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Complete Pinecone Research Review- Pros, Cons, & Insider Tips.

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One of the newest surveys sites in the paid survey market is Pinecone Research.  Both for companies doing business with the panel as well as members who actively participate in its various surveys, Pinecone Research has established itself as a trusted and reliable source of market research surveys.

Pinecone Research stresses product and consumption research along with limiting the number of survey categories in order to remain more focused. Pinecone Research also emphasizes consumer input in the online research process along with convenience and comfort over traditional on-demand requirements. It has a strict privacy and confidentiality policy and all member's personal and household information is collected and analyzed. The consumers' opinions as a whole is what influences Pinecone Research's company partners' features, pricing decisions, varieties, style, and performance. Members are not required to purchase anything from companies and third-party partners can only receive the full results of their submitted surveys.

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Key Features of Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is unique in that membership is invite-only through either referral website like or or through other current members. One of the key features is that payment is provided to members through cash, PayPal, or a prepaid credit card and the payment processing time is usually sent the next day. There is also extra incentive for members to purchase through a product catalog where they can earn points, which can later be converted into cash and other rewards. Members also get survey notifications through email. The member can partake in "household surveys" and by doing so, Pinecone Research can decide if that member qualifies for a survey.

The average survey takes around 15-30 minutes to complete and each survey completed pays around $3. Until the Spring of 2013, rewards were up and automatically sent to members in direct money form. Now there is a point system to determine rewards in that for each 100 points earned , $1 is credited to your account. Although the survey topics are diverse, Pinecone Research emphasizes consumption related surveys more than other related panels. After completing your first survey, you will instantly get paid as there is no minimal threshold. Occasionally, product tests are shipped to members. The main countries covered are the US, Canada, and the UK and the minimum age of entry is 18.


Like any survey site, there are always pros and cons. For Pinecone Research, there seems to be a lot more pros than there are cons. Pinecone Research was ranked # 1 on's listing of  Top Online Survey Panels for 2017, along with being # 8 on's list of Our Best Paid Surveys. Pinecone Research has an overall rating of 85 out of 100 based on 270 user reviews and has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on 5 reviews.

In contrast to many other survey panel websites that usually pay in ranges starting from $2 or less, Pinecone Review pays a high of $3 per survey. It only takes 15-30 minutes to complete each survey, which, compared to other panels, translates to greater rewards per survey. It is not unusual for members to earn $12-15 more than average, by investing in a few monthly surveys on these paid surveys and product tests. Compared to other similar websites, Pinecone Research's research surveys are higher quality.

Getting Paid

There is no redemption rate, so after the first completed survey, you can cash out right away, however, since Spring 2013 it has become a little harder for members to withdraw their earnings because of a change in the reward system. While previously, you could cash our the next day after a completed survey, it now takes about double the time to convert the points into cash, in which you can then withdraw. However, even with these changes, Pinecone Research's payment processing time is still one of the fastest among other popular online survey panels.

Screening Out Process

Pinecone Research avoids wasting members' time of finding out they have been "screened out" of a survey by requesting voluntary "household surveys" for members to fill out, in which they can then use to assign appropriate surveys to members and avoid disqualification. This allows members to save time and successfully complete more surveys in a shorter amount of time. A few years ago, Pinecone Research would only send around 1-2 surveys per month, whereas now, the frequency has increased to around 3-5 surveys per month and sometimes even more. Many users have also commented on how the surveys are fresh and interesting, often involving research on brand new products and services.

Compared to normal surveys, the panel's product tests offer around $6 per test, which is higher compared to normal surveys. These tests include one survey to qualify for the test, then the actual product tests (product trials), and finish with a final survey to describe the product experience after consumption. Members then benefit from trying and using the product, along with earning money for participating in the test.


  • Pay of up to $3 per survey, much higher than average. 
  • Surveys only take 15-30 minutes to complete
  • Average user can earn up to $12-15 more than average monthly when compared to other survey sites
  • No redemption rate: earnings can be cashed out right away. 
  • Product Panel Test that earn around $6. 


Along with the pros, there are some cons of Pinecone Research. As noted previously, the payment and crediting system was changed in early 2013 and a number of users have been dissatisfied with the move. Because the users now get rewarded in points, instead of previously only having to wait one day to cash out, the users now have to wait a couple extra days to convert their credits to cash and then get their balances updated. This has, in turn, doubled the waiting period for the members to receive the cash they earned.

In terms of how the website is comprised, both in terms of features as well as overall template design, it is not as visually attractive or very interactive as compared to other panels. Again, membership to Pinecone Research is by invite-only so it is not always available. You can only only join through the referral of an existing member or another partner website such as surveypolice or getpaidsurveys. There are also times during the year, usually when there is a shortage of available surveys to distribute, when the website will not take in any new members at all.


  • Payout terms have been extended when converting credits to cash.
  • Interface and website not user friendly or attractive
  • Invite Only - Sometimes website will not take new members

In conclusion, Pinecone Research has been noted by a number of users as a very reliable, trustworthy, and reputable paid research panel, among many survey review websites. Many users have praised the website, some claiming it is the best panel there is. Pinecone Research is one of the top survey sites when it comes to overall quality, with its fast payment processing, emailing system, higher rates per completed survey, and efficient qualification. With its high ratings on major review sites and many pros that outweigh the cons, Pinecone Review continues to have a positive reputation in the paid survey market.

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* In order to maximize money earned from Pinecone Research it is suggested that you pair efforts with Swagbucks and MySurvey.

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