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Ebates Review – Is It Worth My Time?

All You Need to Know About Ebates

Ebates allows you to earn cash back while you shop online.  If you shop online already, you might as well use one of Ebates affiliate links and earn some cash back!  Some affiliate links include retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Lowe's, and more.  Use affiliate links to websites like these, and you can quickly earn cash back as you shop!  How it works is Ebates gets a commission for referring you to the merchants you shop from by shopping through their affiliate links.  Ebates then splits that commission with you, the shopper, by paying you a percentage.  As far as the variety goes, there are over 1,500 affiliated online stores so you really have a large pool to choose from when shopping.  Also, who doesn't love free things?  Ebates is completely free to use and they even offer a $10 sign up bonus by signing up through this link (terms and conditions apply).

The Ins and Outs of Ebates

So, how exactly does Ebates work?  To sign up, you will just need to enter your email address.  When you sign up, you are also able to choose between a couple $10 gift cards as a welcome bonus!  However, to receive the gift card you do need to first make a $25 purchase or more.  It is recommended that you use a PayPal account to get paid.  If you do choose to use PayPal, the email address you use to sign up for Ebates must be the same as your PayPal email address.

As soon as you log on to Ebates, you will see a variety of stores to shop from, but if you do not see a store you like then just click on "All Stores" to see the entire list of stores available.  In order to make your shopping even easier, you can install an Ebates Cash Back Button on your browser or you can just click on a link to an online shopping mall directly.  However, the second option will require you to sign into Ebates every time you shop.  Points are added to your account usually within a day after you complete your shopping.

Ebates has also recently launched an app that you can use on your Ipod, tablet or mobile device.  This always quick and easy access when you are out and about shopping.  Often you can find the same deals that box stores are offering online via the app and earn cash back at the same time.  The app will send you "hot deals" directly to your dashboard and keep track of all your earnings.  

Ebates Payment

Although Ebates does pay you, you only get paid 4 times per year. You can choose to receive payments in the form of a check or PayPal, but PayPal is recommended because it is quicker and unlike a check, there is no chance of payment getting lost in the mail.  If you choose PayPal, there are no mailing or transaction fees, even the normal Paypal service fee is paid for.  Ebates also provides you the option of sending your payout to a charity organization or family member.  The minimum payout amount is $5.01 which does not include money earned through referrals.  Besides earning cash back by shopping, Ebates also allows you to earn money by referring people.  If you refer just two friends, you earn$50 and then $5 for each additional friend.


  • Get cash back rewards on everyday shopping purchases!
  • Know the amount of cash back you are going to get before buying.
  • Great customer service if problems arise while using Ebates.
  • Can be paid via paypal.
  • There are double cash back and In-store cash back options.
  • Referral program is easy to use and can quickly accumulate rewards.
  • There is a $5 minimum threshold for payout. 
  • App for mobile devices and tablets. 


  • Sometimes there are missed payments.
  • You only get paid four times a year, that's a long time to wait!
  • Limited categories to choose from at some stores. 
  • Only one way to earn by making purchases. 
  • If you are not a shopper it probably isn't worth your time. 

How to Maximize Earnings

One of the best ways to maximize earnings is by using Ebates' Cash Back Visa Credit Card while shopping.  However, it is recommended you only apply for the card if you have a good credit score.  Check out this Ebates credit card review from Doctor of Credit to see what others think of the card.  When you use the credit card to shop through the portal you earn an additional 3% cash back, however there are some restrictions, especially with travel and hotels.  Do not apply for the credit card if you have a low credit score, struggle to pay off your balance each month, or have too many credit cards already.

Is Ebates Worth My Time?

Ebates is not like a typical survey site where you would spend extra time to earn rewards.  Ebates is useful if you use it for shopping you would do anyway. The pros greatly outweigh the cons, but a major factor many people overlook is the amount of time and money it takes to start earning sizable rewards.  Although the missed payouts can be very frustrating, with payouts only being 4 times per year, the customer services of Ebates is very good and they try their best to quickly resolve any issues.  You can also solve the issue of missed payouts by going to the Better Business Bureau's website and making a complaint.  

It is not recommended to shop extra just to try to earn cash back, but rather use Ebates for shopping you were already planning on doing.  Always assume you will get 1% cash back, even though you can sometimes get more.  Some cash back amounts are listed as "up to" but just because something is listed as "up to" 6% cash back does not always mean you will get 6% cash back. It just means you could earn anything up to that amont. Overall, there have been many satisfied users of Ebates and it is a completely legitimate site. Ready to start earning cashback? Setup a free account today.

More Ways To Earn

The internet is full of unique ways to earn money online. For example, a site like Ebates has copy websites popping up left and right offering cash back. However, if you do want to check out a similar site, take a look at Mr. Rebate. They do the same thing as Ebates, and even times can get competitive when it comes to offering cash-back. ​

However, if you are looking for a more hands-on approach to earning money, we have a few sites you may be interested. For starters, Product Testing USA is a popular site due to the way they work. For example, you receive a product in the mail, test it out, and give a review on it. ​Once you do that, you get paid to for your time and review, and even get to keep the product! 

On top of that, there is a site like Protandim, where you market, advertise, and sell nutritional supplements. It is a multi level marketing company that is proven legit, and not a pyramid scheme. ​There are options like these, and many more on our blog! Take a peek and hopefully you will find a site that fits what you're looking for, and you will be able to start earning money online. 

  • Ways to Earn
  • Payment Options
  • Return on Time


Want to earn cash back for shopping online? Ebates might be the program for you. With over 1,500 affiliated stores, Ebates has a large pool to choose from when shopping. Ebates comes highly recommended and reviewed by our staff at Surveyswonk.com.

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