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Lifescript Advantage Review + Offers

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Everyone enjoys free samples. There is nothing better than walking through a supermarket and seeing someone in the aisle handing out free samples. Along those lines, its great getting products for free at stores. Whether it be a small bottle of cologne, or a free shirt from a store; its great. You did not have to pay for anything, yet you still got a product. Now imagine a company that is completely based off of giving away free samples. Got your attention, right? Lifescript Advantage is a company just like this. Although it necessarily a money-making opportunity, like sites we write about in our blog, or survey sites, it is a money saving opportunity.

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What Is Lifescript?

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Lifescript is one of the leading companies and websites that focuses on women health and wellness. They have been around since 1999, and have climbed to the top when it comes to sites for women's health. The website is a goldmine, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people a day. They have newsletters, coupons, and articles about women health on it. The coupons are one of the things I will be talking about, but for now, a little more background.

They started as a company that sold vitamin plans to women, and have grown to a multi-modal company that offers something called Lifescript Advantage. Named after the site, it is a program you can sign up for to receive free products. These products are samples of real products from top brands such as Kraft and Kellogs, to name a few.

Why Free Samples?

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The idea Lifescript Advantage had here was to boost the consumer awareness of certain healthy living products. When it comes to supermarkets, one can get lost in action finding products. They can forget items, or not have time to browse and look around. Lifescript takes this whole process and tries to flip it. They send you products, hoping that they will be in the back of your mind when you go to the supermarket next. Then, you won't be fumbling around wondering what to buy; you will remember that new brand of yogurt you tried from Lifescript and buy that.

Brands are constantly looking for new marketing strategies. Free samples are one of the oldest in the books. Lifescript isn't taking advantage of the fact that we all want free samples, they are just connecting you to these companies. They are giving you the opportunity to try out free samples before you buy a product, and they are alerting you of new products out there.

How to join

How To Join Lifescript Advantage?

Joining LifeScript Advantage is pretty straightforward. Here is the main sign up page. It is tough to find this because there is not a clear sign-up page on the website. After all, this is an offer from the site, and they do not want to clutter the site up with it. They want to keep the site clean with articles and newsletters, not offers to join a program. To sign up, you just have to answer some basic questions. These questions are your name, email, age, sex, demographic; basic sign up questions. On top of that, you will be instructed to sign up for emails, where offers and coupons will be sent to you.

How Do I Get Samples?

You will be sent emails periodically with offers for free samples. Receiving these is quite easy, as all you have to do is click on the promotion, fill out your information, and you will be sent the product. It is a great way to get exposed to some new, healthy products; for free! Conversely, some samples require more from you other than just clicking accept. Some may ask you to take a quick survey; others may ask you to join an email service. This can get annoying because more things come with the better sample offers.

If you are looking for a site where you receive products, free of charge, this might not be it. Yes, they do have offers where free samples are given, it is not their main business plan. You would be looking for more of a site like Product Testing USA. They give out products for their members to test, and members then can keep the products.


On top of free samples, Lifescript Advantage sends you coupons on products that are featured on their site. These are health and wellness products that can be bought online, or in physical stores. This is a great way to save money while buying healthy products. No longer do you have to scour the internet and newspapers for coupons on your favorite product. Now they are just sent directly to your inbox!

Email Clutter:

Often sites like these can be red-flagged by users because of the number of emails they receive. Do not confuse clutter with illegitimacy. Just because you are receiving multiple emails a day, doesn't mean you are being scammed. The best way to avoid your email getting too clogged up is to change your email settings. You can set it so that each time Lifescript emails you, it can be sent to a specific folder. This is a great way to keep your inbox clear, yet still be able to access the emails easily.



  • Free samples!
  • Easy to sign up
  • Lifescript is a legit site that has great articles and newsletters
  • Been around for a while; they know what they are doing



  • Email spamming/clutter
  • Some samples may require more information or further action on your part
  • Not all offers are high-end samples; some can be useless of pointless to receive
  • Cannot receive any actual money from the site; just samples and coupons

Should I Join Lifescript Advantage?

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Lifescript Advantage is a great site with some great resources available to living a healthy life. They have been around the block a few times, and know how to run a successful, entertaining and informative website. In addition to that, free samples and coupons are always great to have in your back pocket. They are especially great when they are products that you haven't heard of, or have been meaning to look into. However, as I said earlier, not all products are great. At times it may seem like they are more interested in sending you coupons via email and advertising products, than actually connecting you to companies with samples. If you are looking for an opportunity where you can earn money online, this is not for you.

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