How Can Surveys Boost Staff Retention?

How Can Surveys Boost Staff Retention?

Often, companies use surveys to boost staff retention. The term “staff retention” refers to a company’s ability to keep employees. Companies that offer employee surveys tend to have a much higher staff retention rate.

Employee surveys give employees the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns, offer company feedback, and simply be honest with their experience working in that given company.

A company with employees who are genuinely satisfied with their position and passionate about their work is often a very productive workplace. Happy employees work harder and get more accomplished.

A good employee survey typically measures the following areas…

  • Employee Happiness- Companies should simply ask their employees how happy they are. A company might ask you, “how happy are you with your job on a scale from 1-10?”
  • Career Goals- Companies should be asking their employees how the position they are in correlated with their long-term career goals. Hopefully, the company you work for can put you in a position that assists you with getting where you want to be.
  • Employee Appreciation- Companies should be making sure that their employees feel valued. The company you work for should be making you feel valued and that your hard work is appreciated.
  • Employee Plans- Companies should always be asking their employees what their plans are for their company. Your company should hopefully be asking you, “Do you plan on being here a year from now?” They should also ask, “Do you think your feedback from this survey is being taken seriously by the company leaders?”

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is defined as “the character and personality of your organization. It's what makes your organization unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes” (source: ERC)

Workplace culture obviously starts at the top and is shaped by the leaders of a business, but it’s also shaped by the employees of that company. It is so critical that the leaders of a company are putting together surveys for their employees to take.

Employees should always take advantage of these opportunities and be completely honest and upfront with their answers. It’s good for the employee to express their thoughts, and it is even better when the company hears their employees out. They can take this feedback and implement it to improve the company.

Honesty is a big part of workplace culture…

Would you rather work in a company that is honest with each other, or a company that is afraid to be honest with each other because they try to avoid conflict?

Hopefully, you would rather work in an honest company. You should be comfortable enough to approach a coworker if you have an issue that is in context with the vision of the company. Employees should approach a situation like this with maturity, collaborate with each other, and put together a solution. There is no shame in being honest with coworkers and your higher-ups.

Employee dissatisfaction, on the other hand, can be toxic to a company and potentially be the reason that a company is under-achieving.

Organizational Growth

As stated earlier, employee satisfaction is a direct contributor to the success and growth of an organization.

With that said, an employee engagement survey can provide a company with valuable data that allows them to implement an actionable plan for organizational growth.

The growth of an organization should be a priority for a company, and employees have a major factor in it. Their ideas and opinions should be taken seriously to ensure the long-term success of a company.

Employee surveys should also be conducted regularly. Companies should be examining the results, and comparing new survey results to previous survey results.

Some of the most successful companies in the world use employee surveys, such as Google. Have you ever wondered why Google is consistently named “one of the best companies to work for?”

Obviously, there are hundreds of factors that lead to Google’s success, but a happy and satisfied team of employees is the base of everything that they do. Once again, the company that you work for should be doing everything that they can to provide the best workplace environment, and in turn, have satisfied employees. Happy employees help companies run smoother and help them get closer to the ultimate goal: Make More Money!

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