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Legitimate Mintvine Review and Ranking

Mintvine is a rather new survey company that only recently has generated some buzz.  When visiting the website we were not able to gather much information, but did find some tidbits of information.  Founded in 2012, Mintvine is a survey panel operated by Branded Research, Inc., with strong ties to european market research firms.  Having checked the Better Business Bureau reports we could not find any ratings but that does not necessarily disqualify a site from being legitimate.  And it's free to setup an account.  Mintvine however was recently rebranded as Branded Research Inc. sometime in early 2018.  

How Does Mintvine Work?

Starting with Mintvine is super easy.  Simply visit their homepage and sign up using an email address or via Facebook.  Usually we encourage Facebook since it is just at two step verification process and you won't have to deal with remembering passwords to login.  

​Just for registering, Mintvine will automatically credit you with 200 points or roughly $2.  Make sure to complete the profile survey questions for an additional 50 points.  Filling out your profile will increase chances of being matched to high quality surveys.  A daily poll at the bottom of the dashboard is a quick way to earn 5 points and only requires a few seconds. 

​From there you will be redirected back into the dashboard where you will see multiple options to earn rewards.  On the left you can see how many current points you have earned.  Notice how they are broken down into approved and pending sections.  Upon completing a survey points must be reviewed before being credited to your account.  There may be a 24 hour delay for points to appear in the pending category.  A minimum of 2 weeks must go by before points will move from pending to approved and be credited to your account. 

A minimum threshold of $10 or 1000 points is needed to cash out.  ​Many options to receive rewards are available including Dwolla, Paypal, donating to charities, and gift cards.

Payment Proof

Payment proof

I was able to earn $10 fairly quickly with Mintvine.

​How to Earn Rewards On Mintvine

1. Surveys​

By far the fastest and most popular way to earn rewards on the platform, Mintvine offers a variety of ways to take surveys.  Survey Street is a new feature that walks you through multiple opportunities by letting Mintvine match you to the best survey.  At the top you will see the amount of time it will take to complete as well as rewards earned.  If you do not qualify points will be credited to your account, and a new survey will automatically be queed for you to attempt.  I really like this feature because it allows you to get in a groove and knock out a lot of opportunities very quickly.

There are a few stipulations however when using Survey Street.  Be sure to answer all open ended questions to the best of your ability.  Do not race through the surveys, if you go too fast Mintvine will think you are cheating the system and disqualify you.  If the same question is asked multiple times be honest and give the same answer.  Normally to maximize return on time I look for surveys with rewards in the 30 - 40 point range that take under 8 minutes to complete.  If not in that range I exercise the handy "skip this survey" button. 

Slightly different from Survey Street, Points Place is another way to take surveys on Mintvine.  Pegged as a "Funnel Survey", Mintvine will give you 70 points per survey completed for 15 minutes of time.  ​A funnel survey means that you will be routed to as many surveys as possible with Mintvine paying the same amount of points per complete regardless of difficulty or time spent.  Most of the time these are the featured daily surveys avialable via email invitation, but they can also be accessed via the surveys tab in your Mintvine account.  

The ​effectiveness of Points Place is hard to measure.  Upon entering the funnel you will be asked to fill out some more personal questions.  In the top right there will be a quality score.  The closer you are to 100 the more chances to earn rewards will be presented.  A high screen out rate appears to be present, I was only able to complete 1 out of the 5 surveys present.  Even if you do not qualify you can earn an entry into Mintvine's sweepstakes, which is a nice added bonus.  Answers do not transfer from one to survey to the next some answering the same questions over and over can get really boring.

2. MVP Referral Program 

Another awesome way to quickly earn points is the MVP referral program.  For ever new member that you refer to Mintvine, 15% of what they make on surveys and offers will be credited to your account.  Upon completing their first survey you will earn an additional bonus of 50 points.  Mintvine makes it easy to share your signup link either via Facebook, Twitter, Email or physical link.  

3. ​Offers 

Mintvine offers the classic download third party software or program offer for rewards.  If you know what you are doing and don't mind spending time or computer storage up, offers can quickly become an easy way to earn points.  There are 6 different companies that have partnered with Mintvine to give you offers, simply click between the tabs to view.  ​

Be on the lookout for free offers that will pay you for simple actions.  Though not high in reward value they will cost you absolutely nothing to do.  Paid offers are more rewarding but will cost you to participate in.  Remember Mintvine's exchange value is 100 points for every dollar so be sure to sign up for offers worth more than 100 points.  Do not forget to cancel the free trial before they expire or you will be in the red quickly!

​4. Local Deals

​Under this section you will find a variety of offers intended to save you money on local experiences and attractions.  Eerily similar to Groupon, Mintvine pulls in offers from local businesses.  If you are looking for something to do on the weekend or just want to go out, the local deals section is a great place to start looking.  Brewery tours, movie coupons, scavenger races, and more fun activities are available to purchase at discounted prices.  In addition you will earn points for each purchase.  Not only do you save money, you also make money on Mintvine, now that is a double win!


  • Multiple ways to earn rewards - surveys, polls, offers, local deals, referrals. 
  • Cash out threshold of $10. 
  • Pretty good ROI. 
  • Very clean user interface.
  • Innovative ways to take surveys - Survey Street and Points Place.
  • Quick customer service response times. 


  • Points from surveys take time to be approved by partners.
  • High screen out ratio on Points Place. 
  • After initial offers there are only a few surveys.

​Should I Join Mintvine?

Mintvine offers many features that rank it high among our top survey sites.  The user interface is clean and engaging offering a fresh reprieve from other survey platforms.  Rewards can be paid out via multiple methods and a relatively low payment threshold of $10 can easily be attained.  Many options to earn money put Mintvine above sites that you can earn strictly by participating in surveys.  On surveypolice.com Mintvine earns a 3.2 out of 5 stars from users, which is a very good rating compared to other survey sites.  Though not quite to the level of Swagbucks or MySurvey, Mintvine can serve as a viable alternative.  We recommend that you try out Mintvine today!

More Options to Make Money

Yes, there are more options out there to make money. Although Mintvine, and sites like Swagbucks, are popular destinations for people searching to make money online, other sites can get the job done as well. If you are looking for more survey sites, might I recommend checking out our surveys review page. There you will find over 50 survey sites, all with comprehensive reviews just like this. One of the more unique ones is Mindswarms, where instead of answering questions in a computer document, you actually film yourself taking the review and trying out products. This creates a community of members interacting with the site.

In addition to Mindswarms, a site like Product Testing USA is similar, in terms of testing out products. With Product Testing USA, you not only get paid to test out products, you also get the product for free! It's a win-win.

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