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GiftHulk Review – Is it a Legitimate Survey Site?

GiftHulk Homepage

Gift Hulk is one of the "get paid to" sites commonly known as GPT, on online survey site communities.  Founded in 2011, GiftHulk seems to be very credible and has some name recognition among top survey site users on the web.  Information on the website lists the owners as young and innovative entrepreneurs.  With over $1,000,000 in rewards paid out to date GiftHulk has been featured on some credible tv outlets such as CBS.  

All You Need to Know About GiftHulk.

​Similar to other "GPT" sites such as Swagbucks or Quick Rewards Network, GiftHulks offers a multitude of ways to earn rewards.   The variety of activities provided allows you to choose where to focus your efforts in order to maximize rewards.  Tasks include completing surveys, watching videos, carrying out web searches, or installing apps.

The main idea behind GiftHulk is simple: brands want their advertisements to be seen and interacted with.  When you as the user do one of the listed activities you should be rewarded for your time and input.   ​

How Do I Sign Up?

​Registering is perhaps the easiest part of using Gifthulk.  Upon reaching the homepage you will see multiple ways to sign up.  Either pick one of the social options or use an email address.  You must be over 13 years of age and live in one of the following countries: 

Countries Available for Participation:

United States

United Kingdom





New Zealand


What Are Hulk Coins?

Similar to other "GPT" rewards sites, Gifthulk has it's own virtual currency.  If you are familiar with Treasure Trooper, InstaGC, or Earnably the basic principles apply.  When you complete tasks on Gifthulk you will be paid in Hulk Coins.  These can be redeemed for a variety of rewards such as paypal, bitcoin or gift cards from top retailers. Often times websites use this point system to differentiate themselves from other sites, and add a personal touch to the process.   

How Can I Earn on Gift Hulk?

There is a wide variety of activities that you can perform to earn Hulk Coins on Gift Hulk. This is always a good sign because the more ways to earn, to more money that can be earned. 

Offer Walls 

Here you can find offers from third party services.  Well known outside offer partners such as, Peanut Labs, and Radium One can be found here.  Tasks include from downloading apps, signing up for program, or answering surveys.  Not that these offers will take you away from the GiftHulk platform.  

EZ Coins

Want to quickly earn Hulk Coins?  Ez coins let you complete short simple tasks for points.  Surveys are opened in screen within GiftHulk.  The first one we took was a general informative assessment about Blood Clots.  We simply answered a few questions and clicked through the slideshow.  At the end we were credited with Hulk coins.  There are plenty of opportunities so make sure to maximize you time and effort by using the filters.  


Head on over to the surveys 2 tab to start taking paid opportunities via GiftHulk directly.  After filling out the profile information you will be presented with targeted surveys.  These come in the form of text links and they list the reward as well as the approximate duration to complete.  If you are ever disqualified from a survey you will receive 20 Hulk Coins for up to 3 surveys a day.  Additionally there is the "GiftHulk Survey Club 2 Bar", which rewards active users.  Every survey you that you attempt will advance the progress bar.  Completed bars pay out a bonus of 25 Hulk Coins.  With all the additional bonuses, this section is by far the fastest way to earn tangible rewards on GiftHulk. 

Surveys on GiftHulk

Notice bonus bar at the top.


Addicted to games like Candy Crush or Mobile Strike?  Well what if you had received rewards for downloading the app in the first place?  Under this tab GiftHulk will pay you to download some of the hottest apps on the market.  Perfect for younger users and gamers to try new apps and earn rewards. 


Here you will find small jobs that can be completed for rewards.  We noticed that there were two tabs at the top, CrowdFlower & GiftHulk.  CrowdFlower seems to concentrate on nominal tasks such as surveys, reviewing product names or other HITS similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk.  There was not many "available jobs", but upon inspection the potential jobs section looked to have many opportunities.  There was even a level rating to tell you how hard the task would be to complete.  The GiftHulk tab was largely self promotional, in exchange for writing a review (like this one) or video about the program GiftHulk would give you rewards.  


Use GiftHulks built in search engine to earn rewards while looking up information online.  Is this the next Google?  No but you can download the toolbar extension, add to your browser or even set as a homepage. 

GiftHulk TV

Watch short videos on a variety of topics for rewards.  There is a broad range of categories to choose from.  Ten videos will net you ten Hulk Coins.  With the average video length being 45 seconds, you can waste a lot of time for little reward.  


Do a lot of shopping online?  GiftHulk could save you money at some of your favorite retailers. Just click on a vendor and purchase through the link to receive rewards.  Also check out the coupons section for specific discounts only available through GiftHulk. 

Inviting Friends

Earn up to 600 Hulk Coins when your friends join.  Simply invite them through a link like this one.  If you are feeling really nice, you can send a special invite code that gives new users 250 coins upon signing up.  


Enter into giveaways and sweepstakes by exchanging Hulk Coins for entries.  If you are feeling lucky this may be the way to go!


Active in online gambling?  GiftHulk offers incentives to earn rewards by participating in online casinos.  Follow the stipulations to receive your rewards.  


  • Many different ways to earn rewards. 
  • Ample opportunities to earn rewards, there is literally something for everyone.
  • Can be paid via paypal.
  • Referral program is easy to use and can quickly accumulate rewards.
  • Added bonuses for taking surveys. 
  • Sweepstakes and alternative ways to win.  
  • Some of the simplest ways to earn that we encountered.
  • Tiered level system for active users with higher prizes towards the top.  


  • Recently there have been a lot of complaints about missed payments. 
  • Customer service seems to be lacking. 
  • BBB rating of F. 
  • Slow reward delivery times. 

How to Maximize Earnings

One of the best ways to maximize earnings is by concentrating on high earning activities.  Focus on the paid survey opportunities.  Not only do you get coins for completing the surveys you can also get bonuses when you reach certain milestones.  Additionally, there is a tiered rewards system that members can work towards.  Consisting of four levels, users can move up the ladder by earning Hulk Coins or inviting new users.  Bonus rewards include rebates on prize purchases, faster prize delivery, and instant gift cards. 

Is GiftHulk Worth My Time?

​GiftHulk offers users a variety of ways to earn rewards online.  For this fact we can not dispute that there is anything obscure about the program.  The paid surveys are quick and easy to take.  Many of the other options to earn rewards are a good investment of time as well.  The main area of concern however, lies with recent reports that the site has failed to pay out users.  Imagine working hard spending countless hours on the site only to have the system deny you payment.  A BBB rating of F strongly influences our recommendation and further solidifies our position.  

Surveyswonk advises you to avoid using GiftHulk at the current moment due to lack of reported payment from multiple sources.  Admittedly, we may be wrong and in that case GiftHulk is a great site to get started earning on today.  If you are looking to really start earning significant money online from accredited vendors we recommend you check out our list of top survey sites, or read or in depth reviews here and here.  

What Is Worth My Time?

If you are looking for money making websites, which you are, cause you are here, check out our blog. At Surveyswonk, our goal is to ensure that people have credible, up to date information on websites online that claim they can make you money. Our blog is a extension of our mission. There you can find unique money making opportunities that span from product testing, to legitimate Multi Level Marketing companies, even to data entry websites. Our blog features a site for everyone, and if you browse around, you will probably find something that fits you. 

The key to earning money online is understanding the websites, knowing the market, and setting your schedule. Our reviews are just that; information databases with step by step procedures on how to join, and capitalize on the opportunity. Furthermore, the reviews offer suggestions if that site isn't what you are looking for. So, I end-rouge you to read a little more, and see all the possibilities, and opportunities that you have to make money online. 


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