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iPoll Surveys Review: Is it Legit and Will You Make Money?

Survey sites and survey companies are great ways to build up a secondary/passive form of income. Although they will not earn you enough money to allow you to quit your job, they still help bring in a bit of cash each month. With the explosion of survey sites online, it can take a while to find one where you get a good amount of surveys, a generous payout, and a minimal about of spam in your email. 

This is why we decided to put together an iPoll review. iPoll is one of these sites that give out surveys to members each month. The number of online surveys you take a month varies, but money can be earned. You can even earn money through the iPoll app!

Earning Money on iPoll

iPoll is very similar to many other survey sites in that it offers you rewards to take surveys and polls.  The polls and surveys on iPoll usually take anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes to complete.  Unlike some other surveys sites, iPoll measures rewards in cash instead of a point system, which many people find easier and more convenient.

 iPoll allows you to see how much cash you will earn and how long the survey will take to complete before you even start so you can decide if that survey is worth your time.  I really  appreciate this feature because I don't have to spend tons of time on a survey to find out later that I only made a couple bucks.  

Although you can redeem cash for rewards, you do have to have at least $25 in your account before you can redeem any rewards.  Similar to some other survey sites out there, such as MyPoints , if you do not want to redeem cash for rewards you also have the option of using a Paypal account or redeeming through Amazon gift cards.  

How Do I Sign up For iPoll?

There are a couple options for how you can sign up for an iPoll survey.  You can sign up by simply creating a password and confirming your email address, or you can choose to use your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.  In order to assist iPoll in choosing surveys that are best for you, it is recommended that you complete a profile survey when you sign up.  You can also download the app to take surveys which we will explain more shortly.

This allows iPoll to eliminate surveys that you wouldn't qualify for and helps them to choose surveys that are good for you.  Most survey sites do have something similar to this, however, in this case you are actually paid to complete the profile survey after account completion.  You immediately earn $0.50 upon completion.

What About the Surveys?

iPoll's surveys usually take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to complete. There are questions on a wide range of topics, however, when you click on the 'Take a Survey' button, the site directs you to a questionnaire for screening to determine which surveys are best for you.  You will find that some surveys are offered through third party websites, along with separate directions.  

What About my Privacy?

Some people are weary of giving information out to sites, especially if they are not familiar with them, because they don't know what the site will do with that information.  Similar to other survey sites, iPoll does require information when signing up such as your name, address, phone number, occupation, and date of birth.  

iPoll also requires some other information that is more personal, though.  This is so they can determine what surveys you would be eligible to participate in, but some people can feel uncomfortable sharing this type of information.  Some of the information they ask for includes: political views, sexual orientation, any medical conditions, and religious beliefs.  If you do give this information to iPoll, it does give consent for it be sent to the U.S. for storage and processing.  

iPoll may also disclose some of the information you provide with third parties such as your age, income, gender, number of people living in your household, employment status, and level of education.  Although it can be uncomfortable sharing some of this information online, there have yet to be reports of spam or personally identifying information sent to third parties. 

iPoll Has an App

​Unlike many other survey sites that are out there, iPoll has a free mobile app!  The app is available to Apple or Android users and is easy and free to download.  The app does offer some extra incentives that the online website does not, such as some missions and other activities that allow you to stack up rewards.  On top of that, you have the opportunity to earn rewards by taking mobile surveys, uploading pictures of products, purchasing and reviewing items, or just by visiting certain stores.

iPoll is definitely trying to funnel their users toward their app. Even on desktop they ask you to download the app to start taking surveys. This is one of our favorite perks of the iPoll surveys. They are easy to take while you are out and on the go. One of the big problems with survey sites is the time commitment. With iPoll you can take surveys on the app throughout your day as you find time. This can be while waiting in line, on your lunch break, or even in the bathroom.

That means you don't end up burning any extra time to take these surveys. You don't have to get out your computer while at home or plan time to take the surveys. As you get time, check the app and take surveys no matter where you are. It's a good way to earn extra cash or gift cards without spending a ton of time.  


  • User interface is very easy to navigate and use
  • Mobile survey options are available through the app
  • Surveys measured in cash instead of points
  • Extra ways to earn points - purchasing & reviewing products, visiting online stores, uploading pictures of products
  • Paid to complete profile survey
  • Multiple ways to redeem rewards


  • $50 payout threshold - *As of January 2017
  • Rewards expire after one year
  • Privacy policy concerns
  • Month long processing time to redeem rewards
  • Concerns about quality after being bought by Survey Sampling International in December of 2016

In Conclusion

​iPoll seems to be a very legitimate survey site.  Like I said, there have yet to be any reports of anyone that has been scammed, and there are plenty of reviews from users that have been satisfied. There are some cons, such as the semi-weak privacy policy and sometimes month-long processing time to redeem rewards.  In addition, a lot of users accounts have been terminated after trying to cash out. Recently, iPoll was reviewed by the Better Business Bureau and received a B+, which is a very good score.

So, is iPoll worth it? Yes, at least for the moment. There are almost always surveys available, the interface is super easy to use, mobile survey options are available through the app, and you have the option of cash rewards.  Who doesn't love extra money and especially getting straight cash?  Download the app and get started earning money!

You should be wary of potential downfalls that plague some users but overall the program is very solid.  There have been some changes within the last couple of months that have raised red flags but one can still expect to make decent money with iPoll. If you want to earn some easy cash or get some good rewards, sign up for iPoll!

More Ways To Earn

If you are not loving iPoll, there are other options out there to take a paid survey! For example, sites like Swagbucks are popular due to the amount they pay out, the frequency of surveys, and ways to earn. Coincidentally they also are a couple of our favorite websites. Tried and true, legitimate, and with incredible potential when it comes to earning money on them.

Conversely, if you are looking for a non-traditional site, our blog features dozens of unique money making opportunities. For example, a site like Product Testing USA sends you products to test, pays you to try them out, and even gives them to you for free after the trial period. 

Another great site that we have looked into is Mindswarms. Like Product Testing USA, they are driven by people testing out products and giving reviews. With Mindswarms, you test out product, film yourself using them and giving a review, and get paid for your review. If you enjoy having a hands-on experience with survey sites, this site is for you. In addition to these two, we have a whole page of survey reviews, giving you the low down on over 50 sites that you can make money on. ​


  • Ways to Earn
  • Payment Options
  • Return on Time
  • Easy to Use


iPoll Surveys are easy to use and they pay cash. Those two things alone make it one of our favorites. You can use the app to take surveys on the go and then get paid cash when you are done.

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