special offers, and promotions from specific companies looking to target you specifically.  The best survey sites provide an enjoyable experience for users and marketers alike. 

By breaking down the top 26+ Best Survey Sites Online for 2021 we hope to provide value, help you earn money, and make the most informed decision about which survey sites are actually worth using.  

Rating Scheme For Our Survey Reviews

We will be using three basic measurements with a rating scale of A+ to F - with A+ being top of the line and F being avoid at all cost.  These comprehensive ratings can be found at the bottom of this page in our sortable chart.  Simple click on one of the ratings columns to sort by metric. 

  • Ways to Earn - Takes into account the number of ways one can earn money by using the platform.  Also factors in the quality of how one earns money.  More preference is given here to proven solid ways of earning money, not quick hacks or gimmicks. 
  • Payment Options - Getting paid is very important!  Here we measure ease of payment, payment thresholds, ways to get paid, and any payment penalties or delays.  User input is also factored in to identify which companies have a hard time paying up.  
  • Return On Time - Let's be honest it is extremely frustrating to complete an hour long survey to only make a couple of cents.  We like to think of time as money, with time being a finite source.  If you take our advice you will be on the right track to maximizing returns from taking online surveys.  We will tell you the one's to avoid like the plague and which ones are solid gold.  

Overall Grade: The overall rating will be a combination of the factors listed above plus personal insights from experience interacting and testing hundreds of online survey platforms. 

Best Survey Sites for 2021

1. Swagbucks

Hands down the best survey site on the market, Swagbucks performs at a high level.  With over one hundred million dollars paid out and counting, Swagbucks dwarfs most of the competition. You can earn rewards by completing a plethora of tasks including but not limited to watching movies, completing surveys, or doing shopping online. Exclusive discounts are also offered for other online vendors simply by signing up.

The best thing about Swagbucks is the fact that you will earn rewards for doing things online that you were already doing.  Consistently marked as one of the best survey sites by multiple outlets, Swag bucks is a must for any serious online survey taker. More information can be found about this company at the Swagbucks review page. 

2. My Survey

Mysurvey ranks highly for a multitude of reasons.  First the versatility provided by Mysurvey is unparelled when comparing reward, referral, and survey quality.  Instead of mindlessly filling out boring surveys to scrape out a few dollars, Mysurvey keeps you engaged and interested with a huge variety of topics outside of traditional survey fare.  When you qualify for a survey, you can earn between 1 to 500 points depending on the length and difficulty of the survey.  These points can be redeemed for cash, with 1200 points equaling around $10.  This is by far the highest point to money conversion rate we have seen for amount of time consumed.  One can expect to earn up to 500 points per survey or $4.20, which is really good.  

Payment options include Amazon gift cards, Paypal, sweepstakes, Itunes gift cards, and even donations to charity.  A minimum payment threshold of only $10 makes earning rewards even simpler.  Be careful that your browser does not time out causing you to restart the survey, this is the one factor prohibiting Mysurvey from attaining the top position.  We are proud to name Mysurvey as one of the best survey sites for 2019.  

3. Panel Place

Panel Place is in a category of it's own when examining top online survey sites.  Founded in 2008 to prevent users from falling into scams online it is still going strong.  Basically you can think of Panel Place as the Google of survey sites, combining the best information about paid surveys on the internet.  While you do not make money directly on the platform many new opportunities are presented based on geography and demographic information.  Third party sites are verified by user reviews with uploaded screenshots of earnings.  

Featuring over a couple hundred website reviews, Panel Place will even email you directly when a new opportunity arises.  Monthly contests add an incentive to use the platform with cash prizes allotted.  Perhaps the best feature is SurveyEx, which allows you to combine all emails from survey offers in one place.  PanelPlace ranks highly on our list of top survey sites because of the valuable information it provides, which will lead you to discover new opportunities and make the most money.  

