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EarningStation Review: Is it a Legitimate Survey Site?


People go online to shop, play games, and browse for deals everyday. With a website like Ebates, you can earn cash back for shopping online. In addition, a site like App Trailers can earn you money by watching trailers for apps, and even downloading and playing games. However, imagine a website that you can do all of these things, and make money while going them? Look no further; EarningStation does exactly this. EarningStation is a online customer rewards platform that pays out for taking surveys, playing games, and watching advertisements. 

Is it Legit?

EarningStation part of a larger company called Massfinity, a digital marketing company. They team up with advertisers and marketing companies conduct surveys and offer promotions. Because they are part of a bigger company, they have more companies utilities then just a survey site. It is great when looking at survey sites to see their affiliated companies. You can trust a website like EarningStation because they are part of a larger company. It would raise red flags if a site was offering money but just in business with themselves. Questions like; "is it legit? Can they pay me?" can arise when looking at single owned survey sites. However, with a bigger site, comes greater resources. This means more surveys for you, and more money to be made. 

How Can I Join?

Joining is quick and easy. You can either sign up by creating a profile on the website, or sign up through Facebook. All of the information the website asks from you is kept personal from you linked accounts, if you signed up by Facebook, and from other 3rd party advertisers that use the site to advertise and conduct surveys. It is easy to navigate their website to get to the join tab, or you can just click here to get started


How does EarningStation Work?

Heres the skinny of it: You take surveys, play games, or watch advertisements and get rewarded on the website. However, these rewards are usually pretty small, ranging from a few cents to a couple of dollars.

Additionally, EarningStation has a promotion called EarningStreak, where you earn points every consecutive day you log into the website and participate in one of the many ways to earn money. These streaks double, triple, and even quadruple your earnings depending on how many days in a row you keep your streak. 

Secondly, referrals are a great way to make some more money as well. Not only do you get a quick reward immediately, you also make 10% cash back on what they make on the site. 

And Finally; you can make money by shopping online and playing games through your EarningStation account. EarningStation is not only partnered with their parent company Massfinity, it also is partnered with The Game Show Network. Through them, EarningStation offers rewards for every dollar spent on their site playing games. Users can earn 20% cash back on each $1 they spend on The Game Show Network playing games 

How Do I Get Paid?

Credits from surveys and promotions such as games and shopping, are put into your account within 48 hours. Once you reach $10, you can cash out for gift cards. There are $10 and $20 gift cards on the site that you can earn for stores such as BestBuy, Walmart, and AMC. On top of that, if you have $25 or $50 in your account online, you can cash out on Pay-Pal or for Visa gift cards. 

How Many Surveys Can I Take?

There is a endless amount of surveys available on the website to take, however, you may not be eligible them. When joining, you fill out a quick questionnaire with your name, age, location, etc. After you fill this out, the site will suggest surveys that you can take. However, this doesn't mean you are "in." You can still get turned down from the survey after you take it if you're answers are contradictory. This is a bummer because you may find out you don't get credit for the survey after you already have completed it.


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Part of Massfinity, a larger marketing site
  • Multiple ways to earn


  • May not be able to take certain surveys 
  • Low pay-out for each survey or offer 

Bottom Line

In the end, there a couple characteristics of the site that makes it very difficult for users to earn money. For one, it is strongly focused on repeat users, therefore one would have to be constantly checking back into the site each day to reap the benefits of the site. Secondly, although they do offer cash back, these offers are on sites where spending $1 is normal, therefore it would be very difficult to make a good amount of money from that. And ultimately, you may not even be eligible to take surveys on the site. Even worse, you may not know you are not eligible for the survey until after you have wasted your time taking it.

What Next?

If you are looking for a survey site that gets you paid out in gift cards, check out Swagbucks. Furthermore, if you want to to looking for some guaranteed money making survey websites, you can browse those on our top rated survey sites page. On a related subject, we also have reviewed many other money making opportunities. Our blog features sites that make it easier for you to make money online, on your own time, from the comfort of your own home. In addition to that, we have reviewed options like Amazon Flex, where you can get out and be active while earning money. 

Either way you look at our blog, there are a numerous amount of opportunities to earn money. Whether it be survey sites, or through other opportunities, we aim to give you the best resources to find a great way to make money online. ​

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