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Digital Reflection Panel: How Much Money Can I Make?

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Market research is a huge part of understanding and predicting consumer trends. in todays society, with everything being done online, companies pay a lot of money to gather data about peoples habits. With the internet, everything is very quick. Companies can use this to get real time answers from their consumers, whether it be about their products, advertisement, or experiences. Of course companies can conduct surveys through survey sites such as Swagbucks, but that usually is just short surveys. Additionally, surveys take a while to complete, and even longer for the results to get to the company. Digital Reflection Panel however does something different: they use your search habits as data to give to companies to help them improve their products. 

What Is Digital Reflection Panel?

Digital Reflection Panel is a online market research company that is dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of how people use the internet. Furthermore, with the development of smart phone and tablets, they want to see how you access the internet across multiple platforms. 

How Does Digital Reflection Work?

Digital Reflection works by monitoring your internet habits online while you are at home. They then send this information, anonymously, to companies that seek their help in improving products. In addition to that, they send you a internet meter than you can connect to your internet box at home. This will get the data, and send it to the company. You will get paid for using the internet, and setting up devices on it. Furthermore, since Digital Reflection Panel understands that people have multiple devices that connect to the internet, you will get paid for each additional device that is using the internet. This can be either your smartphone, tablet, T.V, etc. 

How Does One Get Paid?

Digital Reflection Panel will pay you $25 dollars just to attach the meter to your internet box. On top of that, you get $5 if you connect it within 4 days of receiving it. In addition to the quick payment you receive for doing those two things, you can keep making money. One way to keep earning money is connecting to it, $25 for first one, $5 for each additional one. A second way is to upgrade you device every couple of months. You will receive $5 each month for upgrading it, which just makes sure the device is working. 

How Do I Join?

Sadly, at the moment, Digital Reflection Panel is no longer accepting members. Instead, they are directing potential users to National Consumer Panel. National Consumer Panel is a joint venture between two big market research companies; The Nielsen Family, and IRi. You can check out our review on National Consumer Panel here, to see if you want to stick with this kind of survey site. Then again, if you want to take a look at some more surveys sites, look no further. Check out our reviews on Top 20 Paid Surveys Sites for 2017, and start making some cash online. 

What Now?

Well, since Digital Reflection Panel is no longer accepting new members, and the recruitment website is no longer operational, its time to look for other money making opportunities online. Don't worry, we have over 100 other ways to earn money from home. A great resource for finding great websites for secondary/passive income is our blog. We have reviewed dozens of unique money making opportunities, half survey sites, half not survey sites. An example of a way to make money without taking a survey is through a Multi Level Marketing company such as Protandim or Kyani. There is more information in the reviews about Multi Level Marketing, and how not all companies are pyramid schemes. 

Furthermore, there are great cash back sites that we have reviewed. Our favorite is Ebates, where you can earn cash back for shopping at stores online. Another great one we have looked at is Mr. Rebates. These are two great opportunities to earn money by doing something you might already do; shop! Disclaimer: If you don't shop online all the time, it makes no sense to spend more money than you already do, just to receive cash back. 

Hopefully these are a few samples that may get the ball rolling in you head for what you want to do. Now, don't fret that Digital Reflection Panel is closed, but instead become a member elsewhere, and start padding your pocket from home online. 

Digital Reflection Panel No Longer Accepting Members
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