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Amazon Flex – Much Better Than Uber!

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Want to make some money on your own time? Want to be your boss? Of course, you are, that's why you're online looking up money-making opportunities. Traditionally, survey sites such as Swagbucks and Clear Voice Surveys have dominated online money making opportunities. However, we have a new and unique way to make money online and on your own time. Here is a surprising new way to make some money, set your schedule, and profit off of working only a couple hours a day. Amazon Flex is this opportunity. They are a truly a unique company, owned and operated by Amazon. One of the largest websites, and prides itself on being an easy way to shop online, get deliveries quickly, and overall customer satisfaction. Amazon Flex takes all of the missions and goals that Amazon has, and throws in another element: delivery.

About Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a website and app that allows everyday people to be delivery drivers for Amazon. Similar to how Uber works, you are your boss. You set your schedule, pick your routes, and have the same credentials that a delivery driver does. Instead of sitting in an office, or staying at home working, Amazon Flex allows you to get out and be active. Making money is easy on Amazon Flex because you are just driving around and delivering packages to Amazon customer.s 

Become A Driver for Amazon Flex

Where is Amazon Flex Available?

Amazon Flex is currently available in over 30 cities. A full list of cities that Amazon Flex is available in is on their website. In addition to that, if Amazon Flex is not available in your city, you can still sign up for their waitlist. What that means is the minute that Amazon Flex starts up in your city, you will be one of the first people notified.

How Does Amazon Flex Work?

This website was created by Amazon to connect people looking for side jobs with a company as big as Amazon. Amazon Flex is an app that allows you to set your schedule to deliver packages to customers. To start out, you just have to sign up and get the application process underway. Requirements to be a driver for Amazon Flex are:

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Have a motor vehicle (walking or biking is not permitted for Amazon Flex deliveries)
  • Pass a background check and driving record check
  • Have a smartphone

How Do Deliveries Work?

For starters, Amazon Flex users have to sign up for a schedule. These schedules are in 2 or 3-hour blocks throughout the day. Users sign up for certain blocks and wait for orders to come through. These orders are usually made through Amazon Prime hourly delivery. We all know how awesome Amazon Prime is, and their next day delivery is fantastic, but hourly delivery is the future. Furthermore, we all have heard of Jimmy Johns freaky fast delivery, so why not have that freaky fast delivery system for other companies.

Drivers will receive notifications while they are available with information about where the package is from, and where it's going. Packages can come from Amazon distribution centers in major cities, restaurants, and even retail stores. All deliveries will be within a 20-mile radius or so from where you are located, to ensure that you will not have to drive an hour to make a delivery.

Set Your Own Schedule for Amazon Flex

How Do I Get Paid?

Drivers make between $18-$25 an hour delivering packages for Amazon Flex. These rates, of course, are only if you make deliveries, and how many you make in a certain amount of time. I say that these rates are only for deliveries because you may only have to make a single delivery in three hours. You still get paid, but you will not be paid for all three hours. Because of this, you can do anything you want during those available hours until you get a notification saying there's a package that needs to be delivered. You can cash-out at any time on the app, but what most users do is save up for a couple of weeks. This way it feels like you are getting an actual paycheck. They do not compensate for gas, but that may change as the app gets older and more successful.

How Do I Make Deliveries?

Here is one of the harder hitting questions that people need to know about. We all have seen videos of mailman getting chased down by dogs, or houses that look like they don't even have a front door to deliver anything to do. Because of that, there is a not section in the delivery report informing drivers of any request when making a delivery. On top of that, similar to how Uber can call their riders, Amazon Flex drivers can call the receivers of the package for guidance on how to deliver the package. If that doesn't work, Amazon Flex has a helpline that you can call for assistance when delivering a package.

I Don't Want To Drive, But This Is Still Interesting

If you don't like the concept of driving around peoples packages, there are still openings in Amazon Flex. Since they are a relatively new company, there are still hiring for other positions. These, of course, are physical positions, therefore working at home won't be an option. However, if you are interested, check out here for openings at Amazon Flex.

Bottom Line: Is It A Legit Money Making Opportunity?

Yes. Amazon Flex is a legit site that surely will take off. Similar to other smaller start-up delivery companies, there is a learning curve to make the company as efficient as possible. However, this company is backed by Amazon. Therefore it has big name brand all over it. This kind of money making opportunity is perfect for someone looking for a secondary/passive income. Since package deliveries in your area are random, it may not be the best job to put all your hope into. Conversely, it is a great job to make a couple of extra bucks each day during your free time.

More Ways To Earn

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There are many other sites on our blog, and I would not be doing them justice by writing a few sentences on each one. Instead, check them out for yourselves. I guarantee you that after reading through a view reviews, you will find the site that is right for you when it comes to wanting to make money from home.

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