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Is Humanatic a Scam or a Legitimate Survey Site?

Humanatic, an offshoot of Century Interactive, a Dallas-based call tracking company, is software that was created to provide companies with an in-depth analysis of phone calls. Companies use this information to improve their customer service and increase sales. Rather than use computers to transcribe and decipher recorded phone calls, Humanatic combines humans with computer generated algorithms to provide their clients with detailed information. Reviewers--like you--work from home listening to the recorded calls and then provide Humanatic with the answers they need to create a meaningful analysis. 

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The idea behind Humanatic is that phone calls provide actionable information for a business, but listening to and sorting calls takes a lot of time. The company partners the Humanatic software with human call reviewers to review and sort recorded sales calls, and provide businesses with valuable data. Then Humanatic provides their customers with specific reports and statistics to help them make changes to improve their businesses. More than 50,000 freelancers work to give Humanatic their feedback.

The Ins and Outs of Humanatic

So, how does Humanatic work? In order to get started you'll need a verified PayPal account. This way you can get paid for your work. Go to Paypal and sign up. Once you verify your PayPal account, log on to Humantic. It's free for you to sign up and get started. 

Once you've created your Paypal account, you can make your own schedule and choose as much work as you'd like to do or as little.

Are You a Freelancer or an Employee?

At Humantics, you'll be taking on a freelance role.  Freelancers in this niche are referred to as "humans" and once you learn the categories, you'll advance to "Super Human." It’s easy to learn to be a call reviewer or "human" as they're called. No special skills are required. You only need to be able to listen to the calls that come in and make a quick determination. After you’re accepted, you listen to training calls. These are straightforward. 

​What Kinds of Calls Will You Be Hearing?

Humanatic reviewers listen to calls from all kinds of businesses, from car dealerships to doctors’ offices. Your goal is to help businesses ensure that their calls don’t slip through the cracks. For example, if a potential customer calls a car dealership to inquire about buying a car, it’s critical to the dealership that the caller is assisted by a qualified sales person. As a Humanatic call reviewer, you're responsible for listening to the recorded call, and determining whether the caller was connected to a qualified employee. Then you simply report what happened. 

What Hours Will You Be Working?

You can log on to Humananitcs system to listen to calls at any time. There's no set schedule. You’re not required to work a minimum amount of time. Your ability to work will be affected by the number of calls available. Call volume varies. But with 50,000 freelancers on board, calls in the roster aren't available for long. 

How Much Can You Expect to Be Paid?

Pay is low; you can expect to earn less than a cent to a few cents per every call completed and marked accurately. Your earning potential is affected by your accuracy and speed. This means that your ability to choose the correct call is greater than how fast you can complete it. In Humanatics you'll find several call categories. The amount of pay varies depending on the type of call you're reviewing. As a new reviewer, you only have access to the lowest paying opportunities but as you progress you can "unlock" other opportunities to make money. You’ll be paid every Monday via Paypal, but you must have a balance of at least $10 to request a payout. It's important to note that as a Humanatic reviewer you won’t bring in a full-time income. Top earners make $20, $30, or even more per day. 

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Humanatic Payment

You're paid every Monday through PayPal. PayPal is a U.S. based company that facilitates international transfers and payments in a fast and effective way. Humanatic requires everyone to have a verified PayPal account. PayPal will verify your banking information by asking questions in order to confirm your identity. 

What's the Minimum Payout?

Humanantic requires that you make a minimum of $10 before you request a payment.

When Can I Expect Payment?

The company processes payments every Monday and Tuesday. All payments must be requested by Monday before 12 US (EDT). Any payout requests made after 12 noon US (EDT) on Mondays will not be processed until the following pay period.

How Much Can I Expect to Make?

Business opportunity calls pay 3.9 cents each and answered outbound calls pay 1.1 cent each. Pay will vary depending on your skill level. Humanatic has different categories that pay different amounts for answers. The company starts off all reviewers with the easiest two categories. Once you achieve a certain accuracy level, you will unlock new higher paying categories. You can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 an hour depending on your skill and accuracy. 


  • Work at your own schedule.
  • No training or special skills needed. Just listen and report.
  • Prompt payment every Monday via PayPal.
  • So simple anyone can do it.
  • Free to participate.
  • You don't have to transcribe your phone calls. 
  • You're not a third party during live conversations. 


  • Low pay.
  • With 50,000 freelancers, calls don't stay active long.
  • This won't replace a full time job but it will give you extra income. 
  • You're penalized when a claim is incorrect. 
  • Disputes are rarely investigated. 

How to Maximize Earnings in Humanatics

Your eligibility for new categories is determined by your review history and accuracy. You can view the categories that you are eligible to unlock on the Review calls page. These categories are displayed below your active categories. Once you meet all of the requirements in one level, you can go on to the next level. Your progress toward meeting those requirements can be monitored by the status bar. You must reach a 100% to qualify for the next level and you must meet both accuracy and review count requirements to unlock a category.

Is Humanantic Worth My Time?

Overall, we'd recommend Humanatic as a legitimate way to make money online. This is by far not a job, but a way to make money on the side by listening to calls and helping companies extract valuable information from calls.

Please note your work will be inconsistent and so will your payment. Far too many freelancers are on board to evaluate calls, and at some point there will be no calls for you to review. However, this is a cushy job because listening to phone calls can be amusing and informative. You also have the opportunity to work flexible hours at home. Expect to work at least 4 hours a day to earn $5. 

Sometimes you'll have to wait for several minutes to get your next call. Some people manage to earn more than $50 daily. You can see who is in the lead by checking the Leaderboard tab of your Humanatic account. Working at Humanatic will help not you build a fortune; however, it remains a legitimate way to make small amounts of money to bridge the gap between your expenses and earnings. This is not a full time job but rather an opportunity for extra funds. Click here to sign up. 

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