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PaidViewpoint Review: Make Easy Money!

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What is PaidViewpoint?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, people give their opinion, and get paid. You might be thinking that this is just another scam, or that you wouldn’t be able to make much money with PaidViewpoint, but I’m glad to say that if you thought that, you’re wrong! PaidViewpoint has a simple system that everyone can understand and immediately start using. Once you sign up, you can immediately take a survey (join here). You get paid after the survey, usually $0.10, but that amount can increase with more experience. Survey questions are typically personal opinions, but they never ask for personal information other than demographic and geographical facts. After accumulating enough money from multiple surveys, you can then transfer your funds to a Paypal account. It’s that easy!

About PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is a website that specializes in market research via surveys, and want people’s honest opinion. The company has four principles that they strive to upkeep at all times to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. PaidViewpoint will always pay cash for every market research survey that a customer completes.  The company will never withhold payment because your answers were not what they were looking for.  All opinions matter and PaidViewpoint will pay you for your time and effort.
  2. The company will never prevent you from taking a survey once you have been invited to complete it. Many other survey sites make the user take a survey to qualify them for another survey. PaidViewpoint does not do this, as they welcome each and everyone’s unique opinion. As long as the survey is honest, that is all that matters to them.
  3. All surveys are created to be interesting and entertaining. PaidViewpoint is committed to creating people surveys that are not boring so that people will keep coming back to take the surveys.  You wouldn't want to take surveys that asked you dull questions since it would make you unmotivated.
  4. PaidViewpoint's biggest principle revolves around privacy, and it is one of their most important values. PaidViewpoint will never ask for your real name or address, which is important to keep your confidentiality. Many other survey sites do not do this, and that is risky because surveys ask for personal information. If this information were to somehow get out, along with your real name and address, you could potentially be a victim of identity theft. PaidViewpoint makes sure every survey taker feels secure by doing this.

What Types of Surveys Will I Take?

PaidViewpoint offers two different types of surveys: trait surveys and market research surveys.

A trait survey is a short survey that allows the website to get to know you better. These surveys typically ask questions about your demographic, income, and interests, but they will never ask for your real name or your address. These mini surveys make sure that the market research surveys you participate in will be relevant to you and your interests. Surveys are more fun when they are specifically catered to you and your interests.  You will never be bored taking a PaidViewPoint survey. Trait surveys also increase your TraitScore, an integral part of PaidViewpoint that allows you to receive better surveys, thus, more money.

The second type of survey is a market research survey.  This is a survey designed to gain information about product ideas. The companies that pay PaidViewpoint want real opinions from real people to make their products more appealing to others. These companies will also never ask for your real name and address, but they may ask demographic questions for market research purposes.

How Do I Get Paid?

Whenever you complete enough surveys and accumulate $15, PaidViewpoint allows you to cash out via Paypal. Paypal is the only way of receiving payment, so DON'T use PaidViewpoint if you don’t have a Paypal. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people since Paypal operates in over 100 countries. After cashing out the minimum $15, the money should be in your account within three business days. After that, you can either continue to do surveys until you earn another $15, save it, or cash out. Although the majority of PaidViewpoint’s payments are through Paypal, there is another form of payment. The company occasionally offers gift cards instead of Paypal payments that are emailed to you as monetary compensation. Other than that, PaidViewpoint does not have any other way of distributing money. They will never pay you directly by checks or cash, and will always use a third-party system to pay you.

Do You Actually Get Money?

Yes, you do! Members have opportunities to complete surveys every day. Usually, there are only a couple of surveys available in a day, each ranging from 2-10 minutes to finish. The longer the surveys are, the more money you receive. To receive surveys that pay more, you need a high TraitScore. TraitScore is PaidViewPoint’s system that analyzes how people answer survey questions and reward them based on honesty. For example, if you say that you’re 20 years old in one survey, and then 40 years old in the next, TraitScore will catch that. Each trait survey includes repetitions of questions previously asked, and if you answer both questions the same way each time, your TraitScore will increase. However, if these answers do not match, your score will stay the same, but you will miss out on earning more money.

Trait surveys are an easy way to maximize your potential earnings. PaidViewpoint wants honest opinions, and reward people that are consistent with their responses. The fastest way to make more money is, to be honest with all your answers. Your performance as a good survey taker will eventually pay off. If your TraitScore is high, you will receive higher paying surveys.

How Do I Make More Money?

It may seem difficult to make money from PaidViewpoint, due to limited daily surveys, but it's possible! By signing up and filling out basic information, you receive about $1. PaidViewpoint also offers $25 for every friend you refer to their website. This is great because as soon as you receive credit for telling a friend about these surveys, you can cash out whatever you have since it puts your account balance over the $15 withdrawal limit. The best way to maximize profits off PaidViewpoint would be to refer friends and increase your TraitScore.

Members are limited to a certain amount of surveys each month. This ensures that people cannot just take surveys all day. Additionally, PaidViewpoint restricts members from having more than one account. This prevents people from cheating the system and unfairly skewing survey results. People using multiple accounts will be banned. PaidViewpoint does look at IP addresses and other signs of people attempting to cheat the system, so be an honest person.

Is PaidViewPoint Safe?

PaidViewpoint promises never to send the private information you provide to anyone else. They require your Paypal account so that the money you earn from surveys can get back to you. Furthermore, PaidViewpoint will never ask you to purchase anything, nor will they make you buy something to take a survey. They also ask for your phone number to validate your account. This is done to make sure people don't use multiple accounts. Although you have to provide your phone number and Paypal account, PaidViewpoint never asks for your real name. They do not want or need to know your identity, only your true and honest opinions for their surveys to be successful.



  • You get paid for every survey – “no screen outs.”
  • Strict security policy
  • $25 for referring friends! Super easy way to make money fast!
  • Traitscore rewards for being honest
  • Interesting surveys that will keep you engaged.



  • Rewards only available in cash
  • Low reward value for surveys
  • Only a few opportunities available per month.

Should I use PaidViewPoint?

 If you’re an honest person that plans to refer their friends and do surveys daily, then yes you should. Frequently using this website will ensure you earn a lot, as long as your TraitScore is high enough. PaidViewpoint is an excellent survey site that will allow most people to a decent amount of money over a short period. It is a safe website built upon core values including honesty and privacy. To start completing surveys for PaidViewpoint click here!

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How Else Can I Make Money Online?

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