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MyPoints Review – Pro’s, Con’s, and Recommendations.

What Is MyPoints?

MyPoints is an online reward program that pays when you perform certain tasks such as reading emails, printing out coupons, shopping, and playing games.  In essence, you basically get paid for doing everyday tasks that you probably already do!  With MyPoints, you are also able to earn more points by participating in surveys, clicking on links that are sponsored, and taking part in trial offers.  You are then able to exchange the points for gift cards.  Each point is equivalent to about 0.62 cents, so in order to earn a $10 gift card, you need to accumulate 1600 points.

MyPoints rewards are superior to other options available for online surveys.  Users are able to make online purchases from retailers in MyPoints' network and then earn points each time they make a purchase.  Users can then redeem those points for travel miles, gift cards, or cash back via PayPal.  Payment through PayPal starts at $25 and for most rewards, the minimum payout is $10.  MyPoints is a branch of United Online Inc. which is a multimillion dollar company that owns sites such as Juno, FTD, and NetZero.  

How Do I Sign Up?​

MyPoints is free to join, but there are some requirements.  You must be a citizen of the US or Canada, and be 18 years of age or older.​  Once you have filled in the accurate information, you are good to go!

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Ways to Make Money With MyPoints

There are multiple ways to make money with MyPoints that are very easy and convenient for the user.  The variety of ways to earn points is one of the prime reasons that MyPoints is superior to its competitors.  

Shopping Online

MyPoints will actually reward you just for shopping!  MyPoints has a set of partners that will reward you if you use their portal to get access to other popular online shopping websites.  If you use their site to shop, you will earn a percentage of each online purchase you make in the form of cash back.  Although the rewards are not as high as those you would get using other top shopping rewards sites, you are able to combine your efforts by using more programs.

Reading Email

Another thing you probably do everyday, read your email, can now earn you cash!  How it works is that the website send you emails that include links.  Once you click on the link, you earn 5 points, which equates to about $0.035.  You can earn even more points by going through the emails, which only takes about 10 to 15 seconds on average, per email.

Watching Videos and Playing Games

Yes, it is exactly how it sounds.  With MyPoints, you can earn points by simply watching videos on the site or playing the games that are on the site.  You do not earn much, but you can earn by just going about your daily routine and having the videos playing while you do.  

Participating in Surveys

If you complete a survey lasting about 10 minutes, you get paid 50 points, or about $0.35.  You have to qualify for the surveys and they are then sent to you via email, however, if you do not qualify for a survey, you still get 10 points no matter what, which equates to about $0.07.  So, for every survey attempted, completed or not, you earn 7 cents.

​Printing Coupons

Coupons are always a great way to save some money whenever you do any sort of shopping.  With MyPoints, for every coupon you print you earn 10 points, equating to about 7 cents.​  These points are in addition to the savings you can make by shopping through MyPoints' portal.

Easy Points

There is actually an "Easy Points" section on MyPoints in which you will get asked if you need a contractor to work on your home or if you would like to save money on groceries with coupons, when you click on it.  If you click on it and click on "I don't" then MyPoints will offer another opportunity to earn points by clicking on a link.  As previously mentioned, when you click on a link you automatically earn 5 points, or $0.035.  There are even more points to be earned by searching for specific offers on their site.

In-Store Promotions

The in-store promotions are rare, but when taken advantage of, they can get  you a great deal and potentially even earn you money.  How it works is that MyPoints makes a deal with an advertiser to offer you a great in-store deal.  For example, you could buy two large boxes of trash bags from Walmart, scan and upload your receipt to MyPoints, and immediately receive 1,750 points.  This is enough points to earn a $10 gift card.  You can earn money by purchasing the cheapest trash bags, which cost around $5.12 and use two of the $1 coupons from the coupon page.  That way, you actually end up making $1.76 on your trash bag purchases.  So, basically, MyPoints allows you to actually earn money by purchasing everyday products like trash bags!

Referral Program

With MyPoints, you earn points by referring people.  How it works is that for every person you refer, you earn 25 points.  On top of that, if that person spends $20 or more while shopping, you earn an additional 750 points plus 10% of all the points that person earns.  If you would rather get cash back through PayPal, you can do that, but you need at least 4,550 points to do so.  Another option for payment is to get a prepaid visa card instead of points.


  • Superior Rewards Program
  • Earn rewards through a variety of everyday tasks
  • Earnings payouts include Paypal, Gift Cards, Travel Miles, and Online Shopping


  • Earnings per survey and activities are not high
  • High Payout Threshold
  • Lack of Customer service
  • Some Users Liked the Old Platform & Rewards

So, Is MyPoints Really What It Says It Is?

MyPoints is a legitimate reward site.  There have not yet been any signs of it being a scam.  MyPoints is both a good place to start for beginners and a great choice for paid survey takers who have much experience in taking surveys.

Another popular complaint is the lack of customer service that MyPoints has.  Many users have complained about points being taken away, PayPal transfers not going through and random accounts being locked down. ​

How Much of My Time Should I Invest into MyPoints?

Most of the complaints from users come from those who have their expectations too high and think they will become rich by taking these surveys.  That is not the case.  Since most survey sites do not pay copious amounts of money, it is not recommended that you spend all your time on these sites.  However, MyPoints is a great way to make some extra earnings on the side while doing things you would normally do anyway, like shop, play games, or read emails, to name a few! 

Are you ready to earn money doing simple, everyday tasks?  Sign up for MyPoints now!  


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