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What is is an online marketplace with that aims to connect businesses globally with freelancers. It was founded in 1999 as Guru Inc. in San Francisco. Initially, it started off as an online clearing house for high-skilled workers in technology seeking short terms contractual jobs. The firm led by brothers James and Jon Slavet, started a campaign which raised over $3 million in funding and another $16 million for venture interests.  Currently, it is a website where freelancers can sign up and look for work.  Companies can also offer job postings that freelancers can take.  

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Is it Just another Freelance Site?

There are two main reasons why is different from other sites.  The cost to work for the freelancer is not high and it’s generally affordable for both parties. There is no charge to register for an account or to post a job on The only charges in various categories are as follows:

  • 2.5% handling fee when a client is paying for an invoice
  • 3.5% cash back when the client is paying via check, e-check or wire transfer. 
  • Freelancers, commonly known as Gurus, pay a fee between 4.95% to 8.95% as a transaction fee. This is deducted from their earnings.  There are also subscription based memberships that include additional privileges to more jobs. 

Is it Safe?

Unlike other freelance sites, provides a platform that enables employers to transfer certain payment responsibilities to the company. will not pay for the freelancer's services until the employer accepts the services. Thus, the client acknowledges that such funds belong to immediately after they have been transferred. The company will refund the funds when a freelancer is unable to complete the job or does not stick to the instructions as given in the task. understands that disputes may occur between employers and freelancers. They handle disputes involving the quality or completion of a task by an employer or freelancer. Before starting the job, both parties have to agree that does not have any payment obligation to any of the parties until the dispute is resolved.

How do I start? offers options for the freelancer seeking for a job and also for the client who wants to hire. The only requirements are your full name and an email address. Upon signing up, you are required to create a professional profile which appeals to hiring companies. The platform gives the freelancer a chance to easily manage their workload and for the hiring managers to actively control their team. strives to ensure that the members have privacy.  To do so, they go by the following rules:

  • does not disclose personal information to third parties or users not associated with the account you create.
  • The information provided is protected using high industry standard procedures and technology. 
  • does not have the right to sell or rent your personal information to third parties or any other identifiable persons without your consent. 

It is important to note that you will be required to provide your skills when filling out the website application. Users should provide experience, education level, and flexibility in terms of hours per week, your location, compensation. and self-evaluation. One advantage is that as a freelancer on you are not required to disclose personal information to employers. They use the Guru database to search for freelancers, which does not show anyone's personal information.

How Am I Paid? payment services are in US dollars. This is helpful for companies that are international and need freelancers.  As long as the payment is through the Guru website, there will never be trouble in accepting payment. Users can withdraw payments by PayPal, check, credit card, E-check, cash account funds and wire transfer. Team members on Guru can also transfer funds for free to each other. offers very efficient dispute services which include the following major areas:

  • Eligibility: the company offers dispute resolution to the registered users.
  • Process: in any dispute guru tries to offer the dispute resolution service in good faith. 
  • Arbitration: Guru can provide a third party to arbitrate the dispute in accordance with the agreed terms of service and the company.
  • Communication: Guru uses the email addresses provided in the user's account to pass any information or notify of any dispute that arises. 

Key features of has features that can allow freelancers to make their work as best as possible.

Google Analytics: uses the Google analytics tracking feature to be able to review the number of visitors who are on their website. This feature also helps in analyzing other forms of activities within the website including page views, time spent on their website, and also the source.

Google Ad Words: These are tracking codes developed to assist in identifying which pages help lead to different conversions about Guru. This allows the company to use the paid advertising budget better and more effectively.

Analytic Re-marketing: uses the Google analytic re-marketing code to be able to conduct a log when visitors view specific web pages. This allows for the company to provide the targeted advertising in the future. Under this arrangement, the third party individuals like the vendors such as Google may display’s advertisements across the internet.

Why Is This Done? uses the Google analytic remarketing code to be able to conduct a log when visitors view specific web pages. This allows for the company to provide the targeted advertising in the future. Under this arrangement, the third party individuals like the vendors such as Google may display’s advertisements across the internet.

Google and others as the third party vendors in this arrangement can use the first-party cookies such as the Google Analytics and third party cookies like the DoubleClick cookie together to inform, optimize and show advertisements based on the each user’s past visits to website.

All of the benefits listed above are designed to help freelancers do their job efficiently.  Happy freelancers means happy companies, which is great for everyone!​


One of the most critical parts of any freelancer and hiring managers is the security of their information. Therefore, has taken measures to ensure it protects the registered user information.  This means that all transactions performed via are conducted in a secure socket layer session (SSL). The SSL feature encrypts all the transaction data in a unique format to prevent any form of data theft. Therefore, this process protects all the private information from spilling over to third parties. Both offline and online registered user information is secured and registered within the offices. Their servers are stored in a secure building and supervised around the clock. Only the employees with the required permission are allowed to access the information in order to perform specific tasks related to the company.

