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How to Hack Swagbucks

You can search survey sites right now and find hundreds of pages of survey sites that claim they can earn you money online. There are many sites out there that can earn you money online, from your home, on your couch. However, there also are sites out there that do not pay-out, can only make you a couple of dollars a day, and that spam your email with offers. In this article, I will be talking about a site that does not do any of these terrible things. Swagbucks is a site that is proven to be legit and can earn you a good amount of money online. With the right gameplan, you can hack Swagbucks and maximize your earnings. 

Now, I am not saying to quit your job and take surveys for a living. But what I am saying, is that Swagbucks is a great way to start earning a secondary/passive income online during your free time, when you get off work, or on the weekends.

How To Hack Swagbucks

If you are reading this, you probably already know about Swagbucks, how it works, and how it gets paid. Because of that, I am going to skip the whole overview, and get right to business; How To Hack Swagbucks. I am going to give you a view tips and tricks to maximize your earnings on Swagbucks and show you how to earn even more money than you might already be earning on Swagbucks.

Refer A Friend

Referring a friend can be a great way to earn you extra money on Swagbucks, while also putting your friends onto a great new opportunity to make money. Each Swagbucks user gets a code that they can share with friends, families, or people on the street so that when someone signs up to Swagbucks, it basically ties your accounts together. You cannot see what they do, or much they earn, and vice versa, but you get a percentage of their earning (10% to be exact.) Therefore, if you sign up ten people, who all earn $100 bucks on Swagbucks in a month, you get an extra $100 in your account. Referring people is a great way to make money without touching your computer.

Set A Realistic Daily Goal

Setting a goal that is realistic to achieve is a great way to earn extra Swagbucks. Not only do you earn Swagbucks for meeting that goal each day, but your earnings go up when you have a streak of 10 days.  Start building up a daily streak to maximize return on time and combine with other methods to generate crazy rewards like we outline here.  

Spend Money To Make Money

Often times there will be an offer where you can get a significant discount on a service, and receive a massive chunk of Swagbucks in exchange for your purchase. Take a look at offers because chances are there might be an offer for a service that you already wanted to buy, and now can get it for a great deal, and earn Swagbucks in return.

Free Trials

Why not earn a couple of bucks for trying out Amazon Prime or Netflix for a month? If you already have one of these accounts, no harm in setting up a free one in exchange for some extra money. Although this is a small amount, it will just add to your already growing Swagbucks account.

Cash Back

If you enjoy shopping online, make the easy shift over to Swagbucks and shop there. Swagbucks has new offers every day for shopping online where you can earn cash back for purchases that you might already have wanted to make elsewhere.

Take Surveys

Each survey will tell you how many Swagbucks you can earn by taking it. Although you may have to spend some more time taking more extensive surveys, its all about the pay-out.

Run Swagbucks Videos in The Background

If you have a backup device laying around, go on Swagbucks and watch videos. You can play these videos when you're doing work, or sitting around, and ignore them. Pro-Tip: look at the screen every 20 minutes or so to make sure you don’t have to press a “Continue Watching” button.

Bottom Line:

There you have it; a few tips and tricks to hack Swagbucks and make more money. Disclaimer; this may not work for everyone. These tips and tricks are all dependent on the offers available. Some users may hit gold and find great offers on the site, while others may just see surveys and not find any offers they are interested in. To that, I say keep trying. Keep coming back to the site because you will eventually find great offers and opportunities to increase your earnings.   

Ben Nieds

Florida State Alumnus with a degree in English and Communications. Born and raised in Chicago as a Die Hard White Sox Fan. Here to educate people on tips and tricks to maximize earnings online, and to build up and maintain secondary/passive streams of income.

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