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Mr Rebates Review – Make Money For Shopping Online

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The internet is a great resource to find websites and companies that can help you make money online. With thousands and thousands of sites out there, we here at Surveyswonk have seen it all. We have reviewed over 60 websites that can earn you money. Although we predominantly look at survey sites, there are many other different options out there. For example, for those that are in school, or looking at going back to school, we have reviewed sites such as ScholarshipOwl, where you can earn scholarships to help save money on education. We also have looked at Multi-Level-Marketing websites such as Protandim, where you can sell Protandim and earn commission on sales. However, here we are looking at a money making opportunity that is probably pretty close to home for many people. Mr. Rebate is a site where you earn cash back for shopping. Chances are you already go shopping, so why not learn about how you can make money doing so?

What Is Cash Back?

Although in theory it is a simple question, it is worth taking a look at. It will not only help you understand how it works, but also will help you get a idea of what the company does. For example, we have all seen commercials for debit cards where you can earn cash back on purchases at certain stores. In addition to that, some stores offer in store cash back if your total bill is over a certain number. Discover does a great job explaining it here if you are still lost. This money can be used in the form of a gift card, to purchase more products from the store, or straight up cash in your account. Cash-Back works by working with the stores individually, and giving you a certain percentage of your payment back to you. If you purchase $200 worth of items, and receive 5% cash-back, you are rewarded $10. This is a great deal since you already where going shopping, therefore free money for doing something is a no brainer. 

Spend Money to Make Money

What Is Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates was started in 2002​ by Craig Cassate. It is a company that is based off of a business plan where they give cash back to their members for shopping through their site. They have over a hundred different businesses on their site, so finding the store you want to shop at is fairly easy. Most of the time, the popular stores have advertising on the homepage so you don't have to search at all. The stores are featured on the site because they do get paid a small amount each time someone clicks on their store through Mr. Rebates. This is the incentive that gets so many businesses on the site. In addition to drawing businesses, it also lowers prices. Due to the intense competition when it comes to stores with physical locations, that competition only intensifies when its online and free for accessible for anyone and everyone. 

How To Join?

Joining is quick and easy on the site. Since it is a website that requires very little personal information, you don't have to answer to many questions. Unlike other survey sites, who want to know your demographic, Mr. Rebates does not care. They are not a marketing company that collects data. Instead they are just a middle man site between the consumers, and the stores. ​In order to shop on their website you need to become a website, sorry, no guest shopping yet. Once you click to join, you are ready to start buying products and receiving cash back. 

How Does Mr. Rebates work?

There is a few ways to explain how Mr. Rebates works, but I am going to explain it to you in a simple two step process. Real quick; real easy. 

Step 1:

Once you have signed up, you are good to go when it comes to shopping on the site. After searching for a store, and finding a item, you put that item in you cart. Once the item is in your cart, you can checkout. There will be a note with the item and cart total with how much cash-back you will get, or what kinds of rewards you will receive. ​

  • Free shipping: For some stores, after you reach a certain total, you will receive free shipping. This is a great bonus, although it doesn't get you paid. 
  • In store credit. Some stores will give you cash back in the form of in store credit. Yes, you are online, so how does this make sense? Well, it will be stored in your Mr. Rebates account, and once you go back to that store, you can use that credit to purchase items. 
  • Cash-Back. This money will be deposited into your Mr. Rebates account. Now, don't start thinking you will be rewarded 50% cash-back on each purchase. You won't. Cash-back is usually in small percentages, between 3%-5%. 

​Step 2:

​Now that the money is in your account, you can request for it to be transferred to your pay-pal. It usually takes a couple of weeks for it to be approved; pending the approval of your purchase, you not returning and products, and the store receiving the payment. You can request pay-out at any point in time, but it will be officially paid-out to you at the first of the next month. I say any point in time because it can be either right after your purchase, or weeks after. However, there is a $10 minimum to cash-out. Nothing to be alarmed about there, most sites you find online will have a minimum cash-out number. 

How Mr. Rebates works

Pending Vs. Available Rebates?

There are two different names for rebates that you will receive through Mr. Rebates. Pending rebates means the cash-back that you will receive after the purchase if finalized, and the stores return policy expires. For some stores this is a few weeks, others can be up to 3 months. Once that is all finalized, and in the past, the pending rebates will turn into available rebates on your account. This is the time when you can cash-out your rebates for real money. ​

Other Ways To Make Money?

There are a few opportunities to make money on Mr. Rebates. The other opportunity, which is very popular for members, is through referrals. ​What better way to make money than refer friends to the website, and benefit off of their spendings? Mr. Rebates offers members %20 of the rebates their friends earn. This is a great deal because you not only are helping your friends find great deals, you also are padding your account. 

Pro's To Joining Mr. Rebates?

