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Media Insiders Review: What You Need To Know.

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Media Insiders is a site which collects data about consumer’s media usage. The app was developed to understand better how people use various channels like digital, tv, social and other channels of communication.

The Media Insiders app runs passively on your phone and tracks different media views and shares.  You may be wondering why anyone want to go through the trouble of creating an app to track these activities. It’s a valid and a relevant question. The information gathered is analyzed and used by large corporations to develop advanced marketing plans.  Through the use of Media Insiders app you are influencing how top companies deliver entertainment, content and other information efficiently to the general public.

Anyone with an Android, iOS, or Kindle can make passive income using this app. This app is one of a kind, as it is only paid program on the market that rewards you for trading user behavior for cash. 

How does Media Insiders App Work?

Media Insiders will pay you certain points every week to maintain the program running on your mobile device. Points can be exchanged for gift cards or money which will be credited to your PayPal account. Cashing out will be covered a little later in the review. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the app and discuss various other factors.

Before we get into this in detail, these are the devices that currently support the Media Insiders App:

1. Android device that supports Android 4.0 or greater (device should not be rooted).

2. Kindle Fire HD with built in microphone

3. iOS version 5.0 or higher

What is the app file size?

Media Insiders also known as the MI mobile app is 3.3 megabytes. Designed to run in the background it does not interfere with any of the other functions like wireless connectivity, battery usage or other functionalities of the phone. It’s primary and sole purpose is to run in the background and collect information.

The only other basic requirement for participation is a wireless connection.  Weak or low signals may cause the app to missfunction or not track activities. 

Mobile Insiders App

The app is super easy to download and use.

Who is eligible?

A U.S. citizen above 13 years with a valid email address and who has any one of the devices mentioned above is eligible.

Once you qualify and meet the specific phone requirements, here is what you need to do:

1. Go to from your mobile device and sign up.

2. Fill out some basic information like your name and email address. As soon as you enter these details, you will get a pop up prompting you to choose a reward program. There are two options that you can choose from, Perky Points & Sweepstakes. We would recommend the perky points option as you can earn steady income whereas the sweepstakes option, will enroll you into a drawing that happens weekly, monthly or yearly.

3. After signing up, download the Media Insiders app and click on activate. Enter the registered email address.

4. You will then be taken to a screen which will show you the activity details. Expect the screen mostly be to blank as you will probably have no activity yet recorded.

5. Ideally, it will take about 48 hours from account activating to when your activities will start to be tracked.

6. Regularly login to the Media Insiders member’s area to check your points.

How to make money on Media Insiders?

Before we get into making money, let’s first get to know a few app related terminologies.

Insider – Any member of the site.

MI Mobile – The official app name of Media Insiders.  

1 MM day – A regular MM routine consists of calls, app usage, music usage, calendar clock, etc.

1 TV day – If you view TV one entire day screen TV captured by the app. The Media Insiders app can be installed on a total of 3 devices per household. It is advisable to install it on more than one device, so one phone captures the TV activity if the other phone is busy.

How to Make Money on the Media Insiders App

1. Run the app whenever you watch TV once you have registered.

2. The longer you watch television and do other activities the more points you are likely to earn.

3. The app captures various activities like Facebook shares, likes, YouTube views, Twitter shares, etc. and it rewards you based on these events. So if you are someone who uses social media every day, then you will most likely earn more compared to someone who just watches TV.

4. Refer a friend program. You can maximize your income by referring friends to download the app. Referrals must download the app and stay active for 4 weeks in order for you to receive the designated bonus.

5. Another way to maximize your income is by completing surveys.

Insider Tip: If the TV is running and the app is kept open for a minute you will start earning points. The app just has to capture the signal that a TV is running nearby.

Earnings Breakdown

The amount of money you can earn is directly proportionate to the number of activities per day. Here is a rough overview based on the chart on the company site:

1. If you watch TV every day for three days and leave the app running in the background, then you could earn 50 points.

2. MM Activity: If you run the TV for a day and the Mobile meter for three days then you could earn 50 points.

3. On two devices - if both television and MM meter activities are done at the same time you could earn a total of 50 points.

4. Tablet: Run the app for three consecutive days while watching TV and Mobile Meter you can earn 25 points.

5. 4 week TV bonus: During the 4th week after the app is installed, if you watch TV for three days with the app running in the background you could earn a total of 150 points.

6. Completing surveys is another great way of making money from this app.

Please check this link for detailed information:

Insider's Tips To Make More Money:


To maximize your income, you can run this app on three mobile devices and 1 PC. You could be earning $15 monthly, and this is just passive income from having four devices connected.


Do as much activity on social media as you can. If you are someone who regularly watches videos, watch on your Facebook feed.  The more you share and engage online the more money you can earn! 


