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Is CashCrate Legitimate? Complete Review

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is an online paid survey site, launched in 2006, that now has over 2 million users around the world.  There are multiple ways of making money on CashCrate, but the two most popular activities for users are subscribing/registering for corporate offers and filling out surveys.​  Some of the other ways you can make money on CashCrate are reading commercial emails, shopping at specific partners' websites, interacting through various means such as socializing with other members, playing games, playing games, winning contests, and by referring friends and family to join. 

CashCrate Key Features

As previously mentioned, CashCrate offers many different ways to earn money.  Once you register for CashCrate, you will automatically get $1 added to your account.  Payment for activities vary with the lowest payment being as low as $0.01 to the highest payment being up to $20 or more.  There is a minimum cash out amount of $20.  Therefore, you must have at least $20 in your account before you can receive any of the money you earned.  Payments are not immediate, but they are sent out usually on the 15th day of the following month.  Membership is available to anyone 13 or older in any country across the globe.  ​If you live in the US or the UK you get preferential access to the offers, surveys, and other activities on the site.  

A nice feature of CashCrate is their referral system.  How it works is for each person you refer, CashCrate will pay you 20% of their earnings.  Then, for any referral that they make, you will earn an additional 10% from those referrals. Ready to start earning some passive cash? Click here to get started!

​The Ins and Outs of CashCrate

CashCrate has been known to be very user-friendly.  It has a quick loading time and the site is pretty clutter-free.  The offer list shows only 9 per page, so it is not overwhelming, and there are no graphics or flashy logos filling up the page.  

Next to each of the offers is a description of whether or not the offer requires credit card or any other financial information from users.  The offers are for a variety of products and services including wardrobe makeover sweeps, signing up for auto insurance quotes, prize offers such as a full year of diapers, gift cards from stores like Costco and Target, and even airplane tickets.  Free offers pay a maximum of $3.  There are also credit card offers that pay $5, but this does require users to give up their credit card information and requires a small investment before credit can be transferred.  

By earning 20% of your referrals' earnings and 10% of their referrals' earnings, CashCrate's referral system is one of the best in the paid-survey and 'Get-Paid-To' market.  If you join CashCrate's affiliate marketing program, you also can benefit by receiving your payments on the 1st of every month rather than the 15th.  As you get more referrals, CashCrate will actually increase the percentages you earn from referrals.  By taking advantage of CashCrate's referral system, some users have actually earned up to $1,000 or more a month!

Negative Downsides 

Although there are many positive sides of CashCrate, like anything, there are also some negative aspects of it.​  The payment is pretty low for completing surveys, signing up for commercial offers, or reading commercial emails with the average payment being no more than $0.15.  Depending on how active you are on the site or how many referrals you have, it could take anywhere from a couple of days up to a whole month just to earn the minimum cash out payment of $20.  

Payments are sent out the next month because the PayPal system in the website is not yet fully developed or utilized.  Some people don't mind waiting until the following month, but for others this is quite an inconvenience.  If you were to look at earnings per hour, it would calculate to only about $3.50 an hour.  

In terms of spam, there have been user complaints that CashCrate sends member's emails and other information to third-party companies which in turn then spam their email inboxes.  They have been known to send spam and unwanted junk mail to users' emails.  This has caused some users to receive commercial offers or other content that can be difficult to opt-out of or can cause issues when it comes to receiving payments for work they have done.

 Other users have reported that after they have completed various tasks on CashCrate, they were not credited accordingly.  Because you need to provide credit card information for the credit card offers on CashCrate, users have reported that this information is then given to third-party companies.  In time some users have found that they receive tons of unwanted email offers and phone calls. 


  • Very user friendly user interface
  • Multiple ways to earn rewards
  • Variety of products to test available
  • Solid referral program


  • High cash out threshold - $20
  • Surveys are worth very little 
  • Concerns about spam and unwanted phone calls
  • Paypal system is credited next month, so there is a delay in payment

Is CashCrate Worth My Time?

CashCrate emphasizes more on commercial offers and emails rather than simply completing surveys.  This puts it in the same category as other 'Get-Paid-To websites' such as InboxDollars or SwagBucks.  Although there have been some users complaints of CashCrate in terms of the low payment amount and the spamming issues, it is known for its prompt payments, rewarding members consistently, and for its great referral program.  Overall, user reviews have been positive for CashCrate and it is a legitimate website to earn some money on.  It earned just slightly over 3 out of 5 stars on SurveyPolice and most of the reviews seemed to be neutral.  

In summary, although payments can be small, CashCrate offers a variety of ways to earn money, it's reliable, and has an awesome referral program.  We would give it a slightly below average ranking on our top 20 online surveys for 2017. Want to give it a try anyway? Click here to setup a free account now.


Survey sites, like CashCrate, are one of the more popular ways to earn money online. Swagbucks and MySurvey, a few of our top ranked sites, are successful for a few reasons. One, they have a large membership online. Secondly, they pay-out in a timely manner, and their pay is competitive to that of other survey sites. If you want to see some of our other favorite sites, check out our Top 20 Paid Online Survey Sites.

However, if you are looking for a money making opportunity that is not a survey site, we still have the answer for you. Our blog features more than 50 unique websites whose main goal is to make you money. A site like Amazon Flex pays their members to drive and deliver amazon packages. It is a unique way to make money, and quite easy to do on your free time. You set your own hours, and how far you want to drive. 

Now, if answering questions is not in your wheelhouse at all, there are other options. Take Virtual Bee for example, a data entry site. Instead of answering questions all day long, you get to plug in data into spreadsheets, translate scripts, and complete tasks for companies. It is a great way to earn a competitive hourly wage, and do so all while sitting at home. ​Check out theses, and many more on our blog. Once you do, I'm sure you will find a site that suits you. After that, all you have to do is sign up, and start making money from home!

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