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Letgo Review: Scam or Legitimate App?

With the help of the internet, selling and buying items has never been easier. With just a click of a button, you can advertise items, meet with potential buyers, and make some quick cash. eBay has had a strong hold on this market for years. Right after that, Craigslist came onto the scene and exploded with popularity. Craigslist took EBay’s idea and made it more local. Now you can look for items in your area that you can drive to and pick up. Since these two sites were so popular, copy-cat sites started popping up. They take little bits and pieces of the two and make a single online marketplace that users can join to sell and buy items. I recently reviewed Poshmark, a gently used item online marketplace with great social media and a very simple app. However, this review is for Letgo.

We all have seen the well written, short, and unique commercials for Letgo, but what is it? Yes, it is an online marketplace for people to sell goods quickly, but it also is a great resource to find used items for below market value.

About Letgo


Letgo launched in 2015, out of New York City, by three entrepreneurial minded businessmen that wanted to try and get in on the online marketplace market. They wanted to create a person-to-person app where users can buy, sell, and chat with others locally. Taking inspiration from Craigslist, their website and app have location services to better tend to its users. Additionally, in 2016 they merged with Wallapop, a similar classified ads site. Letgo remained a majority owner, and they are continuing their growth. They spent a third of their first quarter investments on marketing, which is why their name is so well known. Along with that, they have an estimated 17.4 million monthly users. This is great because the more people that use the app, the more items for sale.

How Does Letgo Work?

Letgo works like any other mobile classifieds website. Members post items that they want to sell and are put on a local page, just like Craigslist. Users can narrow their search with a search bar that includes item name, prices, location, etc. Letgo focuses on the local aspect of their site, making it easy for people to buy and sell items quickly. Furthermore, they are in multiple countries around the world, with another headquarters in Barcelona. However, the US is still their strongest market.

Users sign up, for free, either on their website, or their mobile App. This App can be purchased on any device that has an app store. Once you create an account, you can browse to find items, or you can post pictures to sell items.

Getting Started

Like I stated earlier, their app is free to download, easy to find, and even easier to use. The only information you need to have to sign up is your name and a valid email. After confirming your account, you are ready to start using Letgo.

Once you are in, the website works like any other mobile classifieds site. Homepage with local items, and a search bar with specific categories. The app will then show you products under the category that is in your area.

In the end, it is very similar to craigslist. With just a better marketing strategy, and a more mobile-friendly app.


100% Local Letgo

Now, let’s talk about some Pro’s, and increase the distance between Letgo and other online marketplaces that focus on person-to-person interactions and sales. For one, their app is very easy to navigate. The only thing it needs access to is your camera, so you can take pictures of items and put them on sale. Furthermore, since it is a primarily mobile dominated company, their app is easy to learn, read, and understand. No more fumbling around on desktops trying to find items in your area. Instead, a quick refresh button can update where you are, and the items close to you for sale.

In addition to making it easy to find and purchase items, it also is easy to speak with potential clients and sell products. A messaging thread can take place when talking with people about pricing, pick-up times, and even shipping. You can even set-up your notifications, so the App sends you a message whenever you receive a message or an offer.


One of the only con’s that I can think of, as well as others that have reviewed Letgo, is the payment process. Better yet, the lack of a payment process. Letgo does not offer any platform, such as a PayPal or money transfer when buying and selling products. Therefore, it can be tricky knowing when to trust someone to pay you. There have been stories where people have received false payments through a money transfer service when selling products.

Bottom Line:

All in all, Letgo is a great site. They have great commercials, their customer satisfaction is through the roof, and their member retention rate is huge. Letgo takes the best features from mobile classifieds and puts them in one place.

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