Bonus points: You will receive a four-week bonus if you consistently watch TV every day for four weeks straight.  So if you are someone who watches TV on a daily basis, make sure that the app is installed and functioning correctly. 


M-connect: this is a private network provided to panel members. Joining this network will get you more reward points.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does the App identify TV Programs Watched?

Short noise signals are transmitted to the phone, and these sound signals are converted later to something called hash and stored in the database. This is later evaluated and conveyed into points. Don't worry about activating this feature manually; the app will handle connecting automatically.

How do I know if an Event is Captured?

To check and see if an event is captured or not, open the app and go to view results. Under view results, you can check the list of activities performed for that day. If there is no listing, then the activities have not been captured.

Initially, for new users give it at least a weeks time and then check the view result section to ensure that the activities are captured.

Will I Be Able to Use the Phone Normally For Chatting & Playing Games?

Absolutely. Anyone would be able to use the phone as frequently as they can to listen to music, play games, chat with friends, etc. Just to stress on this point again, you can use your phone just like you normally do. The only variation here is there is the MI app installed just like any other app that you use.

There is nothing to worry about. If your phone is not functionally normally, it could be because of various other factors. Do basic trouble shooting like restarting your phone, deleting temporary files and cookies. If you are someone who downloads or plays games online frequently, then try clearing the cache and cookies.

Is My Personal Data Safe? 

Many users have reservations about sharing personal information on the internet.  Media Insiders goes out of its way to ensure that your security is their priority.  Your information will not be sold to third party advertisers or spammers.  In the below chart you can see exactly the information that Media Insiders does collect. 

Information Collected By Media Insiders

Application history

Device history

Details of the location


Wi-Fi connection information


Unique identification for the device.

Are My Conversations Recorded?

In short, No, your privacy will not be breached. This is a pretty common question that people installing Media Insiders have. It was mentioned earlier that this app is designed to recognize the voice from various channels like TV. Once the sound records which is only for a few seconds, it then goes to convert that voice into a mobile language so that it is easily identified and recorded. Your calls or other details like voice notes etc. are not registered. The system only identifies TV related information for the record.

Exactly What Activities Will Be Recorded From My Facebook and Twitter Account?

Once again reiterating the fact that this app is just to find additional information about customer trends used to effectively market in the future.  Due to the functionality of this app there may be some valid concerns. However, there is nothing to worry.

This app is perhaps the only app which has an extensive privacy policy protecting its members. The company time and again promises it's members that details will not be shared at any cost.

Is There an Option to Unsubscribe From Facebook or Twitter?

If you are not comfortable disclosing your social media information you could always unsubscribe from it. You can go into the privacy setting in Facebook and de-authorize Symphony Advanced Media. It’s as simple as that.


  • Passive income: All you have to do is run the app in the background, and you will be earning passive income weekly, monthly and yearly. This is one of the major advantages of this app. Usually, there is some activity involved in exchange for points or money but with Media Insiders you just have to install the app and run it in the background.
  • Other opportunities to earn such as filling out surveys. 
  • 4 week TV bonus just for watching. 
  • Variety of ways to earn rewards. 
  • 3 winners each week for a $25 Tango Gift Card. 
  • Monthly $100 drawing for Tango Gift Card. 
  • $5 loyalty bonus after 12 weeks of membership. 
  • Automatic processing of payments, no need to remember to cash out!


  • Privacy concerns: Many people have issues concerning privacy. The first thing that comes to mind whenever talk about auto capturing is privacy. So how safe is this app? To give you a general overview, the app is designed only to identify sounds, and that’s why it makes it easier to record TV and other media. The app uses something called a Gracenote service to record auto content which is perfectly safe. This Gracenote app is necessary for the MI app as it records TV activity.
  • Access to social media accounts: some people are skeptical about using the Media Insiders software as it requires access to social media accounts. It is perfectly safe to use this app as the site has an extensive privacy policy protecting its members from any illegal activities. The MI app takes short sound samples at regular intervals. These sounds are immediately converted into a numeric code called hash and points are given. Although this may seem complicated, needless to say, this is perfectly safe software to use and the information is protected at all times.

Should I Use Media Insiders?

The short answer is yes. You are creating passive income just by installing the app and running it in the background.  This is by far one of the easiest ways to make money, easier than taking online surveys. Many people are earning a good income weekly, monthly and yearly using this software.

This could mean a great deal to some people for whom this amount could mean more groceries, an extra income and or even a source of income for college students. This is the only program in which teenagers can also participate and earn money if they have a Smartphone.

So it is a good idea to convert all your non value-added activities like watching TV, viewing and share Facebook videos, twitter shares, etc. into income.  So take the next step and sign up for Media Insiders right here

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