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Microworkers Review: Fake or Legit?

Microworkers is a website that allows people to make money doing little tasks or to create tasks for other people to do for money. There are a variety of basic tasks to choose from that this site provides, like surveys, googling words, testing products, signing up for websites, and much more that a person can get paid to do, as small as it might be. To go along with that, people can create jobs for people that are outside of the basic tasks like writing articles. It's a website that allows people to make money online; there are plenty of tasks to choose from, so there is a task for everybody to do.

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How Do You Get Started at Microworkers?

Much like most websites, getting started at Microworkers all starts with signing up on the website. You cannot start to get paid if you do not sign up. Microworkers is much like a lot of other websites when it comes to signing up. First, when you get to the Microworkers' website, there is a "Register for Free" button in the middle of the page. When you click on that, it takes you to a page where you provide your information: name, address, email address, username, password, and phone number.

After you submit this information, then you will get an email to verify the account; once you get this email, click on the link to go to your account. You will also need to verify your phone number; Microworkers will send you a Pin number to your phone to enter into the website to verify the number. From there, you can access all types of jobs on the website for money.

The Typical Tasks

Probably the most important aspect of knowing about this website is the type of tasks that the workers will be dealing with every day. There are a variety of tasks that workers can choose from. There are surveys, testing websites and apps, creating content for employers, writing articles for employers. The skies the limit for this website. Whatever the employer's post, the workers can do for money. However, each task has a limit of participators, so get to it quickly.

Typical sample of jobs on Microworkers

Example of some jobs and payments on Microworkers

Right next to each task, there is a column that provides the amount money. Most of the time, these tasks don't pay that well. Some of the lower end jobs are 10 cents whereas the higher end jobs are 1 dollar. Sometimes tasks can be 9 dollars, but that is a rarity. Since there are a whole lot of tasks to do, the pay is not high. The more tasks you do, the more money you make. 

You Clicked On The Task, Now What?

When you click on a task, it will lead to another page. This page will show you the title of the job, how many people have done the task( it will show something like 5/20), how much money you will earn, how long the task will take, the employer, and what countries can participate in the task. Below this part of the page will be the instructions; here some of the things you might see:

 Guidelines for Freelancers

1. Much like a lot of jobs, employers want to see if you are competent to complete the job they provided; they want to see if they are getting their money's worth out of you. When you first click on a task that employers put up on the website, you may have to pass a test to in order to even do these tasks. This is an Admission Test, nothing out of the ordinary, Microworkers just wants to know if you are capable.

There are a lot of tasks on this website that requires a lot of thought and creativity. So in order to make money, people cannot just mindlessly go through the website. Microworkers will ask you to read their information page, and you will be questioned on them. This is essentially a job, so they want you to know how the website works.

2. Some tasks require you to test apps, so you will get a screen that will give you the link. You will test the app and once you test it, you will write a review on it. At this point, if you have not verified your number, they will remind you to do that, because these types of tasks may require your phone.

3. There are some tasks that might require you to have a Google Plus profile. This profile has to look like an actual profile, no parodies of people or fake names, the profile should reflect you. 

4. For Youtube videos, it will ask you to like and comment on the video. If you have seen the video before, they do not want you to do the task.
There are many instructions like this, it all depends on the job. So pay attention to the instructions; if you pay attention, you will be paid.

How To Be An Employer and Creating Campaigns:

Now that we talked about the workers part of the website, let's talk about how to be an employer. If someone needs something done, they can create these tasks for the workers of the website to do. In terms for this website, Microworkers call these campaigns. To understand this, when a worker clicks on a task, that was created by an employer by using a campaign. To create a campaign, be at the home page of your worker page( where the jobs are posted). Below the job tabs on top, there are campaign tabs. Click on the 'Create TTV Campaign." Let's take a look at the steps that you have to endure to create a campaign.

Submitting Tasks as an Employer

1. You will encounter the first section, which is deciding which type of campaign you want to create, Basic or HG (Hire Groups) Campaign. Basic Campaign is opened to anybody, with a minimum of 30 people working on it. Basic campaigns are for more simpler tasks like taking surveys. HG Campaigns are opened to a minimum of 1 person, where you can select the people you want to work on it. You can create groups of workers, and you can choose just one of those groups to complete the task you offer. HG Campaigns are for more advanced task like writing articles.

