About SurveysWonk - Team, Mission, and Goal

About SurveysWonk

Our Mission

Your success is our #1 priority. Our mission is to help "the average person" succeed at making money online, while avoiding scams and time-wasting opportunities. We'd like to allow individuals the chance to make extra income in exchange for a simple review. This is for anyone that needs an extra boost in monthly earnings to have a little more "fun money". At SurveysWonk, our MISSION is for YOU to make money online easier than ever, but WILL YOU take the initiative?

Our Team

We're a team of researchers, writers, and marketers based in eastern USA, who have a passion for making money online and helping others do the same. With our backgrounds, we are as diverse as sales, economics, transportation, and electronics. Our aim is to provide the most up to date survey out there with the best benefit for you! Through extensive research and experience, our team looks to provide an in depth model for other writers to easily on-board with us through an automated process to be apart of the team as we are always expanding and welcoming new writers! Check below at our amazing team as we hope to upload your picture and bio after joining. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the #1 most trusted, reliable source for reviews and tips about making money online with surveys and other legitimate opportunities. We want you to succeed and allow for other people like you and our team to earn more income on the go! Our team has dedicated ample amount of time to make this seamless as possible for you, the surveyor. We love sharing great opportunities with others! Let's grow together!....  P.S. Don't forget to tell your friends about how easy it really is to pick up the extra bucks! 

Meet Our Team!

Josh Eberly Co-Founder, SurveysWonk.com

Josh, is an aspiring entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies.  His core competencies lie in social media marketing, ad optimiazation, and building technical infastructure for publishers to suceed.  An avid reader, his go to reads are I Will Teach You to Be Rich & Tools of Titans.   By partnering with Jonathan to create Surveyswonk, Josh hopes to create an amazing resource for others to save money and acheive their financial goals.  His current hot tip to make money: invest early and often in cryptocurrency, though quite risky, it will be our generations "internet boom".  

Craig Scott Co-Owner, SurveysWonk.com

Craig loves to find new ways to make money so he can spend as much time in the outdoors as possible. You can find him hiking new trails, exploring lakes, or riding his motorcycle. He loves learning from new people and takes every opportunity to do so. A former teacher, Craig loves to share new ideas and information with others including training and conference speaking.