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Dollar Surveys Review: Is it Legitimate?


If you putz around the internet long enough, there is a very high chance that you will stumble upon a survey site offering to pay you cash in return for 5 minutes of your time. Survey sites are all around, and when it comes to survey sites, Dollar Surveys has got to be on of the simplest ones out there. The name is its fame, literally offering you a dollar for every survey you take. Most noteworthy is the claim on their page, “Over 2 Million in rewards paid to our members.” Dollar Surveys has many contributes that give surveys on the website. Additionally, if a company is looking for a sample to survey, they can contact Dollar Surveys to have their study featured on the site.

Is it Safe?

Concerning keeping your personal information private from others, and not online so everyone can see, Dollar Surveys ranks high in this category. Why? Because Dollar Surveys does not ask for any personal information attached to your name. After filling out your Pay-Pal information, for certain surveys, you may be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire. The questionnaire asks for your age, household income, employment status, and race. These questions are used strictly to see if you apply for taking the survey. Often there will also be a question at the end that is related to what the survey will be about. None of your information is used for any purpose other than to see if you are a match for the survey.

How Can I Get Started?

Quick and easy is the name of the game here. To sign up and start taking surveys, all one has to do is Google their name, or click here, and get started. Their homepage is very short-winded, with a simple box asking you to put in your Pay-Pal information. After this, you will enter the site, where you can start taking surveys to earn cash.

Dollar Surveys; The Easiest Way to Make a Buck!

What’s Next?

Making money on Dollar Surveys is quite easy. If this sounds like your cup of tea, follow these instructions to start making money.

First off, open up a browser and go to

Secondly, you're going to be asked to put in your Pay-Pal information.

After that, you are going to fill out a quick 7 question survey.

Finally; you are all logged in and set up. Start taking surveys and earning money!

How Long Are The Surveys?

The surveys on Dollar Surveys range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Since some can be longer than other, Dollar Surveys will tell you how long it will take. Therefore you have the freedom of continuing with the survey, or to take another. This is nice because then you will not get roped into a 25-minute survey in which you only will get paid a dollar for.

How Do I Get Paid?

Dollar Surveys will send you a notification saying that $1 has been deposited into your account right after you take your first survey. However, due to the small monetary value of each survey, you have to have at least $30 in your account before you can cash-out vis Pay-Pal. The typical pay-out period is 4-7 days. Other survey sites, Future Talkers, for example, have similar pay-out periods.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There is no ceiling to the amount of money that you can make on this site.  The website claims that they have paid out 2 million dollars to its survey takers, so that gives hope that one can make a good chunk of change on this site. However, when you put in your Pay-Pal information, there still may be no surveys at that moment to take. Additionally,  after filling out some quick information, you may not be applicable for taking the survey. This is a random site where somedays you may be able to take anywhere from 5-10 surveys, and someday get nipped and not be able to take any. Dollar Surveys works on Supply and Demand. If there are enough surveys out there, they will certainly need people to take them.


Furthermore, you are only getting paid on average a dollar. This is by no means bashing the site, but a dollar is a small amount to get paid. However, it also happens to be one of the biggest complaints of current users. For instance, a site like Pinecone Research pays out $3 for surveys that take as long as they do on Dollar Surveys. Especially with that $30 cash-out value, reaching that with only $1 coming in per survey you take can prove to be quite difficult.

In the end, it is just up to you determine how much your time is worth. If you look around more, you are bound to find a survey site that offers more than a dollar per survey. For instance, we have checked out dozens of opportunities to make money. Our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites are guaranteed to make you more on average than just a single dollar.


  • One of the easiest sites to sign up for
  • Do not ask for any personal information
  • Quick and Easy surveys


  • $1 is not a lot of money
  • There may be no new surveys able to be taken
  • High cash out value ($30).
  • May not qualify for taking surveys

Should I use Dollar Surveys?

Dollar Surveys is a great way to pass some time on the internet. With such an easy process to get in to start taking surveys, there is no risk here. On the other hand, because it only pays a dollar, you would have to take a lot of surveys to start seeing a profit that is more than what you find in the laundry after watching your clothes. Therefore it is tough to make a good amount of money on Dollar Surveys. Due to the infrequency of surveys, the chance of you not being a good match for the survey, and the small pay-out, Dollar Surveys may not be for you. Since you are here, and looking for a great survey site, take a look at our Top 20 Online Survey Sites here.

However, if a survey site is not what you are looking for at all, don't be alarmed. We also have checked out and reviewed other money making opportunities such sites that earn cash-back for shopping, MrRebates, and survey sites, ScholarshipOwl. You can read about this, and more, on our blog. After all, this is a website set on making you money. Which means we wouldn't be a good website if we didn't have a vast amount of opportunities. So get out there and make some extra money from home.

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