4. Pincone Research

Pinecone Research is one of our top picks for survey sites.  Living up to it's high reputation has placed Pinecone near the top of our list for a variety of reasons.  Surveys have a higher payout than normal usually averaging around $3 per survey.  By focusing or more niche topics Pinecone Research allows the user to earn more money while not wasting precious time.  The average survey takes 15 - 30 minutes to take and is usually pretty straightforward.  A point system is used to keep track of credits earned, with multiple ways available to redeem rewards.  Currently, there is no payment threshold which is a huge benefit.  Members can be paid out through cash, Paypal, or prepaid credit card sent directly to your house.  

In addition to taking surveys for cash users can also test out products for a flat fee of around $6.  Almost all of the surveys are fresh and involve research on brand new products and services.  The only thing preventing Pinecone Research from being higher up on our list is the longer payout terms for converting credits to cash and the exclusivity which can sometimes prohibit new members from joining.  We discuss all of this and more extensively in our review of Pinecone Research here

5. MintVine

Rather new on the market Mintvine makes up for it's youthfulness with quality offerings that will help you make money online.  Just for signing up Mintvine will credit you with 200 points or roughly $2.  Who doesn't want to make money that easily?  With a low payout threshold of $10 you can easily make money quickly on the platform.  There are multiple ways to rack up points including surveys, referrals, offers and local deals.  

Known for it's innovative survey platform, Mintvine offers a unique approach that stands out from the competition.  Traditional straight forward matched surveys are available but "Points Place" allows users to participate in a survey funnel to earn more rewards.  The quality of surveys on Mintvine is superb and superior to most other competitors.  The local deals section has a distinctive Groupon feel to it, and is an easy way to rack up points.  Perhaps the only thing from keeping Mintvine out of the top 3 is a slightly lower earnings per survey compared to other top players.  Make sure to participate in surveys right after they are emailed to you, or else you risk the quota being filled.  Check out more tips, tricks, and ideas for making more money online at our Mintvine Review

6. Quick Rewards

QuickRewards is a top pick for online survey sites.  There are many ways to earn rewards on the platform such as playing games, taking surveys, or shopping online.  The variety of ways to earn really sets QuickRewards apart, there are a ton of offers via third party vendors.  You won't ever feel like there is a lack of opportunities to make some extra cash.  Perhaps one of the best features are the exclusive coupon discounts only available to members.  With three different guided options to earn, Quickrewards offers a clean and easy interface for users to start earning immediately. 

QuickRewards ranks so highly on our list because of their strong privacy policy and no minimum cash out standard.  That's right, QuickRewards does not require a minimum cash out value so you can instantly earn rewards without the hassle of spending a ton of time on the platform.  Unlike other competitors on the market QuickRewards protects users from spammy emails and offers by third party vendors.  If you are looking for a solid program with multiple ways to earn money quickly, Quickrewards is a solid option. 

7. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel offers various ways for you to get rewarded for activities online.  Watching videos, signing up for trials, referring your friends or filling out surveys will all earn you points.  Immediately upon signing up you will be presented with offers and a tour.  Just learning about the site and filling out your info will earn you rewards.  Surveys offer the best way to maximize earnings among all the options. 

A level system determines how low of a cash out value you can use.  Moving from bronze to silver takes 1,000 points and silver to gold 3,000.  Goal oriented tasks help you along the way to earn even more rewards.  The clean design allows ease of use for members.  PrizeRebel offers a solid option for online survey takers who are looking for an easy way to make a few bucks.

8. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewpoint is one of the top online survey websites on the market.  Bases on an escalating pay system points and money are easy to earn with PaidViewpoint!  When you start you are paid $0.10 per survey completed.  As you answer more questions and build credibility or "Traitscore" you will get paid more for your responses.  If you are a long time survey taker or plan to participate in online surveys multiple times a month, PaidViewpoint is perfect for you.  Strengths of the platform include never screening users out of surveys once offered, always paying for responses, a strict privacy policy, and interesting surveys.  Two different types of surveys are available to take, one being a trait survey and the other market research inquires.  

