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Complete Toluna Survey Site Review

Toluna is one of the largest paid-survey websites globally. Since being founded in 2000, Toluna has acquired related companies such as Common Knowledge, Speedfacts, Your2Cents, dPolls,  and Greenfield Online.  Toluna is now one of the most popular paid-survey and marketing research companies with over 9 million registered members.  The company has offices in both the US and across the globe.  

Key Features of Toluna

One of the nicer features of Toluna is that upon joining and completing your first interest survey, you immediately receive 2,000 points.  There is an age requirement to join Toluna, but membership is free.  You must be at least 18 or older to join.  Toluna does not require payment or other personal information unless you consent.  

Once you become a member (here's a link to join), you are able to earn cash rewards, gift cards, and enter monthly cash drawings.  However, there is a minimum redemption balance of $20 or 60,000 points before you are able to cash out.  

Although the only requirement to join Toluna is that you have to be 18 or older, there is a strict qualification system to participate in different surveys.  So, you may not qualify for surveys depending on how you answer the qualification questions.  Make sure to answer your profile survey completely and thoroughly.  As a user, you get to decide if you want participate in survey opportunities or pass.  The surveys are very diverse and a typical survey usually takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.  

After taking a survey, there is immediate processing time if you use  PayPal or choose an Amazon gift card.  Any points held longer than 1 year automatically expire, however, some users have reported their points becoming expired on a monthly basis.  

Toluna is one of the largest paid-survey sites and it covers many regions across the globe such as Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.  For Toluna's survey providers, Toluna gives them a great way to get their surveys out there to gather demographic-specific responses for their needs.  Because of this, Toluna's clients, the survey providers, have a positive view of them.  The cost per survey depends on a few different criteria such as the number of people that need to be sampled, the number of questions asked, and the particular demographic that needs to be targeted.

How to Maximize Toluna's Features

​There are plenty of things to do on the Toluna platform.  First and foremost you will spend most of your time answering surveys for rewards.  Research companies will want to know your opinion about a variety of products.  In exchange you will earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.  

As stated above, having a completed user profile maximizes your potential for more survey opportunities.  Sometimes, you may be offered the chance to complete a sponsored poll instead of a survey.  These are usually super quick and only consist of a few questions.  Feel free to create your own polls from the "create" menu that you can share with friends or other users on the platform.  

Toluna Community Page

One of the best features of Toluna is the community.  A very active and engaged audience can tell you their feelings on products or services.  Simply make a statement or create a "battle" between two competing items.  Users will either give you a thumbs up or down to decide the winner.  More in depth topics can also be explored on the platform.  Connecting with other users is a great way to learn the ins and outs of making more money on paid online surveys!  

Once you reach the 60,000 point threshold you can redeem your points for rewards.  There is a large selection of options ranging from gift cards and prizes to cash money.  

Feeling lucky?  Well Toluna has a an option for you!  If you do not have the patitience to wait until 60,000 points, you can opt for a "giftie".  Gifties are a form of the lottery, you pay an unspecified amount of points for the opportunity to win a random prize.  Be aware that if you click on the "get it" button that you will not get your points back.  Many users have tried their luck many times without winning any prizes.  Some have won on the first try, it's all up to you.  

If you are feeling generous gifties can be sent to a friend or family member.  Non members can receive gifts, all you have to do is enter in their mailing address.  

Similar to gifties are the product tests.  A list of available products are presented and you can pick which ones you want to try.  Upon choosing you are entered in a randomized drawing to be the product tester.  Do not expect to win, but in case you do be prepared to send honest feedback about the product.  

​Active members can also be entered into a cash sweepstakes once every month.  The stipulations require that you participated in an opinion topic or poll once in the past three months.  This is really easy to do and most members do so.  What disqualifies a lot of members is a missing profile images which can be very easy to forget.  

If you want to be promoted immediately once a new survey opportunity arises you can sign up for SMS notifications to your phone.  Simply enter your mobile number and you will receive instantaneous notifications.  ​


  • Multiple ways to earn money on the platform.
  • Cash payout available 
  • Monthly cash sweepstakes with winnings up to $4,500.
  • Alternative gifts such as MP3 songs that competitors do not offer
  • Tutorials are very user friendly and very clear
  • "Gifties" - send presents to friends and family with reward points. 
  • Active Community with over 9 million registered users.
  • "Battles" and "Thumb Its"


  • Strict qualification screening, you may have  a low participation rate. 
  • You can be screened out of a survey right until the end, causing you to lose money and time.
  • If you do not use your points within one year you will lose them!
  • Minimum payout of $20 is high compared to competitors.
  • Questionable rate of return on time invested. It will take about 12.5 hours of taking surveys to just reach minimum threshold for payout. 
  • Long processing periods for payments. 
  • Some users report spam email tactics. 
  • Customer service is rated very low. 

Common Customer Complaints

There have been complaints that after users reach a certain point total, their balances are wiped out because they failed to use all the points available.  Users have also gotten cash vouchers for points, but because Toluna took so long to process their points, the points expired before users could cash out. Logging in issues seem to happen frequently for some while others report being blocked entirely. 

In Summary

Overall, Toluna does seem to have more cons than it does pros. Even though it is one of the largest paid-survey companies globally, this does not mean it is one of the best.  Receiving payments can take extremely long, with some users even reporting up to 2 months for their payment to clear.  For other users, they may end up never receiving any payment at all.  

For some users, they may be taking a survey thinking they are earning points, and then come to find out mid-way through or upon completion that they have actually been "screened out" of the survey and don't actually earn any points at all.  In this case, they wasted time they could have spent on a better survey site such as Swagbucks or Ipsos iSay.  The lack of good customer services is also a big issue for many users.  

The pros of Toluna counter out many of the negatives with many ways to generate rewards and a great community.   On getpaidsurveys, Toluna was given a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, however, the negative comments from users on this site are not used to reflect the rating given.  On Surveypolice, Toluna received a little over 2 out of 5 stars based off of 334 user reviews.  

If you are looking for a site where other users are engaged and you can make money a multitude of ways, Toluna is a solid option to start.  For a more experienced survey taker Toluna will most likely not live up to your expectations.  Ultimately, even though Toluna is one of the biggest paid-survey sites out there, it has produced a mixed result. 


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