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Complete Review of Fastweb Scholarship Service

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College is expensive. It is hands down one of the biggest investments that young adults make in their life, and one that will have a huge impact on their life. Whether you are attending college in-state, out-of-state, or a local community college, bills start piling up. There may be some students that get lucky and have the financial safety to attend school on their parents bill, but many others do not. Because of that, there is financial aid offers, scholarships, grants, and work-studies. One way to find these is through Fastweb, because we all know how expensive college can be. 

According to Forbes magazine, the average cost of attending a 4 year university is $28,000. This is a huge financial burden for a 15 year old fresh out of their senior year of high school. A great way to lessen this blow to a bank account, and keep college debt as low as possible, is to apply for scholarships. Fastweb is a website that connects students to different scholarships that can help them soften the burden of paying for college. With thousands of scholarships, members rarely find themselves out of scholarships to apply for. 

FastWeb Background

Fastweb has been around for 15 years and is one of the premier student scholarship sites on the internet. They not only connect students to scholarships, but also educate them on finical aid, loans, internships, and other ways to help pay for college. This also is a site that isn't just for students. Parents can sign up their kids, fill out their profiles, and help them look for scholarships as well. Parents have a integral part in their kids education, therefore a site like Fastweb -that educates its members on applying for financial aid- is a great resource to have access to. 

Why Should I Apply For Scholarships?

Like mentioned earlier, school is expensive. Scratch that, it is ridiculously expensive. In todays market, schools are getting pricier, and the out-of-college student is suddenly thrown into the real world with a mountain of college debt. However, scholarships can help lower the total cost of school by a bit. For one, scholarships can be used towards tuition, which will help students borrow less money, meaning less debt in the future. Secondly, even small scholarships can help students out. For example, that science textbook that cost $400 freshman year can be entirely paid for by a scholarship. That means that you have an extra $400 dollars in your account that you won't have to worry about paying back later. ​Finally, being on your own is a tough one; paying for food, living expenses, and transportation. Scholarship money can help cover all three of these expenses.

How Can I Join Fastweb?

Unlike college applications, joining Fastweb is quick and easy, and there is a zero percent chance of you being denied. As long as you are over the age of 13, you can set up a Fastweb account. Now 13 may be a young age to start planning for college and scholarships, but its not a bad thing to be educated on the whole process before diving into it head first.

To join, you just have to fill out a quick profile on the site, and answer some questions about who you are, what you want to study, and where you want to study. These of course can change, as do many of the plans of young students when applying for college. Due to the constant mind-changing of students, and university options, you can pick up to 5 schools where you are interested in attending. On top of that, there is a section asking for GPA's, Advanced Placement courses that count for college credit, and any test scores (ACT, SAT, PSAT.) 

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What’s Next?

Once you get logged into the site, it's time to start looking for scholarships. Fastweb keeps updating your home page and sends you emails when the schools that are in your profile put out scholarships. Additionally, there are over 1.5 million scholarships on the site, and Fastweb has earned students hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship money. 

In addition to high school students, Fastweb offers scholarships for returning grad students, parents, college students, and veterans. There are so many different categories of scholarships, that many people find that they qualify for 10 or 15 scholarships right after signing up. 

How Do I Receive The Scholarships?

Bingo. Great question. Although Fastweb is the search engine that connects students to scholarships, they are not the ones that pay out. Instead, scholarships will be administered by third party venders. These include companies, funds, charities, universities, and individual people with money to donate. If you do receive the scholarship, you will be contacted by the company, person, or school the scholarship was from. They will either call or email you to congratulate you and talk the next steps in getting you that check. 

Pros To Fastweb

  • Easy to sign up 
  • 1.5 million scholarships available
  • Scholarships available for all kinds of people

Kinds Of Scholarships On Fastweb

Traditionally, there are two categories for scholarships; essay, and no essay. Esasy scholarships require that you fill out a short profile, similar to the one for the site. On top of that, they usually ask 1 to 3 essay questions. Questions for these can be anything from "What do you plan on doing with your degree," to "Describe a moment in your life that changed you." These scholarship are looking for honest opinions, to get a perspective of who the student is, other than just a GPA and test score. These are great scholarships for students that may not test as well as others, yet still are very smart individuals. 

Secondly, there are no essay questions. These scholarships can be compared to throwing a hook into the water without any bait. In other words, It's a shot in the dark. Scholarships with no essay questions just look at your scores, and you as a number on a piece of paper. Thousands of people apply for these, and they pick winners based on scores and a algorithm that they have developed. If you are better writer than a test taker, this kind of scholarship will not see that side of you. 

Should I Sign Up For Fastweb?

Why not? There are so many different scholarships out there that it doesn't hurt to apply to as many as you can. Fastweb does not see how many scholarships you applied for, therefore is no penalty. Do not get discouraged if you have 15 applications in and haven't heard from one. There are so many out there that eventually you are going to hit gold. Furthermore, no matter how big the scholarship is, it still will help out in the long run. Another scholarship site that we have reviewed is Scholarship Owl. It is a similar site to FastWeb, but has been around a bit longer, and has a few more scholarships to offer. 

In addition to scholarships helping you pay for college, there are other options out there. Of course there are the obvious ones; part time job, baby sitting, dog walking, etc. However, recently more and more people have been making money online taking surveys. In college there's nothing better than having some walking around money, and a great way to earn that without having to work a couple of hours is by taking online surveys. Check out our reviews on Top 20 Paid Survey Sites For 2017 to earn some extra cash in between studying breaks and applying for more scholarships. ​

Making Money Online

In addition to survey sites, here at Surveyswonk, we have reviewed many other opportunities to make money online. Although survey sites are very popular, they are not for everyone. Many times people feel that they do not have the time to sit around and take surveys to earn money. For those kind of people, we have the answer for you. Our blog features many other unique options to earning money online. For one, you could go the Multi Level Marketing route. Yes, I understand that many times people associate Multi Level Marketing companies with pyramid schemes, but our reviews for these sites have come to a conclusion that they are in fact legitimate sites, and not pyramid schemes. ​

Along with that, we have reviewed a unique site called Amazon Flex. This is a great site because you are essentially a Uber driver but instead of people, you are delivering packages. It is a great way to get out, be active, and make money while you are at it. Futhermore, you are free to set your schedule, and your diameters (how far you are able/want to drive.)  ​

If these two don't catch your attention, there are dozens more on our blog. Great ways to make money on your own time that range from survey sites, to date entry sites, to basically every other possible way you can make money online. ​

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