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Mindfield Online Review: Is it a Legitimate Survey Site?

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Internet surveys are everywhere. You can't watch a video online, click on a advertisement, or surf the web without seeing a survey. Some are simple, asking if you've seen a advertisement on the site, and some are more intense. These more intense surveys are what help companies determine what products work, and which products don't. MindField Online is a internet panel website where its members complete surveys from companies that are testing new products.

DISCLAIMER: At the time they are not accepting new members, but that changes frequently as they get more and more companies on the site offering surveys. 

Background on MindField Online

Here's some background information on MindField Online:

MindField Online is online panel research company that is part of multiple research trade associations. They are part of multiple Market Research Associations such as AMA, to name one, so you know they are a legit site. On top of that, they pride themselves on being a site that tends and provides surveys to all ages. They heavily advertise themselves on being simple enough for all kinds of people; Teens, College Kids, Parents, Professionals, and Senior Citizens. However, although it is open to all ages, certain surveys only apply to a specific demographic. 

How Can I Join

MindField Online has a SIMPLE acronym that describes the process. 

Sign up. Click here!

Initial Set-up: After you put in your email, you will have to go into your email to verify your account. 

Member Questionnaire: After registering your account, you are asked to fill out a member questionnaire.

Periodic Email Notification: MindField Online will send you emails periodical inviting you to join surveys. 

Let Us Know Your Opinions

Enjoy Your Rewards! After you complete a survey, you will be rewarded points on the website. 

Is It Safe?

MindField Online is a safe company that can be trusted with the information that you provide. It is certified by TRUSTe, a company that keeps updating security for websites, and makes sure they are upholding the privacy guidelines they set out. Furthermore, although other websites advertise on the site, none of your information will be provided to them. Everything that you put into the website goes into the vault, and will only be used to get you surveys that you are a good fit for you to take. 

How do I take Surveys?

​MindField Online emails its members whenever there is a survey where the requirements match up with your questionnaire answers. It is crucial that you check your email daily, because the surveys get disseminated to its members periodically, with no rhyme or reason. This is one of the downsides of the this site. The emails are not consistent, and if you do not check on them, you may miss them. 

Additionally, there is a tab on the websites called Take a Survey, where there sometimes are surveys that are open to anyone. This happens every once in a while, but its a great way to make a quick buck or two without waiting for a email. 

Why Would I Get Disqualified From Taking Surveys?

Because there are so many different surveys out there, and so many different kind of people on the site, companies can specify which demographic they want to take the survey. This is a strategy used by ​companies to get the best kind of feedback for certain products. For example, if you are a 30 year old male, your feedback on makeup does not do any good for makeup companies, and 30 year old females are probably not the best to take a survey on mens dress shoes. 

Keeping Date Clean And Useful

Insurance Quality Data logo

Furthermore, MindField Online uses IQD, Insurance Quality Data, which is a company that monitors users, keeping fraudulent people off the site. Due to this, it is important for you to verify your email, and only use one email account. Secondly, you want to make sure that your answers are applicable to the survey; they state that "poor data is not tolerated." Thirdly, you want to make sure that you take your time answering these questions, usually only taking 5-15 minutes. The site monitors how long it takes you to take the surveys because they want to keep people from answering too quickly and giving false answers. If you don't adhere to these, you can be removed from the site. 

How Do I Get Paid?

After taking surveys, you will get a notification on the site of the rewards going into your account. Each surveys range from $1-$3 dollars, which is in line with other top survey sites such as Pinecone Research. Once you reach $5 dollars, you can cash out for Pay-Pal, Walmart, BestBuy, or other retail stores. Similar to MySurvey, after cashing-out you get the money in your account within 3 business days. ​Additionally, you can earn rewards by referring other friends and family to the site. You get $1 per referral, therefore its best to get as many of your friends and family on board. 


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Part of Multiple Market Research Associations
  • Works on all types of browsers


  • Can be removed from site for poor answers
  • Not a lot of money can be made from this site
  • Low pay-out for surveys

Should I use MindField Online?

There are both ups and downs to using MindField Online. It is a great site if you don't want to commit to taking a survey every single day, and really care about giving genuine answers. However, if you are looking to make some quick cash online, this may not be the best site for you. With a low pay-out, and inconsistent survey options, making big cash is tough. Consequently, although the cash-out is only $5, that about as much as you can make. If you are looking for sites that really can help you pad your pockets from home, check out or reviews on the top survey sites out there.  


Although they are not accepting new members, keep a eye out. More companies can join the site, means more surveys. However, in the mean time, let me help you make money. After all, this is a money making opportunities website. For starters, our blog features some truly great and unique ways to make money online. Amazon Flex, for example, gives everyday people the opportunity to use their own car to deliver amazon packages within their area code. ​

Another great way to earn some extra cash is through other survey sites. Just because MindField isn't accepting new members, doesn't mean alll the other ones aren't. Check out Swagbucks, our favorite and highest ranked survey site. You will not be disappointed and find a message saying they are not accepting new people. In addition to that, another great survey site is Mindswarms. This is a site that instead of answering short and simple surveys on a piece of paper online, you film yourself taking the surveys. It is safe, super easy to do, and fun at the same time. 

Hope this helped, and I hope you find a great site where you can make some solid money!​

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