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Job Spotter App Review: How Much Can I Make?

In todays market, it can be pretty hard to find a job just by walking around. Small towns utilize help wanted signs to get people walking around to come in the door and get hired. In bigger cities, help wanted signs may be on billboards, or on big electric signs like at a McDonalds or Burger King. Now, imagine this; you can get paid to advertise these “help wanted” signs online., a very popular, and reputable job search website, has launched a website where you can do just this. Job Spotter, by Indeed, is a app where you can get paid for snapping photos of help wanted signs.

What Is Indeed?

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Indeed, the company that has launched Job Spotter, is a American based worldwide employment search engine where you can post jobs, and find jobs. When I say jobs, I mean all sorts of jobs. You can narrow your search for internships, part time, and full time jobs on Indeed. In addition to that, you can type in keywords and cities to find jobs that interest you, wherever you are!

The site centralizes the hiring process by posting your resume on each application you fill out. Simply upload your resume to the site, and some basic contact information, and you are ready to start applying for jobs. Once you find a job that interest you, the only thing you will need to do is write a short cover letter, and Indeed will do the rest; send you information and resume to the company. However, Job Spotter is a little different. Instead of helping you find jobs, you can help Indeed expand their job network, and help others get hired.

How Job Spotter Works

Job Spotter works by utilizing their members to advertise jobs that are available all around the United States. They pay you to snap photos of help wanted signs, or any sign from a business that is looking for employees. The process is short and easy, and you can make some money by submitting photos

How To Download  Job Spotter 

Downloading the app is free and easy. It is available on both the ITunes store, and Google Play store. There is no signup or approval process, therefore once you get the app, you can start snapping photos.

How Does It Work?

Job Spotter App

Here is the simple, three step process of how to earn some money on Job Spotter.

Step 1: Find a help wanted sign. This may range from the black and orange sign that you see in businesses that simply just say help wanted, to a more in-depth printed piece of paper outlining what positions are available.

Step 2: Take a photo of the sign and building in the app. It is very important that you take it in the app, because it will not allow you to upload photos from your photos folder. The sign must be clear and easy to read, and the picture of the business must show the name, address, and have no human subjects in it.

Step 3: Upload the photo. Your photo request will be pending for anywhere from 1 day to a week. Once your photo is approved, it will be loaded onto the Indeed app with a little more information on the business.

How To Make Money

You will be rewarded for each photo you submit that gets approved. However, you do not get paid “cash” right away. Instead, you will receive points in your account. On the app, 100 points=$1.

Different submission offer different point values. From some reviews that I have read from users say that submissions usually are rewarded between 50-80 points. Therefore, if you really want to make some good money on the site, you are going to have to upload a lot of help wanted photos.

Final Verdict:

You may be thinking that this is a easy way to make some money. However, it will prove harder than you think. Just think about it, how many businesses around you right now have help wanted signs on their windows? Often times, businesses do their employee hunting online, and not in the window and door of their storefront. This makes the whole Job Spotter ironic because it is a app from Indeed, a major force in online job hunting.

If you live in a big city, it can be very difficult to find more than 1 or 2 signs a month to take a picture of. If you live in a smaller town, that has a strong community, and post signs more frequently, you may make a couple of bucks of month.

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