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American Consumer Panels Review and Ranking.

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With the expansion of the internet, and its ability to connect people, companies and businesses around the world are utilizing it to get feedback from their consumers on products, campaigns, advertising, and many more aspects of their business. Survey sites are used by companies to conduct surveys on products, to see what works, what doesn't, and how well it is advertised. Although this works great for many companies, often times a more hands on approach can yield better results. In home testing sites, like American Consumer Panels, are used to test products in the real world, and receive feedback on how they can be improved. Online market research websites are used to conduct consumer  surveys on specific demographics for products and businesses.

We have recently reviewed dozens of ways to earn money taking surveys online. On top of that, we have looked at companies that conduct in home testing of products. Here, we are looking at American Consumer Panels. ACP not to be confused with American Consumer Opinion (acop), is an in-home testing company that sends their members products to test before they get mass produced and sold in stores around the US.

What Is American Consumer Panel?

American Consumer Panels is a In Home Usage Testing (IHUT) company based out of New York. They connect companies to in-home testers to try out products, document their experiences, and give useful feedback. They have worked with top names such as Fisher Price, FitBit, and RayBan. 

What is unique about this company, is that they are constantly looking for more testers. Testers are a vital part of the business model for many companies, as they want to make sure their product is market ready. They do this through their In-Home Usage Testing program referred to as (IHUT).  Using a network of proprietary panels companies can partner with American Consumer Panels to gain immediate access to user opinions.  Their method of testing products is much different than a more traditional survey panel.  Instead of testing products to earn points or rewards, American Consumer Panel pays you an hourly rate to give feedback. 

How Can I Join?

Apply for Product Testing

Joining American Consumer Panel is a bit harder than joining a survey site. For one, you have to apply online, and wait to be accepted. This is different than many survey sites because you cannot just sign up and get started, you need to be approved to test products. They do this because for many products, they are looking for a certain kind of person to use and test the product. For example, if Fisher Price is unveiling a new toy line, they want to hire testers that have kids.

To apply, you just have to go on their website, click apply for product testing, and click on the In Home Usage Tester. After that, you will be sent to another page where you will fill out a application with some basic questions. These questions are short, simple, and outline how much you will get paid, the conditions of work, and what products you may test. You also will be prompted to sign a few non-disclosure agreements. A non-disclosure agreement is a document that confirms that you will not share any of the companies information with others, to ensure that information is kept private. 

American Consumer Panels Job Posting

Job listing for In Home Product Testers from American Consumer Panels

Once you fill out the application section you will be sent to the demographics and consumer profile section of the website.  American Consumer Panels requests that you sign up for two reputable consumer research firms, MySurvey and VIP Voice Consumer Panel.  Once registered with these two companies, American Consumer Panel will be able to tell if you are a good fit for their program.  There is a very clear bolded section that specifically states "we will contact QUALIFIED candidates only as soon as an In-Home Usage test that matches the demographics, consumer profile and client's needs starts."  Those contacted are often referred to as panelists, and are given specific instructions for starting.     

What’s Does In-Home Usage Testing Entail?

In-Home Usage Testing is pretty much what the name suggest. You receive products and test that in your home. However, there are a couple of main duties that the position entails. For one, the tester needs to take good care of the product. This is important because you may be using it for a couple of weeks, and want to keep it in good shape to ensure you are getting the most out of the product. Additionally, there are some steps that you need to take with the product. These include reading any instruction, keeping journal entires of your use with the product, writing reviews, taking pictures, etc. 

On top of that, for some products, you may be required to join a chat-room with the company or other users to talk about this product. This can be done from home so you don't have to go to a office to give your opinions. However, although most product testing can be done at home, there are some optional out-of-home visits you can take. For these, you may be asked to visit the company headquarters, go to the manufacturer, or visit the office and speak to a employee. These of course are all optional, but you will also be paid if you choose to partake in it.

Requirements to Work for American Consumer Panel. 
  • Ability to follow specific instructions
  • check
    Open to write short reviews, record audio or short video.  Website makes it clear that no experience is required. 
  • Attention to detail and curious spirit to go beyond what is expected
  • Be available to work 15-20 hours a week
  • check
    Access to a computer with reliable internet connection (not a problem for most US based applicants)
  • check
    Access to cell phone or digital camera that can take high quality photos.
  • check
    High School Diploma
  • check
    18 years or older
American Consumer Panels process

How Do I Get Paid?

Here is the good part; money. Yes, you will be paid for testing products. The pay varies from $25 to $45 an hour, depending on how hands on the product is. You are guaranteed at least 15 hours a week of work, which is great since many sites can not guarantee a lot of work for signing up. This of course can vary, like the pay, depending on the product.  As some of the products available have high economic value, there is a disclaimer that you must agree to promising to take care of the products while employed by American Consumer Panel.  Gift cards are not available as a payment option at the current time.  

Common Complaints About American Consumer Panel.

Although American Consumer Panel sounds like a great company, there are people out there that disagree. Some complaints that come from it are outlined below. 

No Products​

The main complaint of there being no new products can probably be debunked if you were to look at certain specifics for what the company is looking for in a tester. People may have gotten upset that they are not being offered products, but that may just be because they are not a good fit for a certain product. This of course is just the way these websites work; some people testing a lot of products, and some people being offered to test none.

​Ask For A Lot Of Information:

Some users have had some negative experiences with the website because they were asked to fill out surveys for other sites. They were asked to do this so the company gets a idea of who they are, there demographic, and other information about them. Of course this was just for the company to get a profile on the person, but people can view this as an invasion of privacy. Furthermore, users reported that after taking surveys, they were spammed with emails from the sites.  

It is very strange that one consumer panel would ask you to register for two other seemingly competitors in the space.  This of course can also be a benefit, as you can earn rewards through MySurvey and VIP Voice Consumer Panel.  These companies tend to send our a lot of emails with survey invitations than can frustrate users who are just looking to participate in the American Consumer Panel program. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Great pay
  • Get to test out new products and give your feedback
  • You can also register and create profiles for two other survey panels at the same time. 
  • In home testing
  • Fairly simple and straightforward process


  • May not qualify for testing certain products
  • May not get accepted to join
  • Product testing is random, may not get a lot of products
  • Spam from other sites

Should I Apply For American Consumer Panels?

American Consumer Panels is a great company because of what they do. They offer everyday people the opportunity to test products, and give useful feedback. In addition, they pay for your time! Quite generously I might add. However, since there are some complaints about the site, it may not be the best site to join for some people. However, if you are still looking for a way to make a quick buck online in your free time, you found the right place. Here we have reviewed the Top Paid Online Survey Sites. And don't worry, I know earlier one of the complaints of American Consumer Panels was that some of their survey sites spammed users, therefore we have reviewed all sites to make sure you don't have any negative experiences with spam emails. 

More Ways to Earn Extra Cash.

Yes, we have more for you. We have reviewed all the popular survey sites, Swagbucks and Pinecone Research to name a few, where you can earn some money. However, survey sites aren't for everyone. Some people don't like sitting at a computer and answering questions. For those people, we have the answers. 

  • Ways to Earn
  • Payment Options
  • Return on Time


American Consumer Panels is a great opportunity to test products in home and get paid at the same time. With generous payouts, they program is very rigid on requirements & selective with new participants. If you are lucky enough to be chosen for in-home testing one can expect to receive $15 an hour in addition to keeping the product. Lack of information and low chance of being selected keep American Consumer Panels from scoring higher.

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