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HQ Trivia App Review – Make Money Answering Questions on Your Phone

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There are many ways to make a quick buck these days. One of these ways, which has seen a explosion in popularity recently is the trivia app HQ. This app was developed by two business men, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, who’s main goal was to make a app that is very popular, downloadable worldwide, and used every day. These two were co-founders of the app Vine, which had a run a few years ago that was made up primarily of short videos.  Just like the other apps we have reviewed, HQ Trivia stood out as a way to easily make money doing something you enjoy!

About HQ

HQ Trivia is a virtual gameshow that is hosted on your phone. It is broken up into two 15-minute game shows, 2 times a day; at 3pm and 9pm EST on weekdays, and one 9pm EST show on weekends. The game show features a live person engaging with the people playing and asking the questions. Each showing is 15 minutes long, and is made up of 12 multiple choice questions. The questions are in all categories, and can be as broad as what colors a flag is, to how many countries in the world start with B (just examples of questions you may see). Each question is 10 seconds long, and there are 3 answers to choose from.

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After you answer the question, the host then talks about it for a second, and gives the correct answer. If you are right, congrats! You can continue playing. However, if you are wrong, you are booted from the game, and can just watch the rest if you so choose to. This elimination style game makes it more intense, and narrows the field for who can win.  

How To Play?

This app is free to download, but is currently only offered through the ITunes App store. The app hopes to soon expand to other, non- apple devices, so more people can play. Once you download the app, you just have to make a username and you are ready to play. If you happen to win, the money will be put into your account, in which you can transfer it out to PayPal.

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How Huge Is HQ?

When the app first started in August, it was just for $100 a game, and there were no more than 1000 people playing. However, since it has grown, it now has a $2000 grand prize, and more than a million-people tuning in for each game. This may seem like a lot of people, but that number usually gets a lot lower by the 6th question. For example, at the last game I played, there were only 200 people still alive by the 11th question.

How Do I Make Money with the App?

If you are a trivia genius, you may find it quite easy to win some money on this app. Currently, at each showing, there are $2000 to be won. In the future, the app hopes to able to offer higher prizes that can range up to 1 million dollars. However, if no one wins the game, that money is added to the pot for the next showing of the game. If you answer all 12 questions correctly, you either win the whole pot, or split the pot with the other people that made it to the 12 question and answered it correctly.

Ways To Keep Playing

Currently, since they are still expanding, and growing larger, they do reward if you invite friends to play. For every person you invite to the game, you can receive one free life. This is great because you could be at the 11th question, get it wrong, and use that free life to keep playing and try and win the prize.

Should I Play?

Why not? It is free to join, and is a lot of fun to play. I, and many of my friends play, it’s great to see who gets further, and who knows more about general knowledge than the other. Even if you don’t win, it’s cool to see how well you do, and try and best your high score. In addition to having fun, the questions are not impossible, and you do not need to be a genius to know all the answers.

Long story short; it’s a fun game to play even if you do not win. Furthermore, there’s a chance that you could win some real money. If this sounds like something you would have fun doing, go ahead and download it!

Now, if you are looking for a steadier way to make some money online, that doesn’t rely on your trivia skills, check out some of our other websites that can make you money online. Our top picks include Swagbucks, where you can earn money through a variety of easy and fun tasks.  

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