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Is Panel Place a Legitimate Survey Site?

Tired of being limited by the number of surveys available to complete? Want to combine the best aspects of multiple different survey sites? Want to actually start making money online taking paid surveys? Well look no further than Panel Place. Unlike the other survey sites that we have reviewed, Panel Place offers a totally new approach to taking online surveys. The platform is a single website that you can visit to find the best legitimate online survey websites on the market in one convenient location. See how it works here!

What Can I Expect From Panel Place?

Though Panel Place does not actually offer their members any surveys or ways to make money directly, it is a great resource. Think of the platform as a directory of valuable information about other top market research companies. This information alone can save you hours of wasted time surfing the web for opportunities to make money.

Upon signing up for an account you will be redirected to the main page where you can find short concise information about other popular survey sites and opportunities. Basic categories include minimum payout, type of ways you can get paid out, and member submitted proof of payments to validate the legitimacy of the listed sites. All of the sites are free to join and easily accessible with a simple click. Register here to see the list of all the sites.

Is Panel Place a Legitimate Source of Information?

The answer to this question is a very simple: Yes! The very reason Panel Place was established in 2008 was to cut down on the number of money making scams in the past that damaged the reputation of the industry. Now with over 45 countries and hundreds of survey panels reviewed on their website, Panel Place is the largest legitimate database for paid surveys on the market.

A big reason for complete legitimacy is the fact that they are free. Many other portals would charge a fee for access to the information provided or create an ebook or course to sell. By going through the tough work of vetting and processing out scams, Panel Place gives users exactly what they are seeking: high quality survey opportunities.

What Kind of Panels Do They Recommend?

Some of the top panels introduced include other Surveyswonk favorites including Toluna, Globaltestmarket, and iPoll. These are tried and true programs that are sure to make you money. Not only will many of these platforms earn you cash, they also offer additional rewards such as gift cards or products.  A few other sites on the list we were unfamiliar with, yet they looked promising to try at a later date.

An important factor to consider when viewing the panels is the location of the user. Make sure you are not blocking your IP's location or cloaking from a different country. More opportunities are usually associated with larger metropolitan and developed countries.

When a new panel pops up in your area Panel Place will notify you and send you an email asking you to immediately subscribe. Staying on top of new opportunities is a great way to earn extra money from early sign up bonuses.

Other Opportunities on the Platform

The main purpose of the site is too weed out scams and provide valuable information about survey sites. A couple of other features are also available for use by members.

There is a built in journal feature to track your progress while taking the suggested surveys so you can remember specific key ideas in the future. Feel free to write down anything, it's yours to use! One tactic I like to use is putting down a ranking from 1 to 5, so that I can quickly identify which surveys are worth my time.

Monthly contests add a unique twist to incentivize you too use the platform more often. There is always a promotion going on and you will win money if picked.  Make sure to check in monthly to check out the new contests. 

SurveyEX is perhaps the most important bonus feature of the platform. This service allows you to consolidate all the emails you received from different panels into one concise mailbox. Imagine instead of sorting through personal mail to find survey opportunities, you can easily find and complete opportunities all within one place. No more need for setting up annoying filters or chugging through your email inbox for hours on end to delete unnecessary email.

Right now this is still a free option but I suspect that it may not be for long!

Proof of Payouts & Testimonials

One of the best ways to prove that you are legitimate is to document proof of payout.  Panel Place provides documentation right on their website for anyone to see.  They do this by grabbing screenshots of payouts to members who use their platform.  Proofs are up to date and very recent with more uploaded everyday.  These are also available via the app.  Payment verification from a variety of countries is shown, Panel place will work with any country that their third party partners offer access to.  Below you can see an example of what the payment verification looks like: 

Proof of Payment Panel Place

In addition to social proof, panel place also has a page devoted to reviews from users.  Current members give recommendations to Panel Place and they are put on display for everyone to see.  While there seems to be quite a few recommendations given, remember that panel place is using this page as an internal promotion to get new users to sign up.  Survey companies often like to show only the positives of their platforms and skip the negatives.  Users who are diligent and do their own research usually come out much farther ahead than those who do not. 


  • Hundreds of survey panels reviewed
  • Great platform for information about money making opportunities
  • Concise info right on home page
  • Direct emails when new opportunity arises
  • No chance of being scammed
  • All of their partners offer legitimate paid surveys
  • App is very easy to install 
  • Paid Survey Earning Proofs can be seen right on website
  • No unwanted invitations, you select which partners you want to work with


  • Too many options can be overwhelming
  • No ways to instantly make money


Panel Place hands down is the best at what it is intended to be: an authoritative source of information about high quality online survey sites.  While not offering any direct ways to make money itself, Panel Place provides information that can help you make the best decision about which surveys to participate in.  We strongly recommend that you use the platform to evaluate and make decisions about which sites to use.  If you don't have time to waste and are looking for an immediate money making opportunity we encourage you to check out Swagbucks or MyPoints

Conversely, if you are looking for a site that is not molded around surveys, we have reviewed those too! our blog features dozens of unique websites that can earn you cash fast. We have seen everything from product testing sites, to app video sites. ​ Another great opportunity we have come across are Multi Level Marketing websites. If you enjoy a more hands-on approach to making money, these sites are good for you. You are essentially selling nutritional supplements and earning commission off of your sales. In addition to that, you can earn commission off of the sales that people you refer and sign up as well! Its a great way to earn some extra money after work and on the weekends. 

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