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Nicequest Review: Can I Make Money?

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Online surveys are all over the internet. Sites like Swagbucks and Mindswarms disseminate surveys to their members from companies in turn for payment. Nicequest is a similar company that  offers surveys online for people to earn rewards. Companies pay Nicequest to conduct surveys on products and experiences. These surveys help determine what new products will be made, how products will be advertised, and how to improve current products. This is a key part of market research; determining the publics opinions on plans, products, and how to execute a effective advertisement or promotion. 

What is Nicequest?

Nicequest is a online consumer market research company that conducts surveys. They conduct surveys for products, and in turn pay their members for taking them. Payments are made in the form of shells, which is a made-up currency that Nicequest invented. These then can be used to purchase items on the site.

How To Join?

Unlike other surveys sites, such as Swagbucks and MySurvey, registration is a little harder than just going on their website. Instead, registration for Nicequest is through invitation only. To get invited you need to take part in ad hoc campaigns that they do on their other sites. To be part of these campaigns, keep a eye out on their twitter and Facebook for offers and invitations. They are exclusive because they want to keep their community small, therefore members can receive more rewards. It is very tough to become a member of the Nicequest community, but if you do, its highly rewardable. 

How To Get Paid?

If you are invited, and register to the site, making money is pretty easy. Although you don't really make money, you earn shells. Shells then can buy you products on their site that range from electronics, home appliances, and gift cards. They keep all of this in their site, so you cannot cash-out for pay-pal, and receive actual money. 

Surveys usually take between 10-15 minutes, and pay out in their currency. Once you take enough surveys, you can go on their gift site and purchase items or gift-cards. ​There is not point to cash value ratio that make sense, because all points earned are in a made up currency. Therefore it is hard to tell how much each survey pays. 

How Nicequest Works

Is It Safe?

Nicequest is a very safe site to join, if you are invited. Due to it being such a small community, they really focus on their members. Because of that, they make sure that keeping your info safe is of upmost importance. Users also have to allow cookies while accessing the site and taking surveys. However, in their cookie policy, Nicequest states that all of your information is kept anonymous from third party sites. 


Nicequest has many pro's, that you will see if you get invited to join. For one, they are a very small, exclusive community. Because of this you are offered more surveys, since there are less members. Additionally, there are great rewards on the site, because they don't need enough rewards to give to thousands of members. On top of it being a small community, you can use rewards you earned on the site to join drawings for prizes like new phone and MacBooks. You can spend a very small amount of points on drawings for prizes that would cost a lot of points and time to earn. 


The obvious con is that you cannot register for the site without a invitation. Invitations are rare, and you have to participate in campaigns for other companies to even get a chance to be offered. In addition to that, you can not spend the points you earn on gifts outside of the website. Pay-Pal is not a option, therefore you never make real cash, just can purchase products on the website. 

Should I Join?

Well, since it is through invitation only, its really not up to you. However, you can keep a eye on their Facebook and twitter to try and get invited. This is a great site that is very exclusive, therefore if you do get invited, it would behoove you to join. Conversely, if you want to make real cash, and be able to cash-out through Pay-Pal, Nicequest is not the best choice for you. Nicequest only allows its members to spend their earned points on their website, therefore real cash is out of the question. If you are the kind of person that is looking to receive Pay-Pal cash through emails, take a look at our reviews on top 20 paid survey sites for 2017. Hope this helped you get a look at this company, and possibly have the opportunity to look at more survey sites. 

More Money

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