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Carvertise Review: Is it Worth the Hassle?

There is advertising everywhere today. You cannot drive down the street without seeing more than a dozen advertisements. Now, think about how much money those advertisers make each day; knowing their products and ads are being seen by thousands and thousands of people each day. Advertising is a force to be reckoned with, and you can join. Do you drive? If you do, keep reading. I have for you a opportunity of a lifetime, where you can make money just by driving around! I’m talking about using your car as a moving billboard with Carvertise, and making some money just by doing what you already do: driving! However, if you are looking for options to make money without driving, check out our Top Paid Survey Sites where you can make money from home.


What Is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a company that helps advertisers take advantage of a “seriously underutilized medium,” as they put it. This underutilized medium is cars! It was launched a few years ago under the name PenguinAds, but changed over to Carvertise in 2012. What they do is pay people to wrap their cars in advertisements and drive around. Simple, right?

Make Money With Carvertise

How To Join?

Carvertise is a free service where you can join, and be approved by advertisers to drive around with their add on your car. However, although it is free, there are some qualifications to becoming a driver. These are:

  • 1
    Drive at least 30 miles/day
  • 2
    Have a clean driving record
  • 3
    Own a 2008 model car or newer
  • 4
    Factory finish paint job

These are qualifications that you probably already meet, therefore chances are you will not be denied from joining Carvertise. These qualifications are similar to other services that involve vehicles such as Uber or Lyft. 

When Can You Start?

When you are signed up, it will depend on the partnering advertisers and when they are looking to run campaigns. However, once there is a successful match with a interested brand, your driving profile, and where you are, Carvertise will get in touch with you to start right away.

How To Make Money

Alright, here is the part that most of you are probably reading for, so let me lay it out for you. Yes, there is a great chance to make some great money with Carvertise. The standard payment rate is $100/month for the campaign. For more specialized campaigns, or paint jobs that are a little more complex, the advertiser will pay up to $200/month.

In addition that, they may offer you payments for parking your car at certain places for a certain period of time. They do this, because if they know a place has high traffic, why not use your car as a billboard? The going pay rate for this is $30/hour, and usually is for a couple of hours. This is a great way to make some extra money, you know, if the opportunity presents itself.

Now that you know how much money a month you can make, you’re probably wondering how many months the campaigns are. Most campaigns last for either 2-3 months, but there are some that may last up to 6 months. That means that for each campaign, you can make anywhere from $200-$600 dollars, just for driving around!

What Kind Of Brands Are Available?

Well, this is a complex question because brands come and go frequently, and different campaigns run at different times. Although you will not be able to choose which brands you advertise, you do have a say if you want to work for a brand when they reach out to you.

Wrapping Process

Wrap your car with Carvertise

The wrapping is free, and is done at certified places all across the country. For partial wraps, it may take only a hour or two, whereas full wraps may take a few hours. The wrap comes off easily, therefore you do not have to worry about any damage to your paint when the campaign is over.

Fraud Alert! 

Many of our users have received emails from unverified sources claiming to offer money for putting advertisement on their cars.  They will mail you a fake check and ask you to wire money to an account to "pay for your wrap". These are scams and should be reported.  

Carvertise will never ask for money from their drivers or ask you to write a check.  If you are unsure about who you are talking to via email, remember that Carvertise will only ever contact you from an email address. 

Bottom Line:

If you don’t mind driving around with some advertisements on your car, this is a great way to pocket a couple of extra hundred bucks a month. Yes, you will be spending money on gas, but this evens out because you are probably already driving around a lot. However, if you are looking for other ways to make money, that do not involve driving around with wraps on your car, we have sites for you. Our favorites are Swagbucks and MySurvey, where you can make a good amount of money each month just by taking surveys online.

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