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Crowdtap Review – Earn Free Stuff for Your Opinion

Do you enjoy making money online? Do you enjoy testing out products and being part of the campaign for new products? Finally, do you enjoy going on social media to share your opinions on products and companies? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then you might want to keep reading, and learn about Crowdtap!

What Is Crowdtap?

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Crowdtap is a product testing and review organization that works with brands and companies to narrow in on markets and provide insight into brands and experiences.  Their platform is “People dig niche content and unscripted personalities. We combine the best of both to ensure your brand moves at the speed of culture.” What this means is that they narrow in on a specific audience that a brand or company wants, and partner with individuals and members on the website to provide content and reviews for products.

How It Works

Sign Up Process

There is a small process to joining Crowdtap, but nothing too drastic. When signing up, you will fill out a short questionnaire that asks you a little about yourself, where you're from, and what brands and products interest you. This will help later in your Crowdtap membership when you start completing missions for products and brands.

I should also mention that Crowdtap is free to join, and all of your information is kept private. Whatever you post on the site will be kept safe, and anonymous, not tied to your name or your account.

How Does It Work

For starters, you have to understand that on Crowdtap, you do not earn money for each assignment or mission you complete. Instead, you receive points, in which you can cash-out for actual money. Now, with that said, let me tell you about some of these “missions,” and how you can earn points on the site.

There are three different types of missions that you can complete, and each one earns you a different amount of points. These missions are determined based on your answers in the sign-up process, giving you missions on products and things that interest you. Crowtap does this because they understand that the companies and brands that come to them for review about their products are looking for specific markets and kinds of people. Therefore, if you are a stay at home mom, you may be sent cleaning or beauty products to test out, instead of being sent the newest kind of fishing pole. Conversely, if you are an outdoors person, you may be asked to respond to questions about hiking boots, instead of questions about lotions.


This mission is one of the most straightforward missions to complete because of how quickly you can do them. Polls are quick questions that you select an answer for that can be something as simple as “How many times a day do you shower?” “1 or 2?” Although these are very easy to do, they take more time to do them.


This mission is very similar to polls, but are a little more complicated and in-depth. Instead of just asking one basic question, it is usually a few more questions that are more brand and product specific.


Samples are the highest earning mission that you can complete on Crowdtap. However, you need to apply for these, and the process is tough since there are so many people on Crowdtap. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to apply to sample a product because if selected, you not only get to test out a product, but it also is the highest rewarding mission that makes being on Crowdtap worthwhile. 


Payment is done in a few forms on Crowdtap; gift cards, product samples, and Amazon gift cards. You can earn gift cards and product samples by taking questionnaires or signing up to sample products. However, regarding actual cash, the only payment that is close to that is Amazon gift cards. On top of that, the Amazon gift card is only an option when you have $10 in your account, or the equivalent in points, which I have had trouble finding an exact number on.

Furthermore, since there is no PayPal option, it can be tough using Crowdtap as a site where you can build up a secondary form of income. Although you do get paid, it is only in Amazon gift cards, which you have to use on Amazon, therefore, it never seems like real money.

Bottom Line

Although Crowdtap is a cool site with unique ways to earn, it will not earn you a lot of money. It won’t earn you any actual money at all, just Amazon gift cards. On top of that, there have been some complaints on Crowdtap that they raise their minimum cash-out value without warning, keeping people on the site for longer because they do not have enough points.

With that said, there are still other sites out there that will earn you money online. You can check out our Top Paid Online Survey Sites to see some opportunities where you can earn some real money online.

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Florida State Alumnus with a degree in English and Communications. Born and raised in Chicago as a Die Hard White Sox Fan. Here to educate people on tips and tricks to maximize earnings online, and to build up and maintain secondary/passive streams of income.

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