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Click4Surveys Review – Is it a Scam?

​What is Click4Surveys?

There are a lot of different survey sites, but they essentially work in the same way. Click4Surveys website looks professional and seems to be upfront about what they do. They promise to make you rich through their surveys, but that in itself is deceptive. 

Steps to Sign-Up

The website looks more professional than most other survey sites. When you first enter the page you come to a well put together video. "Members" of Click4Surveys give convincing testimonials on how the site has changed their lives.  In the small print, you will find out that the testimonials are just paid advertisements. 

Click4Surveys Logo

Next a a guy in a business suit appears on the screen. He does a good job at presenting each step of the program, which is unlike most survey sites.  In step one he claims, Click4Surveys has access to all the online survey companies and even says they are not available elsewhere on the web.  This is incorrect because every online survey site offers the exact same information for free. He also fails to mention that you must sign up for each company individually. Having to sign up with multiple companies is time consuming and a pain.

Step 2

Now you get to choose which surveys you want to complete. You are told that there are tons of surveys available and that they pay big bucks. This is inaccurate data as maybe once in a thousand surveys actually pay a higher amount.  Generally each survey pays between $0.20 and $0.30 and can take as long as 2 hours to complete! 

The business guy failed to mention that online survey companies have a payout rate. A member needs to reach the payout rate before they can begin receiving payments. So if a companies' payout rate is $75, $0.30 a survey can take a while to reach especially when you are completing surveys for different companies, resulting in later payments. 

Instead of making the thousands of dollars promised to you in the 2 minute $15.00 survey, you will be making about $40.00 each month or two.​


  • Website is simple and easy to navigate 


  • False Advertising
  • Scammy Promotional Material
  • Charging to connect you with free survey sites
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Poor Training

What do you get when you purchase the product?

With the purchase of Click4Surveys the member is given access to the membership area on their website. It is simple to navigate through the seven pages: Introduction, Set Up Email, Survey Database, Collect Earnings, Earning Tips, Bonus, and with an upsell there is access to the Elite Inner Circle.

Membership Page

What kind of training do they offer?​

​The training is on how to better promote Click4Surveys rather than actually training the members on the program or how to complete surveys. The main point of this product is for one to make money by becoming an affiliate and promoting the product rather than making money off of the surveys.

How much will it cost?​

Coupon Code

The first price is a one time payment of $97. Then when you proceed to the checkout screen where you are able to enter in a coupon code to lower the price to $35. If you are still not convinced to buy the product, you will be given a final offer to buy Click4Surveys for $19.

After purchasing the product, there will be an upsell.  The price will start at $197, then reduce to $97, and have a final reduction to $47.​

Should you use Click4Surveys?

Click4Surveys is a scam!  It is a fact that you do not make the high amounts of money you are promised for each survey. The business guy does not give truthful information about the site and the testimonials are inaccurate.

I hope you enjoyed the review about Click4Surveys. If you are looking to make some serious money online check out our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites for 2017! There are over 60+ reviewed survey programs to help you save time and make money online!

More Ways To Earn

We hate scams. That why we make sure we do extensive research on all of the sites we look at. People make scams because they are not able to create a fully functional and successful website that can make them money, and make their users money. However, don't worry, just because there is one bad apple, doesn't mean the whole orchard is bad. Our blog is a great resources to find sites that can make you money. They are all unique in their own ways, and range from survey sites, to Multi Level Marketing sites, and everything in-between. 

For example, sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey have made it huge in the survey site community. They are legit sites with large member numbers, and a loyal community. They pay their members, and give them real surveys that matter. In addition to that, there is Mindswarms. They are a unique site in the sense that instead of answering questions on a webpage, you get to use your webcam and film yourself answering questions. This gives the companies real time video of your reactions and answers to questions. Furthermore, if you like reviewing products, try out Product Testing USA. They send you products to test, and care about your opinions. After all, if you and 100 other product testers find a problem with a product, it will be pulled.

There are sites like these, and many others on our blog. So feel free to check it out, and find a good fit for you. I promise you, they're are not any sites that we have reviewed that are scams. And if they are, we tell you. Don't want you wasting your time on a site that won't give you squat.  

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