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Hiving Review: Can I Make Money?

What Is Hiving?

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Hiving is a online market research company that disseminates companies surveys to its members. They conduct opinion based surveys that help companies have a better understanding of the wants and needs of consumers. Not only does Hiving conduct surveys online, but it also gives members the chance to test new products at home, and give reviews based on their experiences.

What Does Hiving Mean?

The companies names is a play on the word Hive, what Bee's build and live in. It also is a common term for home. Hiving focuses on the in-home use of products, as well as their effect on peoples lives, and the outside world. They do this by focusing the surveys on products that people use everyday, and products that have a set use in someones home. Hiving provides its members with home-based interaction with companies through surveys and discussion boards.

Who Can Become A Member, and How?

Membership for Hiving is open to anyone over the age of 15 in countries all over the world. ​Joining is quick and easy on the site as well. To join, you just have to go on the website and fill out the registration email. After you are registered, you will be instructed to fill out your profile. Filling out your profile means answering some quick questions about who you are, your home life, and your interest. Hiving does this in order to make sure that you are sent surveys that are pertinent to you. For example, if you do not have kids, there is no point in sending you a survey on baby products. It is best to fill out your profile as accurately and as in-depth as you can, to ensure that you get sent the most amount of surveys you are qualified to take. 

How Do I Make Money?

Good question. People make money on Hiving just like they can make money on other similar sites; by taking surveys. However, unlike other survey sites, where you get paid right after you complete the survey, Hiving doesn't pay you until the survey is completed by all of the members in the panel that can take the survey. Therefore survey payment can take up to 30 days, depending on how long the survey is live, and how quickly other panelist fill out the survey. ​ Payment is made in terms of Hiving Points, 1000 points=$1. Each survey tends to pay anywhere between 100 and 300 hiving points. 

Additionally, members will receive 1-4 survey invitations per month. ​On top of that, certain members will be invited randomly to test products in their homes. This will not pay, but instead you will be able to keep the product. However, this is usually pretty rare, so do not bet on this happening to you frequently. 

Should I Use Hiving?

When it comes to online market research companies that conduct surveys, there is a lot of options. Hiving can be a great option, however they do not have anything that makes them stand out. They seem to be a survey company that is in the middle of the pack, and happy to be there. ​Surveys do not pay much, between 10 and 30 cents, and making a good amount of money on this site can be a challenge. Members have stated that it can take months just to earn a couple of bucks. Because of that, I recommend that you check our our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites to make money online. 

More, More, More

You guessed it, there are more ways to make money online. Survey sites are a great way, and we love them. We have ranked and reviewed them, making sure we have the most up to date information as possible on them. Sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey are front runners in the survey site world, due to their membership number, and customer loyalty. In addition to that, sites like Mindswarms and Triaba offer unique qualities that other sites do not. However, I am not here to keep telling you about survey sites, I am here to tell you about other money making opportunities. Our blog features great sites that can earn you money either through cash-back, Multi Level Marketing, Product Testing, and much more..​ So get out there, and start making money from home during your free time! I promise you, once you find the site thats right for you, the possibilities are endless. 

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