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App Trailers – Can I Make Money?

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Imagine a world where your cellphone or tablet are not just time wasting devices. Now, we can actually earn money and rewards for fiddling around on our electronics. Yes, there are survey sites that have mobile apps where you can earn rewards. And yes, there are apps that you can earn cash back from for purchasing everyday items. However, App Trailers is a app where you can earn points for simply watching trailers. 

We all have watched trailers for movies and events that are happening. But now, you can watch trailers for new apps and earn points for it. Most games these days already have advertisements with trailers for apps on them. Now, you can watch those same ads, and earn points for watching them.

What Is App Trailers?

App Trailers is a app that rewards you for watching trailers on your phone. These trailers are for other apps, meant to boost the awareness of them. Whether it be a  trailer for a new war game, or a trailer for a money saving app, there are hundreds of apps out there looking to advertise themselves. What App Trailers does is find users that use apps, and show them the new available apps. By doing this, they not only can reach a large audience at once, but they also can increase the popularity of already famous apps. ​

What Is App Trailers?

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is quick and easy. The only requirement for someone that is looking to download the App Trailers app is a working smartphone or tablet. App Trailers is available both on iTunes, and the Google store. It is free, therefore you do not have to pay to earn points on the app. Additionally, there are no gimmicks once you download it, asking for you to pay for a expanded app, or anything like that.

How Do I Earn Points?

Points are earned on the app by watching trailers for new, and already existing apps. These trailers are typically 30 seconds long, meaning you can watch a good amount of them in a small period of time. Initial payment is made in the form of points. Just for signing up, App Trailers rewards you with 50 points. In addition to that, every trailer you watch, you will receive 5 points. And in addition to that....each friend you refer earns you 100 points.

Now, one has to ask, how much are points worth? Well, each trailer, which is 5 points, earns you 1/10th of a cent. That means that you need to get to 500 points to earn .50 cents. It can seem like a daunting task, because you have to watch 100 videos just to earn half a dollar. However, if you refer a lot of people to the app, you points can climb rapidly. 

How App Trailers Works

On top of that, there are some offer and promotions within the apps which can earn you anywhere between 5 and 2500 points. These offers usually are offers to download a app, or use a app for a couple of days. This is a great way to get some points, because many times these offer more points than the trailers alone do. ​

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Bingo. Here is the bread and cheese of every money making opportunity. How do I cash in on my points that I earned online? Well, its quite easy. Once you reach .50 cents, you are free to cash out via Pay-Pal. However, if you want to save your points, there are gift cards to stores such as Amazon for $5. If you just want to do Pay-Pal, that option is available for any number of points, as long as you are above the aforementioned .50 cents. ​

Notable Negative

From reading so far, you can come up with the pro's to the app yourself. There are multiple ways to earn points, each video is short and easy to watch, and it is free to download. However, there is one con to the app that needs to be addressed before you dive into the app: They can lower the amount of points you receive per trailer you watch. If you are watching trailers back-to-back for a few hours at a time, the app will lower each trailer from 5 points to 3 points. Although that is a small decrease, in the long run, it will affect your total earnings. ​That number will go back up to 5 the next day. App Trailers just doesn't want people scamming them and leaving their phone on in the background for the whole day, cashing in and not even watching the trailers. 

Bottom Line:

Here is the bottom line for App Trailers; it all comes down to how much you value your time. ​1/10th of a cent is a very small amount for 30 seconds of your time. Additionally, it will take 500 videos just to get to .50 cents. That can mean that you can watch trailers for a few hours, and only receive .50 cents. Because of this, it seems to me that App Trailers is not worth it.

More Ways To Make Money

Although App Trailers may not be the best option, we still have other options. Check out our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites, which are guaranteed to reward you more than App Trailers will, and in the long run, be a better shot at sustaining a secondary/passive income. Some of our favorite sites are Swagbucks and Pinecone Research. These two sites are second to none when it comes to pay-outs, and surveys. Either one you choose, you will make a good chunk of money on the side, and won't be able to find a higher paying out survey that has as many surveys as these two do. 

In addition to survey sites, our blog features more than 50 unique money making opportunities that can help you earn a secondary/passive income​. Sites like Kyani, a Multi Level Marketing company, can earn you a lot of extra money on the side. However, with Multi Level Marketing companies, there is more cost to get started, and takes a lot more time. In the end, its all about how much you value your time, and how confident you are that you can recruit people to join Kyani. 

Whichever route you choose to go, our blog and site have the reviews for you. We keep our reviews as up to date as possible, and provide our readers with honest opinions, pro's and con's, and other similar sites. So, check us out, and start making money from home!

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