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Is ClixSense a Scam or a Legitimate Survey Site?

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What Is It?

ClixSense is a website that was launched in 2007 and the title is pretty self explanatory of how you get paid.  Basically, with ClixSense, by clicking and viewing advertisements, you earn money.  For every click on an advertisement, you can earn anywhere from $0.001 to $0.02 per click.  You are also able to earn money on ClixSense by completing surveys.  For every survey completed, you can earn anywhere from $0.10 to $5.  

How it works is ClixSense offers a "Pay to click" service, also known as PTC, that pays you to complete different tasks such as completing surveys, performing micro tasks, and viewing advertisements.  Although you do not get paid much per click or per survey completed, it is beneficial that you can complete these tasks from your home or wherever you get get online access.  ClixSense has actually become one of the most recommended websites for online earning, as it was rated # 1 on a list of the Top 10 Best PTC Sites of 2017

It's free to get started (here's a link to join), but keep reading to learn how to maximize your earnings with the program.​

What are the Different Ways I Can Earn Money on ClixSense?

1. Viewing Advertisements​

Although you make the least amount of money clicking on ads, this is actually the main business of ClixSense and has been around the longest.  Viewing advertisements was around before any of the other services that ClixSense​ has to offer came about.  Even though you won't earn much clicking on and viewing ads, if you do choose to do so, there are some recommendations for you.  If you are not familiar with ads, there are actually different types of ads.  With ClixSense, it is recommended that you stay away from Sticky ads and view ads with higher pay rates, such as the Mini and Standard ads found in the "Regular Ads" section.  

So, how does this actually work?  When you click on an ad, it will open a new tab where you will then have to click on a picture to verify that you are actually person and not a robot.  After clicking on the picture, a countdown timer will begin and you must remain on that tab until the timer is finished.  If you do try to switch to a different tab, the timer will pause.  Once the timer is finished, you'll get a message saying that your click was validated.  

Although this may seem time consuming, if you have something else you can do while the timer is going, then go do that and earn some cash while the timer runs!  It can be an easy way to make money while you are doing something else that you would already be doing like watching TV or cleaning.  

2. Completing Surveys

​As mentioned previously, you will earn more completing surveys than you will clicking on and viewing advertisements.  The surveys can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete and you get paid anywhere from $0.1 to $5.  The amount of surveys you can complete in a day depends on your location, profession, and interests.  If you live in the US, Canada, or the UK you have the opportunity to get more surveys with higher pay rates.  Therefore, it is recommended that you complete your survey profile in order to get surveys that match your profile.

3. Completing Tasks

Completing tasks will allow you to earn more money than viewing advertisements, but unlike the ads, the tasks are not always available.  The tasks are micro jobs, and for the countries that don't get much surveys​, like India, Philippines, and Bangladesh, these micro jobs are one way for people in these countries to make money.

The value of the task is correlated to the difficulty of the task.  The difficulty levels vary, but if you are new to ClixSense then your difficulty level will be a 0.  As you complete more tasks, your difficulty level will increase and you'll get more tasks.  Although the difficulty level will increase, the amount of money you will earn per task will also increase.

​4. ClixOffers

​ClixOffers are offers from different sources like TrialPay and that pay you to download apps, complete online surveys, and play games.  This is similar to tasks, in that you have to finish a task by following the directions provided and submit a confirmation upon completion for it to be reviewed.  Once your task is verified and approved, contingent upon you completing the task correctly, then you will receive payment.  Depending on the offer, you could get paid anywhere from $0.1 to $0.02.  Similar to the tasks being limited, the offers are also limited so it is recommended you complete them as soon as they become available because it may be a while before a new one is available. 

5. ClixGrid ​

This program is extremely similar to clicking on ads and viewing them, except with ClixGrid you must click on and view every ad for 10 seconds.  By doing this, it allows you a chance to win money.  Although you have a small chance to win $10, most people only win $0.10 to $1.00 per day.  Few people win $5 a day and $10 is only won by 1 person.  This program is based solely on luck, as there is no trick to help you win.  You only need to view the ads for 10 seconds though, so if you want to take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to simply view ads, it is an easy way to potentially earn some cash.

6. Referring Friends and Family

Using the referral program ClixSense offers is a great way to earn extra cash and maximize your own earning potential.  How it works is that you refer someone, they use your referral link to sign up, they start taking surveys, viewing ads, etc. and then you earn a percentage of their earnings.  This does not affect their earnings in any way, it just allows you to earn more money!  The commission is low though, so you really won't earn large amounts of extra money unless you have a lot of referrals who regularly use ClixSense.  But, it doesn't cost any money to refer people and it won't cause you to lose any money, so why not take advantage of it?​

How Can I Maximize my Earnings with ClixSense?

If you rely solely on clicking and viewing ads as ​your only way of earning money with ClixSense, then you will not make a lot at all. As previously mentioned, clicking on ads and viewing them will only make you 2 cents maximum per click.

Although completing surveys can add to your earnings, the best chance for maximizing your earnings through ClixSense is actually through their referral programs. Anytime someone that you referred makes money on ClixSense by completing surveys, viewing ads, etc. you get paid commission! The best part about it all is there is no limit on the number of people you can refer. So, the more people you refer and the more work they do on ClixSense, the more commission you get!​

UPDATE: ClixSense now offers bank account cash-out options for all their members. This means that you can now get your money faster and directly to your bank account once oyu have compiled some earnings on the site. To be elgigble for this serivce all you have to be is a verified USA member, which odds are, you already are a verified member. The service is free so you do not have to worry about paying any fee's to enjoy this cash-out option. 

​Should I Join?

ClixSense is a legitimate site that will never be a sole source of income, but is an easy way to make some extra earnings on the side.  There have been no reports of ClixSense being a scam, but some users have labeled it has a slow way to earn money and a waste of time.  ClixSense is a reliable and sturdy site, as it's been around since 2007 and continues to grow as a business with overall positive reviews.  

With ClixSense, the key to earning the most is refer, refer, refer!  If you are not afraid to refer people and have the time to take some surveys of your own, then ClixSense can be a great way to earn some extra income.  If you plan to only click on and view advertisements and don't refer anyone, then you will probably find ClixSense to be a waste of time.  Are you read to get started?  Click here to sign up!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, if you don't like ClixSense, don't worry. This is not the only site that you can earn money on. If you like the survey aspect of the websites, and want something that is more survey based, check out our Top 20 Paid Online Survey Sites. Swagbucks and MySurvey are our favorites for a few reasons. For one, there are multiple ways to earn. Just like you can earn money a few ways on here, they each have 5 or 6 ways to earn. That is always great because you can jump back and forth between them to maximize earnings. 

However, if you do not like survey sites, we have reviewed dozens of other unique money making opportunities. You can google sites all day long to find them, or you can read our blog! There you will find featured sites that can help you earn money on your downtime. Building up a secondary/passive income is always a good idea, and our blog is a great resource to get started on that. Sites like Virtual Bee and Fiverr are great ways to earn money after work or on the weekends. They are data entry and freelance writing sites, respectively, and have been proven to earn you money. 

In addition to those, our survey review page has over 50 survey sites. Comprehensive reviews on each of them can help you make a decision on which site you want to join. So, without further ado, go online and start making money!

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