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Groupon Student Program – Save an Extra 25% on Deals!

Everyone has heard of Groupon. If you haven’t, you should defiantly check it out because you can find some great deals on products and experiences on their website. But, if you have, and you are a student, keep reading. I know I just narrowed down the readers, but this is also helpful if you know a student as well, or are about to be a student. What I am going to be talking about here is the new program that Groupon has unveiled that targets students, called, you guessed it, the Groupon Student Program. It is a great way to get students on the site, and save them even more money than they would already save using Groupon.

What Is Groupon?

Groupon Logo

Groupon is a Chicago based company that launched in 2008, serving the greater Chicago area with great deals and discounts on products and experiences. It later expanded their market to Boston, New York, and Toronto. In October of 2010 the company started blowing up, and so did their markets. Groupon expanded to in 150 cities in North America, 100 cities in Europe, Asia, and South America, and had over 35 million users. Currently, Groupon is in more than 500 cities worldwide, has over 48 million active customers, and features more than 425,000 active deals globally.

About Groupon

What Groupon is is an online market where you can purchase coupons for local businesses, deals and discounts at stores, and cheap tickets to go skydiving (that is what I used it most recently for.) It is a great site to look at before wanting to do something pricey because the deals help you save money, and saves you the hassle of finding a good price for something.

Groupon Student Program

Groupon Student Program

The Groupon Student program is great for students in universities because it gives you a even bigger discount for local deals. Groupon knows that students already struggle with money, but don’t want them not using the site because of that. Therefore, with their student program, college students get an additional 25% off local deals for their first 6 months using Groupon! This is a great deal because many Groupon offers are already between 15% and 25% off, therefore with the student deal, you are getting close to 50% off deals for local businesses.

How To Sign Up

For starters, do not worry about paying a fee to get these deals. Groupon is already free; therefore it would be outrageous if they charged students to sign up. The process is very easy, and you can either sign up through the site, through Facebook, or through a google account. Of course, there are some requirements you must meet to get these great deals, these being; be a student in college. I guess that’s it.

How Do They Know I Am A Student?

Ah, yes, the age old hidden question, “Can I still act like I am a student to get discounts?” The answer to this is no, and I will tell you why. When I signed up, they asked a few more things of me than just what college I attend. After putting in my information, and college, I was sent to a separate screen where I had to verify my attendance to the college. This involved me either uploading a transcript, my student ID card with a expiration date, or any other document from the university that has a date on it. Once you upload these, it won’t take but a day for you to be verified, and able to start surfing the site and using the deals.

How To Use Groupon

The Groupon Student Program is not a special site, it is just a additional discount you get when checking out. Since it is still part of Groupon, I might as well talk a little more about Groupon, and how it works. Groupon partners with local businesses to offer discounts on products and experiences, and you can buy them either right from the website, or but the coupon and pay the discounted price at the business. On Groupon, you can shop for local deal, products, getaways, products of the day, and featured products in your area. It is a great way to find deals for things that you want to do around you, and for students, around the campus and town the college is in.

In addition to the site, they have a Groupon App where you can search for deals on the move, and easily apply discounts by downloading coupons onto your phone.

Final Verdict:

Groupon is a risk free website, and since joining is so easy, why not make a account? It is a great way to find deals and discounts on local businesses, and save money on going out, buying products, or like me, going crazy things like skydiving. Furthermore, if you are a student that is probably already strapped for cash, yet still want to go out and enjoy yourself, The Groupon Student Program is a no brainer!

However, if you came to this site to learn about making money, clearly, you cannot make money on Groupon. Then again, money saved is money earned, but that might not be your mantra right now. If your mantra is looking into earning a secondary/passive income online, you still are in the right place. We here at Surveyswonk have reviewed over 100 great survey sites, and have found ways for you to make money from the comfort of your own home. Check out our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites to find ways to make money taking surveys, testing out products, and watching advertisements.

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