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InboxDollars Review: Is It a Scam?

InboxDollars Info

Survey sites usually need to do something to grab people’s attention. There are so many survey sites out there, why should they pick your website over someone else’s? InboxDollar grabs people’s attention is offering a free $5 credit incentive for anyone that signs up. That’s $5 you can keep, without doing any work at all. Sounds amazing right, but what’s the catch?

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Like any other survey site, InboxDollars has a minimum value until you can cash out. It is $30 for InboxDollars, which sounds like nothing since you just made $5 for signing up, only $25 more to go, right? Unfortunately, it will take the majority of people a long time to make those extra $25 to cash out.

How to Make Money from InboxDollars 

InboxDollars offers a couple of different ways for members to earn cash.

1) Surveys

These surveys are like any other survey site, complete the ones you receive in order to get paid. Rinse and repeat. The downside is that members have to take preliminary surveys to see if they qualify for the survey that they will take. Those preliminary surveys usually take 10 minutes to fill out. So, if you do not qualify for the survey, you would have wasted 10 minutes doing something you would not get paid for. Even if you do qualify for a survey, these surveys usually only pay a couple of cents upon completion.

InboxDollars also monitors how long it takes a person to get through a survey, to see if they are actually reading the questions, or just clicking any answer to get through the survey. They also take note of your answers such as your demographic, to see if that changes with each survey. Doing these two things may limit how many surveys you can take in the future, or your ability to take surveys at all.

2) Watching TV

Members are eligible to earn money by watching TV through the InboxDollars TV Channel, which can be found on their website. Usually, these videos also only offer a small amount of money for watching, usually a couple of cents. InboxDollars also offers a daily bonus for watching their videos every day. In other words, this bonus is only worth a penny, but at least it’s something.

3) Shopping and Cash Offers

InboxDollars offers cash back for members if they shop at certain stores through their link. Usually, they offer up to 5% cash back from these stores, but sometimes it is only valid on certain products. Additionally, members can use InboxDollars coupons for grocery shopping. For every 10 coupons a member uses, they can earn $1 in credit that will go directly to their InboxDollars account. In order for this to work, members need to download a special program that will allow them to print out the coupons.  

4) Games

Game Show Network and InboxDollars have partnered together in order for InboxDollars members to make money. Although this is true, it is not as fun as it seems, since members will only make money from Game Show Network if they use it. In reality, you will not be paid to play games, but you will get cash back for every dollar spent on Game Show Network tournaments. This offer is also only eligible if you were NOT a member of Game Show Network. Only people who create their Game Show Network account through InboxDollars are able to receive cash back. As a result, members can earn 18% cash back on token packs and boosters through casino games. Alternatively, members can earn 0.5% to 2% on each dollar spent on entering cash tournaments.

5) Referrals

 InboxDollars members can earn 10% of the referred friend’s qualified earnings. These qualified earnings include completing offers, taking surveys, cash games, online shopping, and redeeming coupons. Keep in mind, this is 10% from what a friend does, so it is not that much since they will make about the same you do.

6) Emails

Members are able to be paid just for reading emails. This is the quickest and easiest way to make money, and the most popular among members. With this way, it still is not much money with each email you read, but if you continuously read emails, then it adds up. If you regularly do this, you will receive up to three emails a day. Consequently, if you do not do this, you will most likely not receive any emails at all.

As of recent, many people have been voicing how they have not received any payment, a concerning matter. Loyal members are feeling like they have done all this work, for nothing. Doing all these activities that InboxDollars offers takes a decent amount of time, so for people to not get paid, they feel like they have been scammed.


  • $5 just for signing up (here's a link to join). 
  • Variety of ways to earn money. 


  • Some users have not received payment.
  • Not a high return on investment.
  • Takes a long time to earn serious money. 
  • High payout threshold.
  • Low number of opportunities to earn rewards. 

Is InboxDollars Worth It?

In reality, you will not become a millionaire just from using this website. But if you have a lot of time on your hands, and do not really care about how long it takes to get your money, then this site is for you. Usually, it can take about a few months for members to even receive their first payment due to how little each activity pays. Again, if you have no issue with this, then click here to sign up for InboxDollars. However, if you do have a issue with it, don't count out survey sites all together. There are still great sites out there that have everything you're looking for. Swagbucks for example, our highest ranked site, ensures that you will start receiving money the minute you start with the site. In addition to that, Pinecone Research is another popular survey site where their members rarely complain about receiving payments. 

Other Options​

However, if you are looking for other money making opportunities, look no further. Our blog features dozens of unique sites where you can earn money on in your free time. For example, if you like driving but don't like the thought of having people in your car with Uber, check out Amazon Flex. Instead of driving around people, you drive around and deliver packages for Amazon. And yes, you can use your own vehicle. Drivers set their own schedules and how far they want to drive to ensure that they do not have to drive hours out of the way. ​

Another cool site out there is Product Testing USA. The name is the game with this site. Members try out products, write reviews and film themselves using them, and get paid for their testing. In addition to that, they also receive the product for free! What a great deal.

Now, if you are looking for more hands on action, a site like Kyani is a great choice. They are a proven legitimate multi level marketing company where you sell nutritional supplements, and the packages that can help other people sell them as well. Than again, if none of these are for you, there are still more. Take a peek, read some reviews, and hopefully you can find  site for you. ​


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