A big downside of the platform is the number of payment options available.  Do not use PaidViewpoint unless you have Paypal, that is the only way to receive rewards on the platform.  There are daily surveys available with a monthly cap on each user.  In order to maximize earnings on the platform, it is important to be honest and consistent with answers from survey to survey.  Looking to get started with PaidViewpoint?  Check out our in depth review here

9. MyPoints

One of the best survey sites that you can earn rewards for doing everyday tasks is MyPoints.  Whether it be reading emails, printing out coupons, shopping, or playing games MyPoints allows you the luxury of earning rewards outside of just surveys.  You can learn more about the multiple ways to earn on the MyPoints review page. On a point per reward MyPoints is superior to many other options available for online surveys due to the variety of ways to earn.  While you won't get rich using the shopping rewards program, it does add a little boost at the end of each month. Users can redeem points for travel miles, gift cards, or cash back via Paypal.  

Another nice benefit is that you will get paid for each attempted survey, even if you do not qualify.  A robust referral program allows users to quickly rack up points when their referees spend money through the platform.  Keeping My Points from top tier status are the low earnings per survey/activity, high payout thresholds, and a lack of customer service.  MyPoints is a great place for beginners to start but we wouldn't recommend spending a ton or time on the platform if you are serious about making money. 

10. Ebates

Want to earn cash back for shopping online?  Ebates might be the program for you. With over 1,500 affiliated stores, Ebates has a large pool to choose from when shopping.  Making money is super easy once you install the Cash Back Button on your browser, it will automatically associate any purchases made on affiliated sites with your Ebates account.  In addition to a browser extension there is also an app for use on Ipods, tablets, or mobile devices.  If you really enjoy the program and want to tell your friends you can get paid $25 for the first two people you refer.  

In order to maximize earnings we recommned that you apply for and use the Cash Back Visa Credit Card.  This will increase earnings while also helping you build up a reputable credit score!  One of the major downsides of Ebates is that fact that you will only get paid 4 times a year.  Do not expect to make a ton of money from the program, Ebates is best used to earn cash back for shopping you where already planning on doing.  For more information and extra tips to earn more money check out Ebates Review.

11. Ipsos i-Say

One of the most solid options out there for survey sites, I-Say by Ipsos offers a ton of easy payment options that make receiving rewards super easy.  Choose from Paypal, Gift Cards, Online Shopping and other options.  There may be a bunch of ways to "cash out" but earning the points can take some considerable time and commitment.  I-Says also only really focuses on paid surveys so there aren't any other options to earn money. 

One upside of the platform is the opportunity to take "polls" after completion of each survey.  You can donate your earnings to charitable causes which is a worthy cause.  Many school programs use this benefit to pass along the importance of charitable giving.  Frequent users to the site are rewarded with bonus points at the end of the year but you must complete over 200 surveys to qualify. 

Overall I-Say by Ipsos is an average survey program with little upside.  Not bad for beginners but definately not in the top tier class or for serious survey takers. 

12. CashCrate

With over 2 million users worldwide CashCrate is a well known survey rewards program.  When you register for Cashcrate you automatically earn $1.  The most popular ways of earning rewards are taking paid surveys and participating in corporate offers.  Payments for different activities can range from pennies to $20 or more.  Have a bunch of friends who like to take paid surveys?  Don't worry, Cashcrate has you covered and will even give you 20% of your friends earnings just for referring them.  Referral percentages will increase with the number of new users you bring to the site.

A very user friendly interface with simple navigation allows for ease of access. Membership is available to anyone over 13, with US and UK getting preferential treatment when it comes to surveys.  Products and services are the core offering of Cashcrate, and provide a alternative way to earn rewards.  Many users have complained about spam emails from CashCrate and rogue third party partners.  The return on time of CashCrate is quite low, with most activities paying out an average of $0.15.  At that rate it will take a considerable amount of time to meet the minimum payout threshold.  Simply put, CashCrate is a solid survey program with some obvious benefits and glaring weaknesses.  Depending on what you are looking for in an online survey platform, CashCrate could be a great fit for you!  

