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Open Sky Secured Visa Card Review

Online shopping is all the rage now. With websites like Amazon taking off, people no longer are leaving their house to go shopping. With that said, one can easily get caught in a black hole of online shopping sites. Alas, we finally have a site where it easier than ever to be connected to stores, other shoppers, and great deals. Open Sky is a online community that connects people to people on a social media platform, that also has options to purchase items.

Open Sky Logo

What Is Open Sky

Open Sky is a online retail website and app that serves as a marketplace to connect shoppers and stores. Their social commerce platform allows for a open discussion between members, shoppers, and stores. As of now, they have over 70,000 independent merchants on the platform. With that many people selling products, you are guaranteed to find something to buy.

Open sky connects smaller shoppers to a customer base that they may never have gotten to in a public store. In addition to that, through engaging on social media, brands and company’s awareness are boosted. The website features clothing, accessories, jewelry, home and office goods, and even furniture!

Additional Savings

Open Sky Credit

You can accumulate credits on Open Sky, and spend those to get additional discounts. Members earn these credits through buying products on the website and app. These credits can be applied to any product, and you can set the preferences on how many credits you want to use on the purchase. This is a great way to save some money, on an already discounted item.


Open Sky is known for its easy to navigate website. All of their categories are well advertised, and adding products to carts is as easy as clicking a button. Furthermore, being that they work with smaller companies, and are constantly connecting with stores, when a item is sold, the company knows immediately. That means that they can get it out for shipping quicker than other online shopping sites. In addition to that, being that there are over 70,000 independent merchants, Open Sky is a great place to check for a product that you have had trouble finding in the past. Chances are one of the 70,000 merchants has the product.

Another great pro is the discounts. Their social media is constantly updating their followers on sales, discounts, and packages. Open Sky has pricing deals that often are 20 to 80 percent off retail value.


One of the major con’s is that since they are such a large community, their customer service is less than average. It can be difficult contacting them about a problem you are having, or a faulty website. Additionally, another con is that some people have written reviews about the quality of the products. To that, I must say, “you get what you pay for.” For example, if you buy a $16 watch, you are getting $16 worth of wear out of that watch. The best way to avoid this is to understand what you are buying, its original price, and why it’s discounted.

Bottom Line:

When it come's down to it, only a select amount of people are going to find this site beneficial; those who shop early, and often. If you are a bargain-hunting shopper, this site should absolutely be part of your repertoire. Saving money is easy on a site like this, and hard finds can turn up on the featured page quite frequently. In addition to that, if you shop enough, and build up enough credit points, you can further increase your discounts. Open Sky is a great resource for the financially savvy shopper. 

However, if you are not a huge shopper, but still want to save money, and even earn money online, you can stick around on the site. Our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites are guranteed to help you start building up a passive income, from the freedom of your own home. On top of that, our blog features dozens of unique money making sites, and articles on how to save money. For example, check out our 107 Tips To Staying Financially Frugal. You certainly will find a few tips which you can adapt into your everyday life to help save some extra cash. Who knows, maybe you can even use that cash you save to buy some cool stuff on Open Sky!

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