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Pointclub Reviews: Is It a Legitimate Survey Site?

Online survey taking websites are everywhere, and it is easy to get lost in promotions, guarantees, and testimonials. Whether you are looking to take a online survey, or test a product in-home, there are hundreds of sites out there. Some of our favorites are Swagbucks and Mindswarms. However, registering for some sites takes a long time, and they don't send you a lot of emails. Don't fret, we have a solution for you. PointClub is a online survey taking website that prides themselves on being one of the best survey sites out there. Why? Well let me tell you how it works and how its safe and you can decide for yourself. 

How Does PointClub Work?

PointClub is a easy to use, user friendly online survey taking website. They work with many different companies to get consumer feedback on products that they are selling. Additionally, the website gets paid to offer these surveys, and trickle that payment down to its members. Making money is quick and easy, and you get paid each time you take a survey on the site.  Some users have mentioned that it functions like Ipsos I-say, a surveywonks top choice. 

How To Join

PointClub claims that it has one of the easiest registration processes. To register, you simply just have to go on their website and sign up. Navigating the website is quite easy because it has the registration information on the main page. When you sign up, whether it be through Facebook, Google+, or your email, you will have to verify your email. However, after you verify your email, and answer a quick profile questionnaire on the page, you automatically receive 2000 points to your account. Once you do all of this, you are ready to start taking surveys and earning points. 

How PointClub Works

How Much Money Can I Make?

There is no maximum to your earning potential on this site. Each survey offers anywhere between 200-2000 points, depending on how long it takes, and how narrow the demographic is. Because of this, you want to make sure you fill out the questionnaire honestly, to be matched up with relevant surveys. The point breakdown is 1 point is equal to $.001. Therefore 1,000 points is equal to a dollar. It is a low point to cash ration, but since surveys pay quite high, you can receive close to $2 per survey. 

The one way that your earnings can be capped is that you may not qualify for certain surveys. Companies are looking for specific groups of people to take their surveys, and at times you may not fall into that group they are looking for. On top of that, you may even get booted from certain surveys, and not be able to earn points off of it. 

Why Would I Get Kicked Out Of A Survey

There a few reasons that you would get kicked out of taking a survey:

  • Red Herring: PointClub puts "Red Herring" questions in their surveys to make sure you are taking them honestly, truthfully, and not just clicking through answers. A example of one of these questions would be: "Please click 'more than likely' on this answer."
  • Speed Taking: PointClub has taken all of their surveys, and they understand how long each survey takes to complete it fully. If you complete your survey in a time that is significant faster, they will look at your answers to see if you put the same one for each one. Then again, if you answer them truthfully, and just took it quickly, don't worry about it.
  • Overflow: Each company only gives out a certain number of surveys. Therefore if you do not check your email in time, or are taking the survey at the exact moment they reach the maximum amount of responses, you will be kicked out of the survey. To keep this from happening it is important to check you email frequently. This will keep you in the loop of surveys happening, and guarantee's you a better chance of you being able to take them. 
Tip To Receive Surveys

How Do I Get Paid?

Good questions. Payment is quick and easy. PointClub has a minimum cash-out of 25,000 points, which is equal to $25. You can redeem these points for gift cards, or for straight cash on Pay-Pal. Payment gets to you 2-3 days after you cash-out from the website.

Privacy Policy

​PointClub insures that your information is kept safe. They adhere to the laws of the states concerning privacy, as well as the guidelines put forth by multiple online privacy companies such as ESOMAR. In addition to that, none of your information is given to third party advertisers, or outside companies, for advertising purposes. Oh, also, you won't receive any spam from PointClub, just emails for surveys. 

Should I Join PointClub?​

​All in all, there really isn't anything unique about PointClub that you can't find anywhere else. Along with that, you don't really get paid a lot here. On the website it says you can earn a $5.00 joining fee, but according to member reviews, it is only $2.00, which isn't a lot. With just a high cash-out it, it may be difficult to reach 25,000 points, especially if the surveys you are taking only offer 500 points or so. If you want to take a look at some other survey sites that get you paid, which you obviously are, check out reviews on our Top 20 survey sites that get you paid. 

More Wars To Earn

In addition to survey sites, we have looked at dozens of other ways to earn money online. One of these that we like a lot is Ebates. Ebates is a website where you can shop online, and earn cash-back in the form of gift cards and Ebates credit. This is a great way to earn some extra cash by doing something as simple as shopping. In addition to that, we have looked at sites like SchoalrshipOwl, where you can sign up to earn scholarships. Although this is not necessarily tangible money you can spend on anything, it is money. It is just money that you can use to help pay for your education. Technically money saved is money earned. So you can go out and treat yourself since you received a scholarship and are saving money. ​

You can check out more in-depth reviews on these two, and many more on our website, and our blog. We update it frequently to ensure we are providing you with the most recent, and accurate information as possible. 

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