There are a few obvious pro's to joining Mr. Rebates. ​The first one being that you can earn money for doing something as basic as shopping. If you are going to your shopping online, why not make some money while you're at it? A second pro is convenience. You can choose when and where to shop, and how much cash-back you want. Some stores offer more cash-back as others, whereas other stores offer less cash-back but free shipping. You can weigh the prices and make a decision. Either way, you are still saving money and getting some cash-back. Along with that, since stores want you to click on their store through Mr. Rebates, they offer some great deals. Now products that normally aren't cheap are on sale 

Con's To Joining Mr. Rebates

Like many other sites, there are cons to joining. Cons don't necessarily mean negative consequences of becoming a member, but speed bumps you may encounter while trying to earn money. One of these I mentioned above; the frequency of shopping. Because you don't shop all the time, you will not see a steady stream of money in your account. You have to spend money to make money. Along those lines, since cash-back is a small percentage of your bill, you will have to spend a lot of money to make a good chunk of it back. This can be seen as a con because there is a investment that you have to make in order to make money. Furthermore, there are some cons that have to do with the physical site. I mention these below, and how to avoid certain situations from happening. These renege from coupons to barter shopping. 

Tips and Hints

There a few tricks of the trade that I will share with you now that will help you maximize earnings, but also avoid any hiccups while using the sites. For starters, I understand its online, so you can compare prices. However, this may not be the best option. Secondly, be careful when it comes coupons. There is a fine line you have to walk on when using them on the site, and I will tell you all about it. And finally, beware that there is a anti-bulk/reseller policy. 

Do Not Compare Prices

A few stores featured on Mr. Rebates

When shopping online, it is very easy to have multiple tabs open to find the best deal at a certain store. This is a unique feature because when you are at a store, you can not see other stores prices in real time. But, since you're online, you can do exactly this, hopefully saving money in the long run. However, if you do this on Mr. Rebates, the website can get confused. They have not fixed a kink where your cash-back can be voided if you have too many tabs of the website open. Avoid doing this by staying on a single site when purchasing items, or doing your research before hand. ​

Coupons; The Ins and Outs of using them

Coupons are great, bottomline. You can cut them out of the paper, find them online, or even find them in the store. However, when shopping online, you have to be careful when using coupons; especially on Mr. Rebates. Mr. Rebates only accepts coupons from the actual site. These exist, and appear on the home page for you to claim before shopping. They are a great way to not only save money, but also earn some rebates while doing it. However, beware of outside coupons. Some stores will offer coupons on their websites, but if you use them when checking out, it will void your cash-back. If this happens, the whole Mr. Rebates thing was a waste of time, because you will not be getting your cash-back. At that point, you are just shopping online, and wheres the fun in that?​

Anti-bulk/reseller policy

In Mr. Rebates terms and conditions, there is a category where they outline that any bulk purchasing can void cash-back. This is to avoid people buying in bulk to resell at their own stores. Mr. Rebates is not the place to purchase items like you would at a Same Club or Costco, to sell in your own stores. Large purchases can be flagged, and cash-back can be surrendered if it turns out that is what you are doing. ​


Since the website does not ask for much personal information, there is not really a privacy issue. However, there are some things that come with a membership that you should be aware of. By signing up for Mr. Rebates, you also are signing up for a weekly newsletter you will receive via email. This newsletter will have deals for stores, as well as coupons. These emails are extraordinarily beneficial, as they contain coupons that can help you save money, and earn top cash-back. If you feel as if you are being spammed with too many emails, there is a option to opt out of the emails. 

Furthermore, Mr. Rebates promises in their privacy policy that your email will be safe with them. Your email will not be sold to any stores, or third party vendors. This takes out the uneasiness that comes with giving a email to a website that works with multiple different stores. If you want some more information, take a look at their Privacy Policy. 

Earn Money through cash back

Bottom Line:

Mr Rebates is a great site to earn some extra money for doing something you already do. The concept is quite simple, and easy to follow. Just buy items through the site, and earn cash-back for the entirety of your purchase. It is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side, and make you feel like you're not spending as much money while shopping. Although it is a very small percentage, it can add up quickly. This is a great website for families that shop every week, who's bill can get up to $200. That is where you maximize your savings; with larger bills. However, beware that if you have too many large bills, you may be questioned about the nature of your purchases. 

Secondly, it is a unique way to earn some extra money. Unlike survey sites, where you have to sit down and take surveys to make money, you make money by doing something as simple as shopping. Mr. Rebates is well known in the online community as a great and reliable site to earn cash-back on, and there is very little risk. Members get paid, they are happy, and in turn, refer friends and family to the site. If you are interested in a community where the deals are great, the site is legit, and the shopping is easy; Mr. Rebates is for you.


Well, if you want more, I know just the place to look. We here at Surveyswonk have searched the web for countless hours weeding out the fake sites from the legit ones. We have compiled reviews and rankings on top money making sites online. Check out our Top 20 Money Making Websites, as well as our blog, where you can find dozens of more opportunities to make a secondary/passive income from home on your own time. 

A couple interesting sites on our blog are Product Testing USA and Virtual Bee. Product Testing USA is a great site where you are connected with companies and receive products to test. No, you are not the guinea pigs testing toxic products, but you are one of the first to test out a new product before it goes into stores. you answer questions on the product, give your review of the product, and even get to keep the product! It is a non traditional survey site because you actually get to use the product, and the whole process feels more personal and hands on.

Now, lets do a 180 and look at Virtual Bee. Virtual Bee is a site that is not a survey site at all. Instead, it is a data entry site that you can work on from home. It is a great opportunity to do some extra work whenever you want to. You are able to set your own hours, and what you want to work on. These two sites, and many more, are all featured on our blog. If you look around, you are surely going to find a site that suits you; whether it be payment, time, or accessibility. So, get out there and you can see how much money you can actually earn online. ​

Make Money Like The Rich

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