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Opinion Square Review: How Much Can I Make?

Market research is a ground floor business plan for a lot of consumer product companies. It helps companies understand the market, what products people like, and how to advertise them. Furthermore, it tells companies what about their products or advertisements need to be improved. Companies partake in market research to understand the thoughts and opinions of key demographics for their products. Sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey, to name a few, are very popular due to their ability to be able to decimate surveys from companies to thousands of consumers online. Opinion Square is one of these companies that helps other companies conduct anonymous market research online. 

What is Opinion Square?

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Opinion Square is a online market research company that works with companies and advertisers across the United States. They send out surveys that have to do with products both on the market and future ones. Your information helps shape the way products are made, advertised, and sold. On top of that, Opinion Square offers fun ways to win prizes and cash other than just taking surveys. They offer many ways to make money, and with so many ways, the possibilities are endless. 

How To Join

Joining Opinion Square is quite easy. For starters, you are going to want to go on their website to register. After answering a few questions, and verifying your email, you will take a quick member questionnaire. The purpose of this is to get a idea of what kind of person you are, where you are from, and what kind of products you work. The reason they do this is to make sure that they send you surveys that matter to you, and that you qualify for the surveys they send you. 

After that, just wait for the surveys to start coming in. Do not be alarmed if you do not get offered a survey right away, it takes time. Once you are registered in the site, and your answers analyzed, surveys will start coming into your inbox. ​

How Does It Work?

​Opinion Square works by sending out surveys for their members to complete. Surveys will be sent to your email, as well as available on your member page. According to members, you receive 3-4 surveys a month through your email, and 1 or 2 surveys on the page. Each survey offers from 200-500 tokens. Tokens can be turned into cash, and you can receive a check in the mail, or you can purchase items on the page.  Along with that, you automatically get added to sweepstakes on the page. These sweepstakes have a cash pay-out of up to $20,000 among all of its members. 

Not only do you get paid to partake in surveys, but you also can play games on the website to boost your tokens, which increases your future cash-out. ​

​In addition to surveys, sweepstakes, and games, members can download Opinion Square software that monitors your web browsing when you choose to allow it to. Not only can you do that, but you also can sign up for surveys where you track what you watch on T.V., and when you watch it. Similar to Nielsen, companies want to know peoples viewing habits to advertise better. 

Opinion Square Sign Up

Is It Safe?

Opinion Square certifies that your information will be kept safe. Although you can link your card to your account, the only information that is stored is what kind of bank you have. When it comes to surveys, all of your answers will be sent to the company that conducted the survey, anonymously, along with everyone else answers. Furthermore, if you choose to download their software that monitors your web browsing, they do not use that to advertise directly to you, or spy on what you are viewing. This is simply just to help companies understand users viewing habits while online. Opinion Square also uses Norton Security to keep your information safe. 


  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Compatible with all types of browsers
  • Customer service if you are having troubles
  • Fun ways to earn tokens
  • Different prizes to win and purchase


  • Only 3-4 surveys a month
  • Low tokens per survey
  • Lose your tokens after each quarter

How To Maximize Earnings

Like other "GPT" sites such as Swagbucks or Treasure Trooper,  Opinions Square has so many different ways to earn tokens, there is great opportunities to make a lot of money. For one, if you want to maximize how much you can earn on the site, you want to participate in as many different ways as possible. Although surveys only come to 3-4 times a month, it is best to opt for the TV viewing surveys and internet browsing options. These both earn you points, like surveys, but are more frequent.   

Is Opinion Square Worth My Time?

This website is worth your time if you fall into either of these two categories; users that constantly search the web, and users that enjoy being "guinea pigs" for T.V. viewing experiences. However, if you are more traditional, and prefer takings surveys to earn money, this site is not for you. Opinion Square earns you money if you allow them to track everything that you do. It is safe, but some people do now enjoy being monitored. Because of this, you may want to take a different route in earning money. Rather then browsing around for more sites, check out out reviews on Top 20 Online Survey Sites

More Ways To Earn

The internet is full, some would say overcrowded with survey sites. We here at Surveyswonk do you, the consumer, the justice of reviewing them, and weeding out the illegitimate ones. However, there are many other ways to earn money online. For example, our blog features new and unique ways to earn a secondary/passive income from the comfort of your own home. We have looked at cash-back websites, such as Ebates. We have looked at Multi Level Marketing companies such as Protandim. And finally, we have looked at newer and more unique survey sites such as Mindswarms. Each of these three, and dozens of others, have unique ways to earn money online. So  check out our blog, read a few reviews, and learn how you can make money from home. 

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