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Leapforce Review: Earn Money From Home.

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Are you looking for a job that you can do from home? If so, keep reading. Here I review a company called Leapforce, a search engine evaluation company that hires independent contractors to do real-world work and evaluation. This website is perfect for someone that wants to work from home, earn money at a competitive rate, and set their schedule. After all, isn't that why people choose to work from home? So they can set their schedule, be their boss, and work whenever they want to. Leapforce provides you with all the necessary information to thrive at your job, and successfully earn money while sitting at home on the computer. However, if you are looking for another quick way to be your boss and set your schedule, check out Surveyswonk, and see how you can make money from home.

What Is Leapforce?

Leapforce is a search engine evaluation website that hires agents to do independently contracted work. This is all a fancy way of saying they hire people individually, to do work from a remote location. This location can be your living room, the coffee shop, your backyard, literally anywhere that has an internet connection. You can see the qualification of becoming a Leapforce agent in the qualifications part of the review. Leapforce agents earn competitive pay and have freedom and flexibility to choose their hours. This means that if you have kids or another job, you can schedule around them. It is a great way for people to get paid during their free time, and work whenever they want to. This is similar to a site like Smart Crowd, where you can work from home on the computer and plug-in data.

How Leapforce Works

What Is Search Engine Evaluation?

If you did not know what Search Engine Evaluation is, then you were probably pretty lost up until now. Have no fear; it is pretty easy to wrap your head around. What Search Engine Evaluation is is basically what the name says it is. People that do that kind of work evaluate search results picking out the legitimate, from the spam. For example, if you look up Duke University online, the top result obviously will be the official website. Then you will probably find their athletics page, their twitter page, and other pages related to Duke. However, sometimes another article will slip through the cracks that have nothing to do with the original keyword Duke.

Leapforce agents will see this, and report it to Leapforce, who will then in-turn report it to Google, or other search engine sites. This kind of job has been around for a while, because Google and other search engines do not want “nonsense articles,” taking up the search pages. Search Engine Evaluators look at all the search options, making sure that they have to do to with the original search in some form of another. It may be a stretch at the time, like an article similar to “Dog Saves Timmy From Well while wearing a Duke collar.” But it still has to do with Duke.

Requirements and Qualifications:

To become an independently contracted Leapforce agent, there are a few qualifications. These can be split up into three sections: General, Equipment, and Basic Skills.

General Requirements:

All members of Leapforce are at least 18 years of age. This is to ensure that their agents are old enough, and educated enough to complete the test. The website does not say that a college degree is required, but they do say that it is “Ideal.” However, I have heard success stories of agents that do not have a college degree and still thrive in the business.

Equipment Requirements:

I stated earlier that you could work from wherever you want to for this job. That is true, all that you need is a working computer and a network connection. On the computer, you do have to have Google Chrome, because that will be the search engine you use to evaluate sites and searches. Additionally, you have to be up to date with your spy-ware and anti-adware. You probably already are, you are just unaware of it because most computers update you automatically.

Basic Skills:

Leapforce's website states that you should have excellent research skills and analytical abilities. However, this all will be taught to you through some training, and they probably are skills you already have. Research skills just mean that you are capable of typing in a keyword, searching it, and being able to comprehend the page and articles being featured on the search page. In addition to that, you should have excellent written communication skills. This is to ensure that when you complete a task, you can effectively write about what you did, errors you encountered, and searches that showed up that should not have. Finally, there is a test that you have to pass to become a Leapforce Agent.

The Leapforce Test:

This is the test that all users have to pass to become a leapforce agent. The test consist of three parts, all of which have to be passed. However, if you fail one part, you can retake it one time. The test consists of basic reading and searches comprehension questions, as well as more advanced search engine evaluation examples. Perspective users will eventually do a trial search engine evaluation as part of the test. This test usually takes a week to study for and has to be completed within two weeks of signing up. Leapforce has the power to either hire or not hire you based on your test results.

Once You're Hired

Congratulations, you got hired. Or you are thinking about joining Leapforce, and want to see what the job is all about. Either way, once you are hired, you are officially an independent contractor for Leapforce. This means that you can set your schedule, and will be sent tasks when they are available. You work on these during your own time, but you must keep track of your hours! Leapfrog requires that their agents send invoices to them at the first of every month, of their last month's productivity. It's best to be as accurate as you can on this so you can get paid for your work.

How Much Money Can I Make With Leapforce?

Here's the hot topic of all money making reviews; how much do you get paid?. Pay for Leapforce is $13, which is standard for other search engine evaluation sites. However, for each task, Leapforce will have a time posted on it. This time is how long the task should take. Therefore if a job says it should take 30 minutes, but it takes you an hour, you only get paid for the 30 minutes. Conversely, if it says 30 minutes, and you polish it off in 15 minutes, you still get paid the $30. This happens all the time, and agents come to expect that they will either get paid more for their time or less, depending on certain tasks.

Bottom Line:

Leapforce is a great money making opportunity if you enjoy setting your schedule and working from home. However, there is some downside. For one, if it takes longer to complete a task, you will not get paid extra. Secondly, at times there will be no jobs able to complete. This happens because there are an incredible amount of agents working for Leapforce. And thirdly, the site is allowed to boot you at any time. If your work does not match up with their standards, they can fire you. If you depend on this for a secondary income, it may not be the best option.  If you do decide to sign up you can join by clicking here.

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