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KnowledgePanel: Legitimate Survey Site?

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Market research is a big part of the business plan for many companies. They want to know who is using their products, and their opinions on them. Furthermore, surveys online help companies get opinions from people from all over their target market. KnowledgePanel is a company that does just this. They conduct surveys online to multiple demographics to ensure a even pool of people are taking surveys. 

What is KnowledgePanel?

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KnowledgePanel is a market research company that is owned and managed by GfK. GfK is a market research company that turns big data into smart data for companies to use. They use this data to predict trends, weigh public opinion, and see the thoughts and opinions of consumers on certain products. GfK is one of the largest companies of it's kinds, and works with thousands of other companies to collect data. 

KnowledgePanel is a research company that strategically selects people to join the site to take surveys. They do this to make sure that they have a good sample of the consumer population. The best surveys have a large sample size that is a good example of the population, covering all demographics. 

How To Join KnowledgePanel

Joining KnowledgePanel is not as easy as joining other survey sites online. Instead of going to their website and registering, you first need to be invited. GfK gets a list of addresses for each area, and sends out invitation to random households. Once you are invited, you can choose to either join or not join the website. 

Why Did I Get Selected?

KnowledgePanel selects households randomly by splitting up areas and getting a certain amount of households from each area. They do this because they want their members to closely resemble the actual population. If you are selected, everyone in your household is invited to join. Therefore if you have kids or other family members that live with you, you all can take part in the surveys. 

How Do I Take Surveys?

Once you are invited, and accept the invitation by filling out a online profile on the website, you can start taking surveys. KnowledgePanel sends surveys to you via email for you and everyone in your household to complete. 

How Do I Get Paid?

For starters, you and every member in your household receive 10,000 points just for signing up and taking the introduction survey. After that, for each survey you take you will earn 1,000 points. KnowledgePanel pays-out in points, which when put in terms of cash; 1000 points=$1. 

After you get some survey under your belt, and have enough points in your profile to want to cash-out, you can go on their rewards page to purchase items. KnowledgePanel does not have a Pay-Pal cash-out option, therefore everything that you earn on the site must be used for gift cards or subscriptions through their rewards page. However, if you wish to get physical cash, you have the options of receiving a check once you get to $25. The check will then be mailed to you, taking about 3-4 weeks to arrive. 

Is it Safe?

KnowledgePanel is a safe website to join if you are lucky enough to get invited. They promise that none of your information (name, email, address, phone number) will be shared or sold. Additionally, only a few people at GfK will even know who you are, just in case you need help with surveys or receiving checks. Customer representatives will be available to answer all questions you have concerning surveys, privacy, setting, and payment.  


  • Small Survey Size
  • Hands on customer service
  • More than one member can join per household


  • Invitation Only
  • No Pay-Pal
  • Low Pay Per Survey

​Should I Join KnowledgePanel?

If you are invited to join KnowledgePanel, and be part of the GfK community, there are a few things to thing about. For one, there are both pros and cons to participating in surveys on the site. Secondly, you have to think about how much money is worth to you. Although you do earn "money" on the site, it is not tangible. Instead, it is points that you can use to buy items in the rewards page. If you are looking for a survey site that pays you cash, you might want to keep looking. Thirdly, if you want to make a good amount of money online, as a secondary income, KnowledgePanel may not be for you. Because of how low they pay for each survey, and the ways you are allowed to cash-out, there is very little chances for you to make a lot of money. 

What Now?

Well, you still want to make money online, there are still options out there. Check out our Top 20 Survey Sites For 2017 to see some real money making opportunities. Once you've browsed through that you'll have a better understanding of survey sites out there and which ones are the best for you. 

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