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Cross Media Panel Review: What You Need to Know

Everyone likes making money, and doing so while performing daily tasks is a win-win situation. If you were offered the opportunity to earn cash for just using the Internet, would you turn it down? Cross Media Panel is owned by Google and is a market research program. The purpose of this program is to further understand how and why people use the Internet, and what device they use to do so. Google collects data from people who participate in the panel, and participants receive money for it. Easy, right?

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Is it Safe?

Google takes the information from Cross Media Panel and uses it to improve services and products. They also send over the analytics to their research and development team in order to create better products for the consumer. Your data will be securely shared with Google through software you will be asked to download upon acceptance to the panel. The data that will be collected is solely based on the sites you visit, apps used, and how you use them. Google will not retrieve private information from you. Since Cross Media Panel’s parent company is Google, you can definitely count on the program being safe. This is also a market research program, and all they want from the consumer is information to make better and more efficient programs.

How Can I Join?

At the moment, Cross Media Panel is not accepting any more panelists, as the program fills up quickly. Check back frequently to see if there are open spots for you to take and start earning money! If you do get accepted, congrats! In order to be eligible for the program, you must live in the United States, and be at least 18 years old. You must also own a computer and use either Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In addition to that, owning an Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet satisfies this requirement. You also must have a Google account. Having Internet access at all times is also required. If you meet these basic requirements and are able to get in the program, you’re lucky!

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What’s Next?

After registering for Cross Media Panel, you must install a meter on your device. This can either be the Screenwise Meter browser extension for your computer or the Screenwise Meter app for your smartphone or tablet. The instructions to set up this meter are extensive and are available on Cross Media Panel’s website. They differ for each device and/or browser and must be done correctly in order to participate in the program. After installing the program, that’s it! You’re done. All you need to do is browse the Internet as you normally would. Cross Media Panel then analyzes how you use the Internet, and pays you every week for doing so.

The Screenwise Meter browser extension functions as a part of your normal Internet browser and allows your information to be shared securely with Google. The data collected goes directly to Google’s servers. The mobile app operates the same way as the browser extension. The browser extension or mobile app, in theory, should not affect your Internet speed or battery life. Although they claim this, every device is different and will not react the same way. Currently, most panelists do not notice a change in their battery life or Internet speed, but Google encourages you to contact them if it does so for you. This is a passive income system, meaning that you earn money from doing something you usually do. This requires little to no effort on the participant’s part.

How Do I Get Paid?

Don’t expect hundreds of dollars from participating in Cross Media Panel. After all, you are getting paid for doing something that you do on a daily. The program offers you opportunities to get rewards. Rewards can be earned when you browse the Internet on all the devices you use every week. Cross Media Panel also offers additional surveys or special programs that you can participate in for extra money. The quickest and easiest way to make money with Cross Media Panel is to register the maximum amount of devices. For using one device, you can earn a $2 bonus, as well as a weekly reward of $1, two devices gets you a $4 bonus, as well as a weekly reward of $2, and three devices earn you a $6 bonus with a weekly reward of $3.

The first time you attempt to receive your earnings, you must have at least $25 in your account. Any less and you will be unable to get the money. After that, redemptions can be done for as little as $5. Cross Media Panel does not pay their participants in cash, but with gift cards. These gift cards can range from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, Walmart and many more retailers. Once chosen, the gift card will be emailed to you within 2 business days. Gift cards cannot be redeemed if you are outside of the United States since this is a U.S. based program. You cannot make a large amount of money from Cross Media Panel, but you do get a little bit of extra money for doing something that you do every day in the first place.

How Much Money Can I Make?

As previously mentioned, you will NOT become rich from Cross Media Panel. The first month you are a member is when you can make the most money since you can receive multiple sign-up bonuses from devices you successfully register. By registering three devices, you can earn $18. You can earn an additional $6 a week from those three devices. Just by doing this, disregarding any additional rewards or surveys you may do, you can earn $24 a month.


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Owned by Google, so you know the program is legit. 
  • Mobile app is available.
  • Browser extension easily integrates into web browser. 


  • Program is hard to get into (sometimes it is even closed).
  • You won't make a bunch of money using the program. 
  • Only one way to earn. 
  • High initial cash out value ($25). 

Should I use Cross Media Panel?

Cross Media Panel’s goal is to obtain information from people in order to make their products and services better. It is a market research program that does not ask you to do much for them, other than using the Internet. It is extremely difficult to get in the program since the only available openings are when someone drops out of the program. If you do get the chance to participate, why not? Making a couple bucks by doing something that is considered normal to you, that’s great! They don’t force you to take multiple surveys for their research, all they do is analyze your Internet usage habits. Cross Media Panel is a legitimate market research program that pays their participants a decent amount of money considering they do not ask for much from people. Sign up, if you can, here!

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