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Halfmovietix Review: Can I Really Save Money?

Do you like watching movies? Good, same here. Now, what if I told you that you could watch all your favorite movies for a discounted price. I am not talking about going online and downloading some software from a third-party website to illegally stream movies. Hundreds of problems can surface with movie streaming sites like viruses, scams, and computer issues. However, I am talking about being able to go see new movies for a discounted price in the actual theatres. Halfmovietix is a website where you can purchase tickets for movies that are currently in theaters for “half the price” (hence the name.)

Admit One To The Movies

Movies are already very expensive, not just the ticket, but the paycheck worth of candy, popcorn and soda can really tally end In the end. So, if you’re already going to spend a lot of money on snacks, why not spend less money on the ticket?

Why Are They So Cheap?

You may be asking, “how can a website offer movie tickets for theatres at such a discounted rate?” Well, its actually a quite simple answer. Halfmovietix works with third party vendors who buy tickets in ridiculously large bulks from the theatres and companies, and with all things, the more you buy the cheaper they can be. They basically are like a Costco for movie tickets. These vendors buy the tickets, and give them to Halfmovietix to sell to their members.

How It Works

It is very easy to buy tickets through the website. The page itself is basic, and will take no time at all to navigate through. You just choose your method of paying; whether it be a gift card from amazon, visa, or any-other gift card with preloaded money, or credit card. You then will be directed to enter your email to log-in to the site. The catch is this; on halfmovietix you can only buy tickets for the next day. Same day tickets, or tickets for a couple of weeks from now are not available. However, if you are okay with a little planning ahead for a movie trip tomorrow, it’s a great deal. After you choose your method of payment and enter email, you will be directed to a page that has movie theatres, movies and times. After that, you just click the movie, and you’re on your way.

How To Get Tickets

What's Next?

After you order your tickets, you will be sent a email confirmation with a confirmation ID, which is your booking ID. Upon arrival to theater, you just show the number and retrieve your tickets. 

Is Halfmovietix legit?

For something that is as good of a deal as this is, it is normal for people to question it. But, let me clear the air right not; this is a legit site. They have done over 1000 transactions, and guarantee delivery of tickets. If they don’t follow through on this. You will be refunded your full purchase.

That's It?

Yes, that is it. You can do this on your desktop, iPhone or Android as well. However, if you contact the movie theatre about this, they will most likely have no clue what you are talking about. They are not in the loop on this because the tickets were already purchased in bulk from movie ticket selling websites like Fandango. This doesn’t mean it isn’t legit, it just means that the tickets have already been purchased, and being re-sold to you, which is why it is at such a discounted rate.

If you like watching movies, and enjoy going for a night out at the theater, why not use this website. It is cheap, safe to use, and they guarantee the tickets. If you have more specific questions, their FAQ page on their website is a great resource for hyper specific questions that you may run-into, but most likely will not.

Bottom Line

Now that you have saved money buying movie tickets online, why not look at ways to earn money online? Check out our Top 20 Rated Survey Sites to find ways to build or increase a passive income, money that you can earn from home to spend on anything; like more movie tickets! (or groceries, or gas, or literally anything else you need.)

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