13. iPoll

Head on over to the iPoll survey site and you will see a cartoonish man walking his dog while bubbles with products pop into his head.  With a wide range of options available to take surveys, iPoll believes that superior flexibility allows users to take surveys wherever they are located.  Featuring web, iPhone and Android platforms iPoll is specifically quick and engaging on mobile devices.  Unlike other survey sites that use points rewards are specifically stated in cash.  Users can see how much money they can earn even before attempting surveys.  Upon signing up actually get paid to complete the profile survey, unlike many other sites on the market.  

On the down side there are multiple reasons iPoll isn't ranked higher.  A really high payout threshold of $50 exists and rewards expire after one year.  This means that if you don't hit $50 in one years time, you will lose all of your money.  Privacy policy concerns also plague the program along with a remarked decline in quality since an acquisition in December of 2016.  For further information about our concerns read the iPoll review.  

14. Tellwut

Tellwut founded in 2012 literally stands for "tell us what you think."  The simple gist is that you take paid surveys for rewards such as gift cards.  A major glaring issue with Tellwut is the lack of a cash option for payout.  Unfortunately this keeps Tellwut from ranking higher on this list.  If you are willing to overlook this downfall, we believe Tellwut offers some really great features that other paid survey sites lack. 

When you sign up for Tellwut you will notice that you can pick from a list of available surveys.  Most surveys are short taking only 4 to 5 minutes to complete.  Tellwut qualifies everyone for it's surveys, so you can earn points regardless of your demographics.  User engagement is the strongest feature of the Tellwut platform.  Surveys are created by users so they are really engaging and not boring like traditional survey sites.  You don't have to wait around for emails simply log into the platform and take user created surveys for a few points.  Unlimited access to surveys means you have unlimited earning potential making Tellwut an amazing option for those who have a ton of time.  

15. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a company that will let you test out products or services based on qualified surveys.  Members review products and promote via their social media accounts to create "bzz".  Membership is free for people in the US, Canada, U.K., and Brazil.  Four different identifying criteria will help members qualify for different offers: identity, interests, geographical areas, and Bzzscore.  Bzzscore is the measure of how often you use the platform along with social conectiveness.  

Most of the products that you can qualify for are personal health care items targeted towards women.  Though inexpensive, it can be fun to get items you would normally purchase for free.  Through a partnership with MyPoints, BzzAgent offers rewards in the form of points for completing bzzactivites on the platform.  Basically you get products from BzzAgent and earn rewards at the same time from MyPoints.  That sounds like a win-win to me!

16. Toluna

A standard on many survey forums, Toluna occupies a spot on our list for several reasons.  With over 4 million registered members worldwide, Toluna has the reach and client tell base that exceeds many competitors.  By signing up for free you will receive 2000 points immediately after taking your first survey.  A wide range of surveys are available with diverse topics.  

Members can earn cash in a multitude of ways.  Taking surveys, doing sponsored polls, writing opinions, and participating in monthly sweepstakes are a few.  Many of the surveys are "qualified" meaning that you may get screened out of them based on demographics.  After one year all of your unused points expire, meaning that you could waste months of effort.  A low ROI keeps Toluna from being higher on our list.  You can read more about specific tips, tactics, and details in our detailed Toluna Review.

17. ClixSense

Launched in 2007, ClixSense offer a "Pay to click" service that pays you for completing certain tasks.  Questions still remain about it's legitimacy, even though it has recently become one of the highest recommended survey sites online.  The referral program offers the best way to earn points, as the paid advertisements and surveys offer low rewards.  

Clixsense is a legitimate survey site but many users have a low regard for the amount of rewards offered for services.  Having not missed a payment for the last 9 years ClixSense prides itself on treating members with prompt customer service.  The main reason ClixSense isn't ranked higher on our list is the fact that you will earn a very low ROI.  It can be very frustrating to use the platform for hours only to make a few bucks.  Slow and steady wins the race, but for online surveys we prefer fast and rewarding!

18. Send Earnings

Similar to the No. 19 survey site on our list, Inbox Dollars, Send Earnings works in almost the exact same way.  After signing up you will notice links to take surveys, play games, watch videos and do tasks for cash.  A huge benefit of Send Earnings is that you are paid in cash instead of points.  No more weird conversion rates or misleading point values.  Just for signing up you will earn $5, with a high minimum payout of $30 it is a good start. 