2. The next section is the campaign data, where you set what countries you want to participate, how many people can participate( or in HG terms, what group), the category of the campaign( what type of task is it, survey, transcription, etc), title of the task, how much each person will make, and the instruction. This for the workers so that when they click on the task, they can see all this information to know how to do the job properly. To go the next section, you need to have enough funds in your Microworker account in order to do so.

3. The next section is for uploading the task data so that the workers can actually do the job. Very important to keep the website to run smoothly.

4. The final section is to preview all of the information you just gave and submit the task for the whole website, or your selected group to see and do.

Microworkers' Payment System

Now that you have money for all those tasks that you have done, you can check the amount of money that is displayed below your name on the home page. You can also check your account balance in the withdraw tab. In the withdraw tab, you can withdraw the money that you have made into your Paypal, Skrill, Dwolla ( USA people only), and Payoneer accounts. If you don't, then you need to because that is the only way to get the money. These websites are payment systems that are connected to your banking accounts. In order to make a withdraw request, you need at least 9 dollars, 20 dollars for people using Payoneer. A fee will also be deducted from your earnings.

After you request one withdraw, Microworkers will automatically mail you a Pin Number to enter in order to withdraw money. This Pin number will need to be entered in order for the transaction to be completed.

If you want to create a campaign for workers to do, you can deposit money into your account so you have enough funds to do so. You can use a credit card to deposit money or if you Skrill or Dwolla, you can as well. After this, you will go to the confirmation page to complete the transaction.


  • It is a website for people to work. It offers plenty of tasks to do for people to earn money when they are having trouble finding a job, it is something to do in the meantime.
  • This is a great website to earn a little extra money on the side. Having extra money does not hurt at all.
  • ​Offers a variety of jobs that people can do. This could be good for people who are trying hone other skills so that they may get better at other jobs like writing, creating websites, transcribing. This may lead to other, higher paying jobs in the future.
  • ​In terms for employers, this a positive because they can just say a title and instructions on what needs to be done. This could be beneficial for people who are too busy to do the task. They can put if up on this website for people to do it.
  • The layout for both workers and employers seem pretty straight forward. Easy to navigate through to do the tasks and create them as well.


  • This is not something people should create a career out of. These tasks are mostly low paying, so workers may have to do hundreds and hundreds of tasks just to make ends meet.
  • ​You have to wait for your first payment, since it is not instant. Microworkers will send a letter containing information on how to retrieve your first payment. This may be frustrating for people who need the money right away. Honestly, it just seems aggravating.
  • According to Paul Goodman's blog about Microworkers, he says in his experience, transferring money into his Paypal took a long time as well.
  • Another nuance is that you cannot actually transfer the money into your Paypal, Skrill, or Dwolla until you have 9 dollars in your account, which will take a long time. Not only that, but they add an additional processing fee to your earnings, so you will earn less money. So you will get less money when you are already earning low amounts money for each task.

So, Is It A Scam?

I believe that Microworkers is a website where people can get help with their content, or get help earning money. There are a lot of layers of this website that makes sure everybody is getting the amount of information they need for each task so that they can easily understand how to do them. However the issue is more earning money; most tasks are low paying jobs, so people have to do task constantly. The fact that there are fees to even transfer the money into your Paypal types of accounts makes kind of scam; they are getting more money on the backs of people who barely have enough money to it. Have been on these types of websites before where I made money doing tasks, and they usually do not have those fees.

If you are looking for some cheap help then Microworkers could be a great fit for you.  Feel free to sign up at anytime.  For those looking to make some extra money we highly recommend trying other sites first before committing to Microworkers.  Upwork or one of our Top 20 Online Survey Sites will get you started in the right direction. ​

More Ways To Earn

If you still have no idea what you are looking for in a money making website, we can help you answer your questions. Our blog features dozens of money making opportunities that are just as interesting and ​unique as Microworkers. For example, if you do enjoy being assigned task, check out Virtual Bee. They are a Data Entry website where you can set your own hours and days you want to work. 

However, if you want to stick to survey sites, we here at Surveyswonk recommend Swagbucks or My Survey. These are two of our highest ranked survey sites. ​There are more reviews on our Survey Site Reviews page, where you can read reviews on over 60 survey sites. 

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