Communication Channels

All the newly registered users are sent a welcome email by to verify their email addresses. Additionally, also sends announcements on upcoming changes to accounts to its users whenever it is carrying out such a task. The registered members cannot be able to unsubscribe from the announcement emails since they affect their accounts and it is within their right to be informed of any changes. Apart from that Guru can communicate to its registered members through personal phone calls or emails to be able to attend to requested services. strives to keep its members updated on the current and future progress path of the company. Therefore, the registered users can be able to subscribe to e-newsletters to be sent to their email addresses. These contain information additionally on the products and services. Thankfully, users are allowed to opt out of this kind of service.

Will I Make Money?

As a freelancer or a hiring manager, you are guaranteed of earning money with There are various categories of professionals on the guru website to choose from. These include:

Categories to Choose From on

  • Web, Software and IT
  • Design, Art, and Multimedia
  • Writing and Translation
  • Administration Support
  • Management and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Legal
  • Client Operations
  • Localization
  • Senior Education
  • Life Science Education

How to Earn on

Decide On What Service to Offer

Common freelance work like I have mentioned above include writing, web design, social media accounts management and customer care among others. Therefore, based on these categories choose the one that you are a specialized in.

Find Your Target Market

Establish the clients that need what you are offering. Strategically make a decision on the specific niche of service to concentrate on for instance research writing. This stage helps you decide your unique selling point and brand.

Create An Online Account/Portfolio

Use the various social networks to market your profile and begin career networking. Ensure that your profile is highly professional and offers customized quality services.

Set Your Price

When setting the price as a freelancer charge enough to be able to cover the withdrawing charges and other overhead costs. Be cautious not to overcharge above the normal rate offered by the market on

Sample Job

Example of a job posting on

Advantages of

  • It is assuring to know that Guru only pays for a job well done. Payment is safe, simple, fast and guaranteed by safepay as mentioned earlier. Companies pay Guru, and then Guru pays the freelancer only after the work is approved. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Guru allows you to manage your workload anywhere. In addition the site offers all the professional tools needed to be able to finish a variety of tasks. Users can set milestones, manage contracts, set tasks, share files and much more.
  • Global reach across many companies, therefore as a freelancer working with someone across the world, you are safe. Payment is secured due to the website policies. The employer will make the payments before the work begins. Once the task is completed and the employer approves the work, will automatically make the payment.
  • Guru offers a program that helps workflow management. This means designing and implementing a system that helps manage the freelancers and jobs to be able to attain maximum ROI for the business. Additionally, the employer and freelancer can get personalized training to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Cons of

  • Site UI is not well designed or user friendly. 
  • Users have reported that the site is full of scammers and fakes.  If you do happen to find a decent paying job, chances are the posting will be deleted within a day or two after it's listed. 
  • Their fees are high, not low - 8.95% of the project cost. Most of the postings aren't worth bidding on. Asking for expert writers with top notch skills and only offering $4-$5 per hour is not feasible.  
  • Complaints that Guru is now basically a site for people that live outside of the States who will work for next to nothing, or scam artists around the globe.
  • Many good freelancers have left, due to not receiving money they were promised or scammers hacking the system to get around paying. 
  • The BBB has given Guru an F rating, that is enough to keep any reasonable outsourcer from using the platform. 

Conclusion offers a solid way for individuals to earn money using their specialized skills online.  When compared to Upwork or other outsourcing sites Guru just doesn't add up.  While great for young freelancers looking for side gigs, Guru does not offer the higher paying credible jobs that the competition provides.  Additionally, many users have reported the Guru is a scammers paradise.  Between low quality work and shady payment methods you are better off skipping out altogether on the platform.  For individuals looking to make money online quickly we recommend checking out our list of Top 20 Online Survey Sites.  Making money online does not have to be hard with the right advice and guidance!  

More Ways To Earn

Freelance writing is a great way to earn money. If you are still looking at a job like this, check out the site Fiverr. There you can work as a writer and complete simple tasks. They do pay $5 per job, which is where they go the name, but it is difficult to do more than a couple of jobs a month. This is due to the amount of people working on the site.

However, if you want to turn 180, check out a site like Product Testing USA. There you get to test out a product, video tap yourself using it, write a review, and ill out a survey. After all that is done, you not only get paid, but you also get to keep the product! It is basically a survey site that gives you products.

Now, if you are leaning more to a traditional survey site, Swagbucks is a great option. There are multiple ways to earn on the site, and they are even offering a $5 signup bonus. Hope this helped, and if you want more ways to earn, feel free to browse our blog!​


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