There are nine different ways to earn cash on Send Earnings.  The proprietary search engine is a cool little feature that you often don't see associated with survey sites.  Coupons and cash task are other user favorites.  Payment only comes in the form of check and can take up to a month to arrive.  Another huge downside is the $3 processing fee, which cuts out your earnings by 10%.  Overall, Send Earnings offers a good option for earning money online but lacks the features of a premium survey site.  

19. Inbox Dollars

Paid email opportunities and surveys are Inbox Dollars speciality.  Products and services also offer effective ways to earn money, though they are mostly break even strategies.  With Inbox Dollars you will receive emails directly to ask you to complete simple tasks such as opening or clicking on specific links.  In exchange for completing said tasks you will receive a small reward.  

Higher paying links are often accommodated with stipulations that require signing up for third party services.  The interface design is very simple and straightforward but requires little effort to navigate.  A major concern is the lack of privacy, with allegations of soliciting user information to outside parties.  If you are interested in learning more head on over to our review here

20. Harris Poll

One of the sites on our list with a long and storied reputation Harris Poll has been conducting market research since 1997.  While regarded as a top quality survey site with interesting topics and research, Harris Poll fails to live up to it's reviews on our evaluation.  First and foremost there is no option for a cash payout, something that many survey takers look for when choosing a favorite platform.  The number of available opportunities is also very low with only 3 - 4 surveys sent to users per month via email.  Design on mobile devices is horrendous and not user friendly.  No rewards benefits can be seen before attempting a survey and one can even be screened out up to the very last question.  If you have more questions about how the program works and our entire explanation read our Harris Poll review here

21. Survey Junkie

I wasn’t a fan of paid survey panels until I met Survey Junkie. Now I’m a huge admirer of participating in paid online surveys to earn extra cash every month. We all love answering questions, right? How cool would it be to do that for money? Well, that’s what the Survey Junkie excels at. Founded in 2013, this market research and consumer feedback service is good at its job.

All the time you spend sharing your opinions of this platform, you get paid for with real cash! The registration process is free and straightforward. You can sign up using your Facebook or any other social media account. And once you confirm your email address, you’re good to go! You earn around $2 as a Thank-You for becoming a Survey Junkie member.

Following that, the survey-taking process is on-point. With an intuitive interface and design, you won’t get lost in time finding your ideal survey. You need to answer to a few questions before entering a survey. Don’t worry! Survey Junkie wants to make sure you are the right consumer for the job. In case you do not qualify for a survey, you get 3 SJ points for participating. So your screening time hasn’t gone to waste.

For every 100 SJ points, you get $1. And most surveys on the website are worth 10 to 90 points each. The best part is redeeming the cash to your account. You can earn rewards in the form of gift cards or vouchers. And you can also opt for PayPal transfer. The choice is completely yours!   

22. One Opinion

Bringing together a quick and convenient service, One Opinion is more like the best option for you. It’s already out there that One Opinion’s members are currently enjoying faster payment with impressive customer service. All anyone has to do is take simple yet interesting surveys and get paid right off the bat.

One Opinion is the brainchild of CriticalMix which has a noteworthy reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Not only that, what makes the One Opinion a reliable and responsive service is its easy-to-access website. You can find the best surveys to take on mobile and desktop devices. So it tells you how intuitive and efficient this company really is!

On a more serious note, the company has the sincerest customer service for its users. They give you what you deserve to get. And in case of any issue, they take care of it immediately. Nobody from One Opinion is going to keep you waiting for long.

With the help of surveys, companies and brands thrive to improve at their value and deliverance back to you. This is a simple way to do your part and influencing how companies carry out their business decisions. Above everything else, One Opinion offers a quick redemption service with a faster rewarding system through PayPal and Visa gift cards.

23. Earning Station

A free to join service, Earning Station works by giving its users (that is you!) money for the surveys they take on their website. This loyalty rewards website not only gives you gift cards and vouchers for online shopping. But it also helps you earn the highest amount of cash incentives as a reward for taking interesting surveys.

