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Is MyView a Scam or a Legitimate Survey Site?

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Market research is big right now in the online community, and in big businesses game plans for their companies. It is a vital part of putting out products, and maintaining public image with products they have out already. Because companies need to conduct surveys so frequently, they choose to hire third part survey sites to create and give out surveys them for them. MyView is one of these sites that gives surveys to their members on products and companies that pay them to give out surveys.  This is a site that is very similar to Swagbucks, and MySurvey, due to the fact that they send out surveys to members and reward them for their time. All of these sites are taking part in their own way in conducting market research to help understand consumer viewpoints, and how they can improve on their products and advertisements. 

More Information on MyView

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MyView used to be a big shot market search company that had great presence on the internet. However, they recently joined forces with their site company, OneOpinion, pooling members to create a bigger site with a larger pool of survey takers. MyView and OneOpinion, because they were owned by the same company, Critical Mix. Critical Mix is a large consumer market research company that gathers opinions from members, turns survey responses to data, and gives that data to companies seeking consumer feedback. 

How Can I Join?

Since MyView is no longer a company, on they're website it will direct you to OneOpinion. If you were already a member for MyView, your account log-in information will be the same for OneOpinion. Furthermore, if you wanted to join MyView, you will have no trouble joining OneOpinion. They accept all people, no invitation required. 

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How Do I Make Money?

Surveys. MyView and OneOpinion had the same game plan for making its members money; online surveys. Once you are logged in, or registered for OneOpinion, you will be offered surveys to take for money. This is a great way to make some extra cash just by sitting on your computer for a few minutes a day. 

Why Did They Merge?

Websites like this one, online survey sites, are usually owned by a bigger company. They have multiple websites underneath them to be able to reach different demographics. Companies pay the big company to designate surveys through its network of survey sites. Different sites ask different kinds of questions, therefore companies get a wide range of answers and opinion. Critical Mix realized that they would be more productive, and effective as a market research company, if they merged two of their similar sites. This is why many sites sometime either merge, or get absorbed by other sites. ​It is no different in this case with MyView and OneOpinion. 

More Information

If you are looking for some more information on MyView, there is none. The site merged, therefore this is all of the information I know about it. However, it would behoove you to check out our review on OneOpinion. Since you were looking for this site, might as well check out the site that it merged with, right?

Then again, if you were just looking for survey sites in general, fear not, they are out there. Check out our reviews on the Top 20 Survey Sites For 2017, and see the potential there is out there for making money online. 

More Ways To Make/Save Money

If survey sites aren't really for you, don't worry. We here at Surveyswonk do not just review survey sites, but also look at many other money making opportunities online. For example, with Mr. Rebates, you can earn cash back just for shopping online. This is a great way to earn back some extra cash by doing something you probably already do. In addition to that, we have looked at a few scholarship websites. ScholarshipOwl is one that we like because of how many scholarships are offered, and how easy it is to apply. I understand that a scholarship isn't tangible cash you can spend on anything, but it will help you save money. College is extraordinarily expensive, but with a few scholarships in your account, you can save a good amount of money on education. ​

On top of those two examples, we have reviewed dozens of other websites that can help you make money online, that are not just survey sites. Check out our blog where you can scroll through to find a vast amount of opportunities, all unique in their own ways. ​

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