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OneOpinion Review: Is it Worth My Time?

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Many market research survey sites require extensive information from you in order for your participation. Unlike other survey sites, OneOpinion is super lenient with what they require from you. They require the bare minimum- name, address, email, and date of birth. Many other sites similar to OneOpinion will ask for way more information than that. OneOpinion is also one of the few survey sites that do not require you to be 18 or over to participate. If you are 13 and have parental consent, you can start to earning money as well! The only limiting factor about OneOpinion is that only residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada can join the website. OneOpinion is a survey website that almost anyone can participate in.

About OneOpinion’s Surveys

Members can take multiple surveys in one given day. Generally,the amount of surveys that you are able to take differs on the day- it depends on what surveys are available if you qualify for them, and whether or not the company wants your opinion. OneOpinion will notify you whenever there are surveys available that you are qualified for, and that you can take. If you are not able to find a survey for one day, check back the next, since they get new surveys each and every day. There are people who claim that they do not receive daily surveys, but OneOpinion has explained why they think that might be happening. Many email services will think that these emails are spam, and will send them directly to a junk folder. OneOpinion recommends that you change the settings in your email so that you are able to receive survey offers.

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You don't even need to read the rest of this review....

Why Are Surveys Done?

Surveys are done in order to help out companies that need consumer perspectives and demographics in order to improve their products and/or services. You are able to gain access to new and interesting products and surveys before anyone else can. People’s opinions are something that is extremely valuable in the business world since they can help improve a product. By taking these surveys, you are making a difference for a company’s products, and ultimately help make their product be the best one that it could be.

The biggest problem with OneOpinion is that you have to take qualifying surveys in order to take the survey that will pay you. If you do not qualify for the survey, your only choice is to move on, which can become tedious. Typically, the price of the survey varies from $0.25 up to $2. These aren’t the highest paying surveys, but it is certainly better than the majority of survey sites that only pay you a couple of cents for your opinions.

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How Do I Get Paid?

OneOpinion has a fairly easy to understand point system. 1000 of their points is the equivalent to $1 US Dollar. Currently, members need at the very least 25,000 points in order to cash out, the equivalent of $25 US Dollars. This is a fairly normal cash-out amount, but it will still take a long time for you to earn enough to gain your payment. There are different ways that you can obtain your minimum $25 through OneOpinion.


The first way is through Paypal. OneOpinion will transfer your points into cash, and then send that cash to your Paypal account.

Gift Cards

The other way that you can attain your money is through virtual gift cards. This is different from a normal gift card since you do not have to wait fordays or even weeks for the card to come in the mail. If you choose to obtain your payment through a virtual gift card, OneOpinion will then send you a code, usually through email, for you to receive the card. These gift cards are specific and can be used for major online stores such as Amazon, or Best Buy.

PrePaid Visa Card

The last way that you can change your points into money is by getting a prepaid VISA card. You will be sent a debit card with a specific dollar amount on the card, which can be very convenient if you do not have a Paypal, or you do not want any of the virtual rewards. This debit card functions as any other debit card that you have, and is extremely useful for anyone and everyone!


  • Easy to sign up. 
  • 3 different ways to receive rewards. 
  • Legitimate site that pays out members. 


  • You have to take prelim surveys just to qualify for opportunities. 
  • Only one way to earn. 
  • Emails may be sent to spam folder.  
  • High initial cash out value ($25). 
  • Not great ROI on taking surveys. 

Is OneOpinion Worth It?

OneOpinion is a fully legitimate survey site that pays their users in full. It is not a scam. It can be difficult to earn money with this website since the payment for the surveys does not pay that much. In addition to that, you may have to take multiple preliminary surveys in order to qualify for just one paying survey. Be warned, you will not be able to become rich from using this website, as it is difficult to get payment. If you are still interested in joining OneOpinion, click here!

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