You can do all sorts of things to get paid online. You can watch videos about entertainment, music, movies, and much more. You can also refer to friends to get cash bonuses and discounts on coupons. And the most exciting part of it all is that Earning Station lets you in on the best online retailer portals to get cashback on your shopping purchases!

The payment process at Earning Station moves forward smoothly. You get all sorts of rewards for becoming a member and participating online. One of the most popular rewards is the PayPal payments service. Other rewards also include Virtual Gift cards and PrePaid gift cards. Do you want your reward right at your doorstep? Earning Station does that too. It mails you physical gift cards within 4-6 weeks to get your reward due? It may not bet the fastest way to earn, but it’s certainly efficient!  

Can you become a member at Earning Station? You can if you’re a USA resident who is over 18 years of age. Minors can also become a member but only with parental permission. All-in-all, Earning Station is a sincere service with an efficient customer service and return on time.

24. Fusion Cash

Is FusionCash a liable way to make money online? The real reason why more and more people from the United States and Canada are making so much money on FusionCash is because it’s super easy. You are directed to their survey page as soon as you sign up. Plus signing up to their service is as effortless as signing up on any other website. It takes less than a minute! That’d be a good reason to trust FushionCash, right?

You can do all sorts of things on FusionCash to earn rewards. If you prefer watching YouTube videos over taking part in surveys, you have that option. However, most people stick to the basics which is participating in online surveys and trial offers. There is no one way to make money on FushionCash. It gives you plenty of options to choose from.

The rewarding system of FusionCash is as simple as its registration process. As soon as you complete a survey, you are presented with various payment choices. There is check, direct bank deposit, and PayPal. The quickest and sure-fire way to earn money is through PayPal. It’s quick, effortless, and 100% safe. FusionCash is not like other GPT websites because it charges no processing fees. All the rewards and payments you receive in US dollars. This too is unique for a quick GPT service such as FusionCash. Now would be a good time for you to become a member of FusionCash! It’s the only way to earn a lot of money without risking anything!

25. Survey Club

Would you rather place your trust in a service that has more experience? The Survey Club is one of the oldest survey-taking websites to become a member of. A quick look at their website and you see how committed they are to bring you the most accurate and interesting surveys. Plus, you get paid so easily!

You get an idea of how professionally vetted this service it by its registration process. Unlike most other GPT services, Survey Club has a lengthy and extensive registration. But don’t let this discourage you. Survey Club just wants to make sure you get the best of what it has to offer to you.

After you’ve made your account, it brings you to a long list of surveys to participate in. With millions of users already logged in, taking surveys on their desktop website is the only best way to earn money online. And the Survey Club’s customer service makes sure you remain happy and satisfied at the end of every survey.

What I’d also like to talk about is Survey Club’s privacy policies. For as long as I can remember, customers are always a bit too doubtful about their payment details. Is their information public or private? Will they get paid consistently after entering their card details? The website’s Privacy Policy covers all such topics and more for your benefit. My overall experience of the Survey Club was convenient, user-friendly, and reliable. I wouldn’t think of opting for any other survey-taking service after trying this one.

26. Valued Opinions

A well known and huge player in the survey space, Valued Opinions is part of multiple organizations that govern market research.  Notable among these are the Marketing Research Association and the Market Research Society.  Operating globally, Valued Opinions offers surveys to users anywhere in the world which is a unique characterisitc that most competitors lack. 

Safety is no security with Valued Opinions as it is verified by TRUSTe, a well known third party company that verifies user information is being secured properly.  Signing up is very simple and only requires a few minutes.  Surveys are usually quick and pay out in the $1 to $5 range. 

Unfortunately, Valued Opinions does not score higher on our list due to the fact it only allows you to exchange earnings for gift cards.  Users have reported not qualifying for a ton of opportunities, making it hard to earn serious rewards.  While there is no question that Valued Opinions is a huge player in the marketplace, we feel that a greater return on investment can be found elsewhere.  

Comparison Chart

*Ratings are subject to change on a monthly basis. 

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