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FeaturePoints Review: Can I Really Make Money?

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People like making money online. Whether it be through survey sites like ProOpinion or MySurvey, or taking part in studies remotely. Once market research companies saw the potential in online money making websites for people, the next logical step was to move to cell-phones. Everyones on their phones these days. Whether it be texting or calling, looking up directions, or playing games, it seems like our phones are in our hands for most the day. Therefore, why not take your obsession with your phone, and profit out of it? How? Well, FeaturePoints is a app that tracks your app usage and downloads and pays you for it. 

FeaturePoints is a app that pays you to download other apps on the app store. This is a great way to get introduced to new apps, in all categories, and get paid for it. The only thing that the FeaturePoints asks is that you ​use the app for a little bit. After that, you are free to delete the app, as you already will have points in your FeaturePoints account. 

How Does It Work?

After downloading the FeaturePoints, you will be instructed to enter your email, and a password. This will give you access to not only the app, but also the website. There you will see adds for apps in the app store that you can download, and how many points each app offers. ​

Is It Safe?

​Absolutely. Feature Points is one of the safest sites out there. They are safe because they do not need to know any of your information to sign up you. The less information they know = the less information held on the site. FeaturePoints also has put in their privacy polity that they will not sell your email to any third-party advertiser. However, there is a option on the site to customize your profile, which means answering some more personal questions. This would be for people that want to be more involved in the app, and take surveys based on apps they use. FeaturePoints says that they are not responsible for your information there because it is run through a third-party vendor. Of course that option is optional, and your email will be kept safe on FeaturePoints. 

How To Earn Points?

How It Works

Earning points with FeaturePoints is quite easy. Once you download a app that offers points through FeaturePoints, you have to use the app for at least 2 minutes. These apps can be games that you can play, social apps you can sign up for, or any other type of app. After using it, you will receive point in your FeaturePoints account. 

How Much Does Each App Pay?

Apps range from 50-1000 points per download. Simple games will offer somewhere near 200 points, whereas more complex apps such as fitness apps and finance apps will offer more. The apps that offer more points usually consist of you signing up for them, and utilizing the app for a few minutes to set up a profile or something along those lines.

How Do I Get Paid?

For starters, you first have to know how the points turn into real life cash. For every 600 points you earn, you will be accredited $1 in your FeaturePoints account. ​This is a relatively low pay-out, therefore you may have to download and use more than one app to receive a dollar. 

Friend Referral program

Additional ways to get paid are through friend referrals. The referral system is great, and pays you 50% of what referrals earn. This is a simple way to earn extra points and money because you won't have to do anything other than simply getting a friend to sign up the app and use FeaturePoints to download apps from the app store. If you are someone with a lot of friends that are trying to do the same thing, earn money from doing simple task online, this is a great option for you. Furthermore, you will probably want to check out our reviews on Top 20 Survey Sites because many survey companies do the same referral program as FeaturePoints. 

Cashing Out

Once you have reached a amount on your account where you are comfortable cashing-out, there are a few options. 

FeaturePoints Pay-Pal Feature

Like many other sites on line, cashing-out via PayPal is very popular. This gives the user the sense that they are actually making real money on the site, instead of points. Additionally, PayPal gives you money that you can spend on anything, therefore are not bound to a store or website to spend your money at. 

Itunes Gift Card: 
FeaturePoints iTunes Feature

Since you already using apps through FeaturePoints, why not use the money you earn to purchase some apps that you really want but don't want to pay for. This also is a great choice because apps are usually only a couple of bucks. Since it is very hard to make a lot of money on the site, being that it takes multiple apps to reach a dollar, you won't be wasting your time if you are choosing to cash-out at $1 or $2 on iTunes.

Online Retails Stores: 
FeaturePoints Amazon Feature

FeaturePoints also offers Amazon gift cards as a cash-out option on the site. Although you won't be cashing-out more than a few bucks, that still is the perfect amount if you want to get expedited shipping, or to cover the tax on a item you want to purchase.

Complaints about FeaturePoints

This wouldn't be a affective review If I did not at least address a few complaints that the site has received. Not all sites are perfect, FeaturePoints being one of them. A few complaints that the site has received in comments and displeased members are:

Points Expire:

Yes, it is true, points do not stay in your account forever. If you account, or the app, has not been used in 60 days, your points will vanish. That means that even if you have $10, and do use the app for a while, all that hard work is gone. What sucks about this is that it is in their policy, therefore emailing customer support to get them back won't do anything for ya.

No Apps Available:

Similar to online money making sites, FeaturePoints can run out of money making opportunities. ​This is a bummer when you open the app only to see that there are no new apps to download to earn points. 

Geographic Location

Rewards for the site are for specific geographic locations. Although FeaturePoints is available in all countries, you can only earn and redeem rewards for the country you are in. This usually isn't a issue because in the app store the app says what country it is in, and on FeaturePoints they warn you if a app is not redeemable in your country. However, there still are the few that click anyway, only to be let down by not being able to claim rewards. ​


I have reviewed many online money making websites, weighing pro's and cons, and looking at all the features of the website. I determine how legit they are, and if they a solid option for earning money. With that said, FeaturePoints site is definitely a legitimate site. They are backed by Tapgen, a online mobile marketing company for iPhone and Android. However, at times FeaturePoints feels more like a advertising company than a money making website. They are pushing apps on you, and rewarding you with very little points for each download. 

Bottom Line​

In the end, it all depends on how much you value your time. If you are okay with downloading 20+ apps a week just to make 3 or 4 bucks, than go for it. Conversely, if you are not okay with that, It's probably time to check out some other options out there. One great way to start is online surveys. These pay out its members for each survey they take, friend referrals, and answering emails. You can check these out here, and start making some serious money online. Read some reviews, get a firm grasp on what your looking for, and dive in. There are plenty of money making options out there, you just have to find the right one. 

In addition to online surveys, there are many other unique opportunities out there. Our blog features 50+ websites, each unique in their own way, to make money online. Whether it be shopping and earning cash back, or Multi Level Marketing companies, we have seen it all. We have reviewed them, saving you time when it comes to picking the best website to sign up for.

Furthermore, we have even reviewed some scholarship sites. Although that is not tangible money, it is great for saving money. Scholarship Points and ScholarshipOwl are great sites for people that are going to college, or looking into going to college. Since college is so expensive, imagine what you could do with all that money you save from receiving scholarships. Whichever way you route you choose to, our site has it all. Tried and true, honest and up to date reviews, and easy to understand rankings. 

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