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Earnhoney Review: Is It Worth My Time?

Many people like money, but earning it from the comfort of your home is favorable to the masses. Why leave your house for a job when you can work from home, right? EarnHoney is a website that allows people to do precisely that. It gives its users rewards as payment, which you can then exchange for money, or gift cards. There are many other websites like this that offer payment in exchange for doing tasks. Similar to the bulk of reward sites, EarnHoney allows you to watch videos, take surveys, and play games to earn money.

How do I Earn Money?

Initially, you will not be able to earn cash from completing tasks. Instead, you earn Honey Dollars, which are EarnHoney’s form of money. Honey Dollars can be exchanged for either a gift card or money sent to a Paypal account. You can earn Honey Dollars through the numerous offers that EarnHoney provides for their users. Currently, to earn $1, you must obtain 100 Honey Dollars. The redemption threshold is $5 for a Paypal transaction and $1 for an Amazon gift card. There are only certain amounts that you can redeem your Honey Dollars for. For Paypal transactions, you can get paid in increments of $5 and $25, but with Amazon gift cards, the increments are $1, $5, $10, and $25. Since these dollar amounts are relatively large, you may be thinking that you could make a ton of money, but that’s not always the case.

Similar to every reward site, you will not earn enough to be able to quit your day job. Although EarnHoney claims that you can earn up to three times more than any other reward-based website, but that all depends on how much you use this website. Since April of 2015, EarnHoney claims that users have earned more than 101 million Honey Dollars, meaning that they have awarded users with over 1 million dollars of legitimate currency. On their website, they also have a sidebar that shows when users earn gift cards, and how much they have earned. This motivates users to earn even more money than they have in the past.

Sign up page Earnhoney

Earnhoney Signup Page

How Long Will it Take me to Earn Money?

As mentioned before, you earn Honey Dollars by completing various tasks, and each task is worth a different amount than the other. One of the great things about EarnHoney is that upon signing up, you are eligible to receive Honey Dollars. You can earn 30 Honey Dollars for signing up and watching a tutorial, and then ten extra Honey Dollars for filling out information to register your profile. Within the first few minutes of registering for the website, you have already earned 40 Honey Dollars, equivalent to 40 cents. Now that may not seem like a lot, but for other reward websites, it can take almost a week to earn that much. Listed below are the different ways that you can earn money with EarnHoney, and an approximation of how much you could make!


Each survey you take can earn you anywhere between 50 and 500 Honey Dollars. This range seems rather large, and many people would prefer to make more money with one survey. The amount you earn from a given survey depends on two things- the length and the complexity of a survey. The more time and effort you put into a survey, the more money you can earn. Your job wouldn’t pay you a ton of money for doing a simple task, and that rule applies to these surveys. There is a limited amount of surveys that you can take in a day since this is a website frequently used by people. Limits are placed to ensure everyone has a chance to take surveys.

Although the website offers higher paying surveys, not everyone qualifies for these. To be able to participate in the surveys that pay the most, you must have badges. Badges are earned by completing a large number of surveys, and they also enable you to take the better surveys- the ones that pay more for your time. Additionally, you earn 5 Honey Dollars for each badge. Earning badges does not have a significant payout, but the money you could make from obtaining access to better surveys make up for it.


EarnHoney allows users to watch videos and get paid for doing so. This way only earns you a couple of Honey Dollars per video, around 5-10 Honey Dollars. In addition to that, there is a daily limit of watching ten videos in one day. Similar to the surveys, this is done so that people have a chance to do everything, and to make sure that you cannot cheat the system. Many people open many tabs to watch multiple videos at a time, thus maximizing their profits. This can result in an account ban, and all your hard-earned money will go to waste.


Playing games in exchange for money sounds great, who wouldn’t want to do that, right? EarnHoney lets you do so, but it’s not as glamorous as you would think. For playing a game for an hour, you can earn anywhere from 10 to 20 Honey Dollars. One hour of your time and you will only be compensated 10 or 20 cents. This is not a good payout, and the only way that this is okay is if you genuinely enjoy the game you are playing and don’t mind playing for long periods of time.


Like many rewards sites, the best way to earn money is inviting your friends. EarnHoney offers you 10% of whatever your friends earn- for forever. This is a great offer, especially if you have friends that are active on rewards sites. Referrals can be your primary way of earning money on this website, and is the best paying one too!

Should I use EarnHoney?

If you want to earn some extra pocket change, by all means, use EarnHoney! This website, while has some benefits, is not the best way for you to earn money. Its low redemption rates are a plus, especially since it is not easy to earn Honey Dollars quickly. If you’re still interested, sign up here!

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So, get out there and start earning money from the comfort of your own, all online. These three options and much more are featured on our site. If you sit down and read a few reviews, you are bound to read something that catches your attention. After that, start your engines and start making some money.

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